Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 14

Two Months Later...

Amina Joy Smith POV

It’s been about a good two months since me and Devon made it official. Everything was going smooth and mainly how I wanted it to be. I told him if we wanted this relationship to work we had to take things slow. Meaning no sex! It was hard trying to keep my hands off of him. I couldn’t help it.. no one knew we were together, not even the media yet, I didn’t want that spot light anymore then I already have! Our family didn’t even know we were together.

These past two months have been amazing, I finally moved into my house, I fell in love with my house. I had a five bedroom mini mansion and it felt so homy. The kids room was done up. They were excited when they saw it. I went all out for my house and of course Devon ended up giving me my money back. I told him I didn’t need him to pay for anything because I had it but he wasn’t having that so instead of fighting about the situation I took the money.

Both of my Salons were up and running business was doing great for me.. the one I had in Philly was still moving forward. I trusted Amber who I let run it for me. Meanwhile the one in New York was going amazing only for it to be open for two months. I finally found five more stylists.. Instead of all hairstylists I had a nail tech, makeup artist, plus waxing. I didn’t have to work from my shop if I didn’t want to but I wanted to get to know all my stylists before I stopped. I won’t be working from the shop as much because I’m gonna start traveling doing famous people’s hair.

My Dance Studio was going amazing also. I just didn’t run it, my girl Aliya Janell was a choreographer, amazing one at that.. we danced together a couple of times. She just moved from Cali to New York about a month ago and was looking for work. I told her I had an open dance studio that she could run for me. She was excited about the opportunity and took it! Speaking of which, we had dance class tomorrow night.

Heather finally ended things with Derrick after he saw the pictures of her and the shooter hugged up at the club that night. She didn’t take the break up like I thought she would. I guess you can say my best friend really moved on. At least she was happy and Shooter really did make her happy which surprised me.

11:30am-March 9th

I was currently in my kitchen putting together these last few party bags. Today was Kylie’s third birthday Party. Devon didn’t want to do anything all out just for the simple fact that he was going on tour in two weeks. He won’t be here for Malik’s birthday which was the end of the month, so we decided to throw him a party before he leaves so he can be here for both of his kids birthday, I told him not to stress about it. So we were throwing both parties at my house!

I was on FaceTime with Devon while he was driving around getting last minute decorations and anything extra we needed. His mom decided she would cook everything and his dad went on the grill. Thank god it wasn’t that cold out so the kids can run around outside instead of in the house.

“Babe, did you get in contact with Marie yet?” I asked him.

Nobody haven’t heard from Marie since the last time she left Devon’s house that day.. she didn’t even call to check up on Kylie. I mean what the hell, how can you not think about your child? But I told him to reach out to her to see if she can make Kylie’s birthday party just for the simple fact that it was her mother.

“Mamas my patience with that girl is low.. I called at least five times and left two messages. I know she saw my calls.. I’m not stressed about that shit though Kylie went to enjoy herself anyway.. but I did send her your address for just in case babe” He told me.

I didn’t mind long as the bitch don’t come to my house and start acting the fuck up.. I would hate to whoop her ass in front of her daughter.

“That’s fine babe, long as she come respectful we don’t have a problem I still owe her a ass whooping from last time.. but did you get the cake”

“yeah I got it, what my kids doing.. y’all aight?”

“Where you think they are.. either in Malik or Kylie room” ever since they saw these rooms they couldn’t stay out of it.

He chuckled “aight ma I see you in a few im close by”

“alright.. I love you” I said, picking up my phone and blowing kisses to him which made him blush.

“I love you to ma” and with that I ended the call.

I made my way up stairs to check on the kids seeing they weren’t in Malik’s room. Which wasn’t odd. I guess they got sick of playing with the basketballs. Malik insisted we do his room with basketballs.

I know the bed is big but he is a big boy plus he can get down. Half of the time Devon and Kylie will fall asleep in here. I made my way down to Kylie room

It was pretty in pink.. I fixed everything up in her room. She was excited more so for the toys. When I walked into her room the both of them were knocked out. They were up since 8:30 so I figured they would get sleepy. I just smiled and got their clothes out for today and decided to go get a dress to get ready for when Dev mom comes so we could start setting up.

I was out of the shower and dressed in the next thirty minutes or so, I decided on something simple, all black with some pink Fendi sneakers. The weather felt good out and I wanted to show a little skin. I made my way back down stairs to make sure everything was done and ready to be set up. I cleaned my living room a little more, I knew it was gone have a lot of people here. Even my dad was coming.

“Damn ma you tryna start something here” I knew that voice all so well. I turned around and smiled at his handsome face.

“Hey Baby” I greeted Devon, grabbed his face and brought his lips to mine. Of course he wanted more so he grabbed my ass with both hands and started tonguing me down right in my living room.

“DADDY!!!” both of the kids came running down the stairs calling for Dev. it’s like they knew when he was here cause they always popped up, I let go so he could tend to the kids while I stood there smiling at them interacting with their dad.

“Wassup Son.. hey pretty happy c day baby” he said giving both of the kids a kiss..

“Give da da kiss baby” Dev said, bending down kissing Kylie I thought it was cute so I took a picture and posted on my social media.

At the moment I didn’t care who knew me and Devon were a couple They already were assuming it anyway, just from the fight with Bernice. I just rolled my eyes just thinking about that bitch. She still was hitting Devon up until I ended up having to block her, It was now 12:30 and we needed to start getting the kids ready.

“Ard babe come on we gotta get the kids ready.. ya mom should be on her way” I said looking at Devon as he had both of the kids in his arms now.

“aight come on” He replied.

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr. POV

The past two months since me and Mina made it official everything was going good, she has been helping me a lot with Kairi and I couldn’t thank her enough. Being in a relationship with Mina didn’t feel any different from us being best friends. I mean it already felt like we were together. I haven’t heard from Maire since the last time she popped up at my crib. She knows it’s Kylie’s birthday. How you don’t show up to your own daughter birthday party better yet fucking call to wish her an happy birthday. I shook my head and got mad all over again just thinking about that dumb shit, so I ended up trying to Marie one last time.

“you have reach..” I just hung up. I wasn’t calling again.

“Hey.. what you doing up here.. you hiding out” I automatically smiled. I turned around to face her. Right now I was in her big ass walk in closet

“hey beautiful.. come here” I met her half way pulling her by her waist And I started kissing her

“I love you,” I told her, looking her in her face.

“I love you to.. what’s the matter?”

“I can’t tell my woman that I love her now damn it’s like that ma” I said joking around with her and she smacked her teeth.

“no nothing like that.. I just figured something was wrong because you’re up here and not at the party... wassup?” She knew me all too well. I was a little bothered by Maries actions. I shook my head before speaking saying “Marire”.

“you still didn’t get through to her?” She asked.

“Nah. I just wanted Kylie to be happy. she kept asking for her” even though me and Marie went though our shit Kylie was like our savior, I can honestly say when it was time to stop that fighting shit we ended up stopping for the sake of Kylie but she is tripping now.

“Well if it makes you feel any better Kylie is having the time of her life right now.. she doesn’t look too worried” she said while looking up at me with her arms around my waist.

“Yeah you right. I wanna thank you though for going out all crazy for my baby” Mina did her thing with the party and I couldn’t appreciate her enough, so I already know that right there was gone keep kylie happy. Malik’s birthday was the end of the month but since I couldn’t push my tour back to a later date I wasn’t going to be here so we’re gonna celebrate next week.

“You know it’s no problem.. that’s my little bestie” she said smiling over the past two months Mina and Kylie relationship has gotten closer. I mean it was bound to happen anyway since she was helping me out with her when I couldn’t get my moms to watch her for me when I had interviews or club appearances at night, Mina always came through for me. Mina and Kylie both came up with the idea of calling each other “bestie” every time they see each other they run to each other and scream “bestie”.

I chuckled. “yeah y’all crazy.... when you gone let me hit thou” I asked very blunt.

“Oh my god Devon, why are you always so damn blunt?” she said hitting my chest I couldn’t help it I don’t have a filter and she knew that.

“babe it’s been two months.. Two long ass months at that.. I want you.. I need you.. what more do you want from Me” I said making both of us laugh real hard.. quoting that nigga Tyrese.

“You are crazy.. But you didn’t take me on a date yet.. when you do that then I’ll think about it papi” she said patting my chest.

“what are you reading my mind?” I smirked at her

“no.. why”

“because I’m taken you on a date tomorrow at eight so dress nice”

“aww babe when you were gone tell me?” She asked

“Tonight, it was supposed to be tonight but I gotta have a club appearance. Ima ask my moms to watch Kylie for me.. you want to ride out with me?”

“Nah, Ima stay in I’m beat, I could catch up on some sleep.. I’ll keep Her it’s no problem, ``she told me.

“you sure babe, you look like you need a break”

“really I’m fine babe.. And don’t think just because you taking me on a date you getting the pussy”

“You know I could get it if I tried.. But Ima ask my moms to watch both of them until Sunday. I want to spend the day with you tomorrow” I said kissing her forehead.

“Okay whatever you say papi.. now let’s get back to this party before these people mess my house up” Mina said, grabbing my hand as she walked out the room pulling me behind her.

“Well look what the wind blew in” my moms said as me and Mina walked into the living room. It was people all over Mina house.. kids running from the back yard into the house.. all my niggas and they kids was here.. my pops was on the grill.. Moms had all the good ass food.. Wavy was on the ones and twos. The party came out great all thanks to Mina.. I didn’t know shit about a party so I left it all to her and my moms.

“Wassup everybody, y’all enjoying y’all self?” I asked.

Everybody said wassup back and that they were enjoying themselves. Mina walked away I guess to check on the kids. I walked over to my moms and hugged her then kissed her cheek.

“What do you want boy?” She Asked.

“how do you know I want something, I can’t just give my mom a hug and a kiss” I said laughing she started laughing with me.

“yes I’ll watch my grandbabies son”

“dang ma how you know I was boutta ask that?” I smiled while looking at her.

“cause I know my son”

“nah. But yeah you right I just wanted to give Mina a little break she has been working hard non stop and having both of the kids.. I want to spend the day with her tomorrow.. can you keep them until Sunday?”

“Yes baby that’s no problem, Did you get in touch with Ky birth giver” I chuckled hearing the shot my mom was throwing.

“Ma.. stop being petty” I told Her.

“What I’m being honest, I told you about her before that’s why I didn’t like her... you need to be with a real woman that’s about her business like her right over there” she said pointing over to Mina who was helping Kylie with the balloon she was blowing up for her. I looked in her direction and she saw me staring and just flashed a smile back at me then put her attention back on kylie.

“Oh yeah well guess what ma.. she mine already” I smiled just thinking about me and Mina being in a relationship. Before my mom could even respond the doorbell went off, me and Mina both looked at each other because we didn’t know who it was. The party was damn near almost over so no more people should be coming..

“I be right back ma” I said, as Mina started walking towards the door also with Kylie on her hip since Ky insisted on Mina picking her up.

We finally got to the door and I opened it seeing that it was Marie suprisedly, hopefully she can act civilized because I would hate for my girlfriend to smack my baby mother for wilding out at her crib. As soon as Kyliei Saw her mom she damn near jumped out of Mina’s arms to get to her. Mina passed her to me then walked away, I let Marie in and passed Kylie off to her but before I could shut the door Marie stopped me.

“Wait jalisa out there” Jalisa was Marie ratchet ass best friend. I hated that girl because she was always talking shit, and always had marie into some dumb shit, plus she always felt the need to jump in every time me and marie got into it. I was starting to think she wanted to fuck me too.

“Yo why you bring her here.. this about our daughter” I snapped.

“What do you mean Devon now I can’t bring my people to my daughter party” she said starting to get loud trying to draw attention.

“hell no, she not fucking family you know I don’t fuck with her.. you just don’t know how to do shit right.. you don’t answer the fucking phone all day or call your daughter to say happy birthday.. you couldn’t even get here on time the party damn near over” I said clearly pissed off by now.. that’s when Jalisa walked in like this was her crib

“Fuck you Devon, don’t sit here and try to play me like I’m some fucking bad mother because I’m far from it.. before you had all this money and shit I was there for you.. Remember that shit.. Don’t act like we never was in a relationship”

She stopped mid Sentence and looked over which made me look and it was Mina standing there with her arms folded leaning against the wall waiting for some shit to go down.

“Bitch do you mind I’m having a conversation with MY baby daddy” Marie said towards her. Mina moved from off the wall and started walking towards us and I automatically grabbed her because we weren’t this shit right now.

“Babe I’m not gone, do nothing, I just want to talk” Mina told me. I learned my lesson last time with that shit.

“nah I don’t trust you” she just smacked her teeth.

“MAAAA” she yelled out for my mom.

“Girl why are you yelling my damn name..” she said but stopped when she saw who was at the door.. my mom already knew wassup so she just grabbed Kylie out Marie arms and gave Marie a bitch I dare you look before walking away. When Mina saw that my mom was not in the clear anymore she started to speak her mind.

“Let me make some shit clear.. I didn’t slap the shit out of you the first time you disrespected me because of Kylie but bitch now you in my shit.. now your gonna sit down and enjoy the rest of your daughter party or take this ass whooping that I owe you” Mina said. looking between both women I finally let her go because I saw how well she just handled the situation.

“BITCH FUCK YOU AND THIS UGLY ASS HOUSE...” before Marie could finish the rest of her sentence Mina was jumping all over her I knew I should of never let her go.. they was both were going at it but Mina was doing Marie bad so I had to stop it I couldnt let that shit go on.

“Ard babe stop.. let her go”

“no fuck her, clown ass bitch” Mina said stomping Marie one time before finally letting go.

“get the fuck out my house” she said before snatching from me and walking away towards the upstairs, not I guess she was mad at me I shook my head just watching her walk away I should be the one mad..damn.

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