Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 16

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr.

The Next Morning—11:00am

I woke up to the sun flashing straight in my face. I covered my face with my arm to block it out. That didn’t work so I just woke up looking for Mina but she wasn’t there. I turned over and noticed this wasn’t even Mina’s room.

“Where the fuck” I said under breath while rising.

“Where the fuck am I?” I questioned, I got completely out of bed and walked around the room and noticed that it was a hotel room. I started to panicked cause the only reason I would be in a hotel room if I was fucking a bitch or on tour and I damn sure wasn’t on tour, I started thinking why the hell was I in a hotel anyway Knowing Mina was at the crib.

“Fuck Mina” I said out loud thinking what the hell i’ma tell Mina. She was already pissed about the whole Marie situation so I just felt like she was gone, leave me this time cause I fucked up. I started to think back to the club to figure out how I got here and this bitch Keisha popped up. That’s when I started remembering everything.

“This bitch drugged me” I thought to myself.

I started to go insane and noticed my clothes on the floor. I grabbed my jeans and started looking for my phone and that shit wasn’t there either. I searched around some more for my money, ID, and bank cards. All that shit was gone too. I started to get dressed. I had all my shit on and went to look for my chains and that shit was gone. I couldn’t I just got fucking robbed.

“Fucking bitch.. Ima kill Keisha” noticing I didn’t have any keys on me I knew that I didn’t drive. I remember that I had left with her. I knew my driver didn’t bring me either. I went over to the hotel phone and started to dial out but; nothing, nobody came to mind, not even my moms number. I didn’t know anyone else but Amina’s.

“FUCK” I yelled getting pissed off once again.

I hated that I had to call her but I needed to get picked up. I didn’t remember anybody else’s number like I learned to remember hers, after this I knew I had to always have a back up I was caught lacking. I dialed her number waiting for her to pick up.

“Yes hello” she said, sounding like she was running and out of breath. She must have been working out, that’s the only other thing I could think of.

“Yo ma, it’s me,” I said.

“Me who?” She said always getting smart.

I smacked my lips. “babe stop playing.... look I need you—....” before I could even finish telling her to come get me she cut me off.

“Why are you calling me from a hotel Devon, where’s your phone?” She asked.

I knew I couldn’t tell her over the phone that just was some little kid shit to do so I figured when I took her to dinner tonight I can tell her everything. I know it’s upsetting to hear but she needed to know and as a man I was telling her. It’s going to break her heart knowing that I keep hurting her. So I lied.

“Babe me and the guys got so lit we couldn’t even drive back so we crashed at this hotel a couple blocks over. I told my driver he can go on for the night... can you come grab me?” I said trying to avoid the where my phone part which worked. She blew a breath of frustration then smacked her teeth letting me know she stopped running.

“Where are you at Devon?” She asked.

“Mandarin Oriental in Columbus circle Ma”

“okay I’m on my way”

“thanks babe, you know I love you right?”

“Yeah yeah.. I love you to I see you soon.. and you buying me a smoothie from wawa because you messing up my workout nigga”

“anything ma.. I’ll see you when you get here Ima be waiting outside” she said okay and hung up. I blew out a breath of fresh air and rubbed my hands down my face, I got up getting ready to walk out. I put my hands in my back pocket and felt something that felt like money. It was a $100 bill. I thanked Allah because I didn’t know how to explain that I didn’t have any cash on me or my bank cards, Mina wasn’t playing when she said she wanted a smoothie. She loved Wawa smoothies.

I saw Mina Benz pull up, I stood immediately and walked over towards her car and jumped in. Soon as I got in she pulled off going towards her house. She was still in her workout gear even with this damn waist trainer. I kept telling her she didn’t need it, her body was perfect just the way it was.. to perfect at that.

“Wassup babe” I said just to clear the silence. She looked over at me and back at the road before speaking back to me.

“hey” She said plainly.

“You look good” I said.

“well thank you.. I didn’t forget about my smoothie” She told me.

I chuckled “I know babe.. when you see a wawa stop”

“Ard.. but you are driving back.. I want to drink my smoothie”

“heard ju” I said back and we found a wawa. We both got out and walked into wawa. Once we got our smoothies I paid then we got back in with me driving of course towards her home. I grabbed her left hand with my right and locked our fingers together. We both made eye contact then turned away. I focused on the ride thinking I really fucked up.

Amina Joy Smith POV

We were now pulling up to my house. I knew Devon was up to some sneaky shit I just felt it. I can tell just by how nervous he was acting I didn’t want to just assume anything I wanted to see would he be man enough to tell me. We will see I thought to myself while getting out the car, I still was a little upset about last night. Just for the simple fact that Marie was a dumb ass bitch. I didn’t respect her.. I couldn’t respect her.

We made it back in the house so I decided I’ll just finish my workout another time because now I was exhausted, So we went up to my room. I needed a shower so I went to get undressed and got ready for my shower as Devon followed me in the bathroom..

“yo babe, we are still going to dinner tonight so be ready by 8.. Ima run home get dressed then I gotta go to the studio after I’m done I’ll be coming here to get dressed” Devon told me.

“okay that’s fine babe I probably won’t do anything anyway. Ima take a shower and lay down then catch up on my shows” I told him.

“aight, I’m about to get outta here.. Ima see you soon ma.. I love you” He said back.

“I love you too” After I said that he just rushed out grabbing his keys and left out.

After he left, I stepped in the shower and automatically I started thinking about what I was going to wear for tonight and how I was going to wear my hair. Twenty minutes later I was out of the shower and dressed. I checked the time it was now one thirty so I knew I had to do my hair. I decided on pressing it out for now and when I get dressed I’ll style it up.

I started thinking about Heather and how I haven’t talked to her for almost a week now. She has been caked up with shooter acting all in love and shit. I chuckled thinking about her so I decided on giving her a call.

“BESTFRIEND!! I miss you babe” Heather spoke excited to see me.

“I bet you do miss me.. Ms I’m so in love I haven’t talked to you in a week” I told her.

“I know shooter always keep me cooped up” she spoke excitedly about her new relationship.

“aww look at you all cheesy and what not.. I’m happy for you as long as he keeps you happy” I replied.

“and that he is.. well where are you going” she asked me. She noticed I was pressing my hair out...

“I’m goi...” I stopped mid sentence because I just remembered that I didn’t tell her that me and Devon are a couple now. So I said fuck it and told her anyway.. we wasn’t a secret anymore and he didn’t show me other wise.

“Devon is taken me on a date tonight”

“whooo... I mean I know who but date?” She asked, confused.

“Yes, me and Devon are a couple now,” I said, grabbing a piece of hair to press.

“Are you serious.. and when were you gone tell your best friend?”

“I swear Heather I was gone tell you.. but i didn’t want to jinx our relationship so we decided on waiting to tell everyone. I’m sorry”

“I guess I can understand.. All I care about is you being happy and I’m good so tell me the tea sis, how did everything happen” I smiled before giving the run down to Heather about everything, By the time I was done telling Heather everything. I was done my hair now and me and Heather finally ended the call. I wrapped my hair up and got in my bed while putting my phone on the charger. I turned on the TV and went to love and hip hop. I figured I would watch this. Fifth-teen minutes into the show I started to nod off and from there on I was knocked out.

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr.

I walked into Mina house and noticed she wasn’t down stairs. I just came from the studio. It was almost time for our date tonight.

“BABE” I yelled through the house looking for Mina when I noticed she wasn’t answering. I thought she probably was getting ready for tonight.

When I got up to her room she was knocked out looking all beautiful and shit. Just looking at her I felt like shit all over again because I knew I was a dumbass for my actions but how could she blame me if I was basically raped. That shit sound weird as fuck coming from a man so she probably was gone think I was on some lying young bull shit. But this bitch Keisha was crazy. She had to believe me.

“Beautiful wake up” I told Mina, kissing all over her face.

“Mhmm.. babe move” she said back stirring in her sleep.

“Come on babe get up, gotta start getting ready mama” I told her slapping her ass. I was already dressed. I stopped passed my crib before coming here. She just had to get up and dress.

“Ok babe I’m getting up” she got up and went straight into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. Five minutes later she came out of the bathroom and stood in the doorway.

“Well don’t you look handsome papi” She said smiling at me.

I smirked at her and said “thank you mama”

She started walking towards me and got in between my legs She grabbed my face and kissed me. I started kissing her back then let go.

“you know I love you with everything in me right? And I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you right?”

“What’s with all the questions Devon, do you have something you need to tell me?” She asked me, raising her eyebrow at me.

“Nah. Nothing like that babe. I just wanted you to know that” She looked at me giving me the eye trying to read me but she just left it alone after I didn’t say anything.

“Mama I’m good.. seriously now go get ready” I told her, tapping her butt. I licked my lips and started rubbing on her butt.

“got these little ass shorts might have to skip dinner.. but hurry up and get ready so we can go” I said flirting with her.

“Okay okay.. but you have to get out so I can get dressed” She told me pushing me out.

“Aight you lucky because I wasn’t leaving I’ll meet you downstairs ma.. I’ma go smoke”

“Heard you,” she said smiling at me.

I had just now finished smoking the last little bit of weed I had left and tossed the roach, it felt like Mina was up there for hours.

“Babe?” I heard Mina calling out for me. I walked into the kitchen seeing Mina standing there looking beautiful as ever.

“Damn” was all I could get out.

“I take it you like it what you see” she said smiling walking up to me.

“Yeah ma you look fire babe” I told her grabbing her arm spinning her around before pulling her into me, I started kissing on her ear then down to her neck. I knew she was fighting it and hard too for the past months trying to avoid me. But since that shit that happened last night I couldn’t get sexual with her until I got tested, I didn’t trust that keitha. But I didn’t want to start acting weird either. I knew I had to tell Mina before thisKeisha started running her mouth, but trust me Ima get shawty believe that. She wasn’t going to rob me and get away with that shit.

“Thank you handsome” I gave her a kiss and then kissed her hand.

“Come on, let’s ride out,” I said.

We were pulling up to R2L in the next hour. It was one of Mina’s favorite restaurants because they had some pretty good seafood. I figure we will go here, the last time we came here we were only best friends.

“Aww babe we at R2L I love their food” She said.

“I know babe let’s go” I got out of the car and made sure I had Mina’s gift. I jogged around to Mina and opened the door for her then helped her out the car.

We made it inside the restaurant. It was a little bit of a wait so we stood in line. I couldn’t take how beautiful Mina was looking right now so I told her to take a picture so I can post her beautiful ass.

“Aye beautiful take a picture” I told her.

“okay where you want me to stand babe” I pointed to where I wanted her to go and I took the picture. I went straight to my Instagram satisfied with the picture that I took just before I was about to write my caption. She stopped me.

“wait babe, let me see how I look” I showed her the picture. She watched me put my caption and then I posted it.

“You’re gonna everybody mad all hell babe” she said.

“I don’t care, they can suck a dicc” I responded

“You’re so mean” she said playfully hitting my chest. But I really didn’t care even though Kylie wasn’t hers she still treated her like she was. We noticed it was our turn in line.

“hello, welcome to R2l reservations for?” The lady spoke

“Wassup, Under Brewster” before the lady could even finish to seat us at our table we heard loud screams.

“Damn that’s DevEast with his fine ass.. He looks better in person” some female said that was with a group of other females. I didn’t want to act all stuck up because they were my fans so I spoke back.

“What’s good y’all” I Asked them.

“can we get a picture” I looked over at Mina for approval. She just nodded but crossed her arms. I saw in her reaction she was getting upset because it was supposed to be about us tonight but what she wanted me to do.. their my fans. I took the picture and turned back to the lady.

“okay so can I see your ID” good thing I had a backup ID at the crib. I lost this one before but found it once I got a new one so I took this. I pulled my ID out and gave it to the lady. I looked over at Mina and saw she was still upset.

“Babe, wassup you good”

“I’m good, just sick of your annoying ass fans” she said loud enough for the chicks to hear her. I knew Mina was the jealous type. Good thing the lady was passing me back my ID in time and showing us towards our table before anybody said something out of line.

“Okay your waiter will be with you shortly” The Host said and she walked away. We said thank you and started looking through the menu. A few minutes later a lady came up to our table

“welcome to R2l my name is tina and I’ll be your waiter tonight.. can I start you guys off with something to drink. I nodded toward Mina so she could go first.

“I don’t want to start drinking yet, so Can i get water with lemon?” Mina said. The Waitress nodded then looked at me.

“and for you Sir.”

“I’ll just get the same,” I told her.

“do you guys want to order food yet?” I looked at Mina and she nodded her head yes.

“Go head babe order first, i’m still looking” I told her.

“okay, can I get the Shrimp Alfredo please”

“That’s all you want” I asked her.

“yeah that’s all”

“Okt, can I get the steak and mashed potatoes?” I said looking up at the lady as she wrote Down what we wanted then picked up our menus before walking away.

“So how was the studio babe” Mina said, starting up the conversation.

“The stu was good babe, I laid down two tracks.. they gone be fire Ima play them for you on the way back to ya crib.. how was your day though” before she could answer the waiter was coming back with our drinks she sat them down in front of us telling us that our food will be done in the next thirty minutes then walked off.

“My day was exactly good.. I got more sleep than anything, which I’m thankful for because I know I needed it. I’ve been running around like a chicken with his head cut off.... I was exhausted” She paused for a little bit before sipping her cut of water and looked at me.

“So how was the club last night.. you and your homies must of had the time of yall lives last night...that you didn’t come home to your woman”

I knew now that I couldn’t lie to her, it was easy over the phone knowing she couldn’t see my face and Mina always knew how to catch me in the lie so I figured I’ll just tell her. I stressed a little and shook my head. I grabbed both of her hands and rubbed her knuckles then put my head down..

“babe I have to tell you something and I can’t sit here with this heavy on my chest and not tell you” I said finally looking up at her. She looked like she was thinking about something but didn’t say what she was thinking about..

“Okay.... go ahead I’m listening” She stated.

“man I don’t even know how to say this shit.. It sounds stupid as fuck” I said sounding stressed.

“Okay Devon just say it” she said raising her voice a little.

“Aight ma relax.. I got robbed... by Keisha.. that’s how I ended up in the hotel” I mumbled the last part out.

“Come again” she said, pulling her hands from mine so I repeated everything again.

“Wait.. hold up.. what does you being robbed, hotel plus Keisha have to do anything together..... whatever the hell you have to tell me Devon speak the fuck up and make that shit sound believable” She pointed her finger at me.

I knew I had to stop beating around the bush and just tell her everything. I didn’t want to Fuck up our first real date together, but I couldn’t keep this in me knowing that I’m lying to her. When I finished telling her everything.. I was trying to grab her hands but she pulled away from me and gave me this cold stare of hate that I never seen before that’s how I knew I had fucked up and bad.

“Babe please say something” she took a sip of her water while looking at me at the same time and the next thing I knew I had water all over me. She really just threw water on me. When she threw the glass of water on me she got up and just walked away.

“babe wait come on mama.. I know you mad hear me out...please” I said grabbing her arm but she wasn’t trying to hear that shit she didn’t care if I got robbed or not all she was worried about was another bitch fucking me.

“Fuck You.. Get off me” I just let her go because now everybody was watching us. I didn’t want to draw too much attention because people loved to record.

After she got far enough I said fuck it, I had to go get my girl. I went back to the table and threw $300 down before running out going after Mina. By the time I was walking out she was gone.

“FUCK” I snapped. I slapped my hands together because I just knew that I... Fucked up.

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