Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 15

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr. POV

Same night...

“Babe, how was I supposed to know she was gone to bring her.. I didn’t even know she was gone show up” I said back to Mina. Right now me and Mina are having I guess you can say our first argument about the whole Marie situation. The party was over by now and the kids were out of the house with my moms.

“That’s not the point, I gave this bitch too many chances then I couldn’t believe she thought it was okay to come up in my shit and disrespect me then bring a plus one..... I don’t like her and every time I see her Ima fuck her up” She snapped and Marie on me.I just sat and listened to her vent because I knew she was mad I was mad too for Marie pulling some dumb shit like that at my daughter party our daughter at that, She was acting like it was my fault though went it wasnt I guess she just needed something to be mad at. I was now running late having this conversation. I had to get to the club. Good thing I was already dressed.

“I Know ma relax Ima handle it, look I’m sorry on her behalf she start buggin out for no fucking reason.. but I have to go we can continue this conversation when I get back.. I love you aight”

I said kissing her I knew she wasn’t gonna kiss me back because she was heated so I just let her rock, I knew when she was upset it was gonna take some time for her to calm down and that was for anybody.

“Heard Ju” she said walking away from me, using my own words on me.

“Aye chill with the attitude ma.. gimme a kiss” I said grabbing for her arm before she could get away, She gave me this little small ass kiss. I didn’t have time to keep playing with her. If she wanted to be mad at me then she just was gone have to be mad I really had to go. I just shook my head, grabbed my stuff and dipped. My driver was waiting for me outside waiting on me.

At the club...

I ended up performing tonight even though I wasn’t suppose to I still did, I said fuck it and decided to give the people a show. After I was done my mini show I went back and sat down in my section with my niggas.. Mina didn’t text me yet I figured she was still mad at me.

An hour later... —2:30am

“Yo ain’t that yo Ol girl Keshia” my nigga Shooter said to me pointing in her direction, I looked and it was her walking in our direction.

“Yeah that’s her” I said.

I really wasn’t paying her any attention what the hell she was doing here anyway.. I continued smoking on my blunt that I had and drinking my Henny out the bottle. I was vibing to the music.

“Well if it isn’t Mr. Super star now” Keisha said walking up towards me I just chuckled and shook my head at her, she had to say something to me.

“Nah. Ma I’m still the Same nigga.. What’s good with you though you straight” I don’t even know why I was engaging in conversation with this girl. It probably was the Henny.

She still looked the same. Still had the same baby face, but now she had more body. She aight but she wasn’t Mina. I guess she was getting comfortable by now because she ended up hugging me.

“I’ve missed you” she whispered in my ear. The Temptation was calling like a mother fucker, I had to control myself. I couldn’t do that to Mina.

I chuckled. “That’s wassup Ma, but my girl wouldn’t approve of that”

“Mhmm.. your girl huh.. well I wouldn’t say for long” and with that she walked away going back over to her girls that so happen to be in my section, she was bold.

I was still chilling enjoying the rest of my night, I won’t be leaving the club until like 4:30 that’s how long they had me booked for. I decided on calling Mina. I was drunk as shit by now it was only three thirty I had an hour left, I was missing the shit out of Mina. I just wanted to hear her voice so I sat my cup down that was filled with rosé and pulled my phone out to call amina. she finally picked up just before it was about to go to voicemail.

“Hello” she said, sounding like she was knocked out.

“I miss you” I told her.

“well you know where I live Devon and you have a key” I can tell she was still pissed off so I smacked my teeth.

“Mina you’re still mad damn come on babe” I said, getting annoyed.

“You messing my beauty sleep up, I’ll see you whenever you get here” She said.

“aight man” I said making a face at the phone and with that I hung up. she just blew me.

“Somebody missing their girl” Kiesha said standing there in front of me. I must have been caught up in the phone call with Mina and didn’t notice she was there. why was she still here anyway she didn’t have a job.

She can tell I was annoyed with her so she sat next to me as close as she could. By now it was just us sitting on the couch with all my niggas, they was probably looking for some little bitches to get into tonight. I didn’t respond. I just let her do her thing because she was gonna end up getting curved again. I picked my cup up and took a sip and just sat back to watch how this shit was about to play out. She didn’t respond; she just sat there and watched me drink from my cup like some creep ass chick.

“Aye ma, don’t you have something better to be doing” I asked her.

“nah I’m cool right where I’m at” She said smiling still looking at me. Time went by and I started feeling a little dizzy soon after, I didn’t have any control. I couldn’t keep my Balance so I just sat there stuck. Next thing you know me and Keisha in the club kissing don’t tell me how that shit happened.

“Lets get outta here” She said, grabbing me.

“we out” I said and she Smirked at me and grabbed my hand.

“Yo bro Ima hit y’all niggas later” I told my niggas they just looked at me and nodded.

Nobody knew about me and Mina being together so they didn’t question why I was walking out the club with a random.. I didn’t know where this girl was taking me. I was just following along, I was so drunk and high I was out of it. I couldn’t even focus on where She was taking me, Thirty minutes later we were pulling up to the Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle.

“Come on baby Ima take care of you” She told me. We took the elevator up to whatever floor she had her room on.

“Don’t...try no... freaky shit.. my girl waiting on me” I told her as my words slurred they weren’t too clear; it wasn’t clear at all, I was passed drunk.

She just looked at me and started smiling.. she grabbed my hand and led me to the room.. she pulled me all the way to the bed room and pushed me on the bed.. She got completely naked she didn’t waste any time.

“Nah ma this not that; put ya clothes back on” I said trying to sit up but I couldn’t. I felt like my entire body just went numb, it became heavy.

“Relax baby.. let me show you something” she said seductively grabbing on my pants and pulling my jeans making sure my boxers came off with it. I was trying my hardest to fight her off but I couldn’t.

Next thing you know her mouth covered my entire dick. The head was alright she wasn’t no Mina.. The whole time I was laying there all I thought about was Mina and how she probably won’t ever forgive me for this shit. But I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t stop her. Ten minutes into her giving me the weakest head job ever she went to the night stand next to the bed and pulled out a condom box and put one on my dick. I wasn’t able to move my body but I watched her every movement with my eyes.

Next thing you know I was ass naked with her riding me all crazy, So I fucked her back Just so I could get my nut and she could stop whatever she thought she was doing I just wanted to get back to my girl. Twenty minutes after we both got our rocks off then passed out, Shit at least I did.

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