Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 17

One week later...


Amina Joy Smith

“Leeky Stand right there so I can take a picture with you and your balloons,” I said excitedly to my son.

“Otay Mommy” I took the picture and posted it on my social media.

It’s been only a week since I walked out on Devon on our date.. I honestly didn’t Know what to think.. the only thing I could do was respect him for telling me the truth. I knew how this bitch Keisha was still the same old bitch since when we were kids but I guess this bitch boosted her shit up. I heard around that she been having sex with niggas and robbing them. Out of all people Devon ended up stuck right in this bitch trap, I was heated I didn’t even know what to think so I went with my first reaction and tossed the water at him.

The night I walked out I had to call an uber to take it back to my house. Of course Devon came running after me but thank god the uber was pulling up before he could stop me. I was pissed.

I was more upset that this bitch even had the chance to drug you; how did she even get near you? Why did you even give this bitch the time AND day?.. where was his bodyguard?.. so many questions ran through my head but I couldn’t think about that right now today was all about Malik.

That whole week I’ve been ignoring Dev, he called non stop the only time he didn’t ring my phone was when I knew he was working. He was sending flowers and different gifts every day but I kept sending them back. I didn’t need your gifts. I was still going through with Malik’s party. I know Ima have to see Dev later, which was fine. Just because we were going through something I wasn’t gonna put my son in the middle of it.

Good thing Leek had an iPad so he could call his dad whenever he wanted to talk to him. He called him every hour on the hour. It was cute seeing how much Malik grew attached to his dad, he loved him and Kylie so much I would hate myself forever if I took my son away from his family again. I was just happy that my son can be happy.

We were currently at party city because I had to get some balloons for his photo shoot this morning. It was a tradition that I started since he was born. Every three months I had Malik take pictures and when he turned a year it became every year.

“Mommy Is daddy coming to my birthday” Malik asked me as I was strapping him in his booster seat.

“Yes baby, and ma ma, Auntie, Gpop, uncle J and King” I said telling him. My mom and brothers and auntie were driving down here for the weekend to celebrate with us and to see my house since they haven’t seen it yet.

“Yay! my birthday gonna be so much fun” he yelled excitedly. I smiled at him and hopped in my Range Rover before driving off towards where the photo shoot would take place.

Two Hours later

“Come on leek we gotta go so we can get dressed to get ready for your party” I told him Saying thank you to the man who did Malik’s pictures. He told me he would email me his copy’s, I said goodbye and we left going towards my truck.

“Come on mommy before we miss my birthday” Malik yelled. I laughed at him watching him run towards my truck.

“I’m coming baby.. slow down before you hurt yourself before you even get to your party” I told him catching up.

I unlocked my truck then put Malik in, I hopped in and was on my way to my house. I pulled my phone out because I had to call Devon mom to see if she started setting everything up. I was gone to do everything but Ms. Faith insisted that she do the decorating. I didn’t fight with her knowing this is the first Birthday that she will be a part of, She wanted to cook. I didn’t have any problem because I loved her cooking.

“Hey Mama, are you making out okay?” I asked her as soon as the call came through on the Bluetooth..

“HEY! Ma Ma, you coming to my birthday” Malik yelled from the back seat once he knew who I called.

“hey ma ma favorite grandson.. yes I’m here already you the one that’s late” She said and you could tell she was smiling.

“aw man mommy I- I told you we were gone be late” he said clearly catching an attitude.

“Lik the party, don’t start until you get there” I said laughing a little bit. He just sat back with his thinking face and listened to the rest of my conversation.

“but.. didn’t I tell you don’t call me unless it was an emergency girl you know I got this.. your mother and brothers are already here waiting” She told me and I laughed.

“okay mama I was just making sure I know you doing everything, was just checking up on you.. okay great tell her I was just about to call her to see how they made out”

“Hey baby we made out okay we are just waiting on you and the birthday boy.. I’m sitting here helping Faith out.. your brothers somewhere exploring the house” my mom jumped on.

“hey niecy” I knew that was Devon’s aunt. Mama Faith must have had the phone on speaker, but I was excited to hear everyone was there already..

“Okay great, aww I’m so excited Leeky gone be so happy to see everyone.. right Lik” I asked looking back at him.

“yes!” he screamed, making all of us laugh.

“Did your son get there yet Mama”

“No baby, I just hung up with him right before you called.. he was talking about he had to go get Kylie from that damn Marie house. I don’t know why he even let that baby back over there you know I don’t trust that girl” she just took the words right out my mouth but I wasn’t gonna say anything because it wasn’t my business or my place and plus that was still Kylie’s mom.

“Alright well I should be getting there shortly so we are not too far.”

“Okay, Devon said after he got her he was making his way over here”

“okay well I see you guys soon” I told them then I ended the call.

I pulled up to my house in thirty minutes. there were a lot of cars outside. I got Lik out and he started running into the house, seeing how excited he was, nothing was gone mess his day up.

“Slow down Lik what I tell you” I Yelled after him.

“okay mommy” he said, blowing his breath.

“You don’t want to get popped before your party now do you?” I Asked him.

“no mommy” He responded fast.

“okay then listen” we entered the house then I walked into the living room seeing King Had his feet up on my damn table playing the game.

“Get ya damn feet off my table nigga” I said smacking him in his head.

“Damn sis that’s how you greet a nigga” he said jumping up rubbing his sore head.

“yeah when he have his stinky ass feet where they don’t belong”

“my bad, sis where my nephew”

“probably in the kitchen acting like a baby.. all his grandmother’s are here so you know he’s gonna act like a baby” I said laughing. Damn right Malik was spoiled by all three of them.

“Right, they don’t love me nomore.. I’m boutta go rap with em.. why you having his party a week early anyway sis” He asked me.

“I’m coming with you.. And because Devon won’t be here for his birthday he is going on tour so we decided to do it a week before so he can celebrate with him” I said walking into the kitchen.

I was right Malik was in here being a baby and they were spoiling him.. feeding him samples of the food Mama made.

“Wassup with you and him.. y’all good?” He asked

“We chilling.. anymore questions little boy”

“Nah. Chill out debo.. ma Mina coming in here hitting people” he said telling on me which made me laugh, he hasn’t done that in a while.

“you had no business propping your foot up on my damn table” he started to say something else smart but my mom cut in.

“Alright you two.. yall still fight like y’all still damn kids.. y’all not too old to get yall ass whooped” me and king looked at each other and started bussing out laughing. She wasn’t gonna hit us.

“Alright keep thinking shit funny.. got me all cursing in front of my grand Baby”

“Ard mom chill you know we play like that” king said now hugging my mom. Then reaching down to pick up Malik.

“Yeah Kimmie Chill out” I said laughing she hated when I called her that.. My mom’s name was Kim. I checked the time on my phone and noticed it was going on 3:00 and me and Malik needed to get dressed.

“Come on Lik let’s get dressed before everyone arrives” I grabbed lik then went over towards Mama Faith.

“thanks mama I love everything, you did an amazing job.. plus you took mad stress off me this year” I Side hugged her and kissed her cheek.

“girl don’t be silly.. that’s my grand baby you don’t have to thank me that’s what I’m here for.. and I’m happy that you and my son was able to work everything out and now moving forward” she looked at me and smiled well seem like every time we want to move forward we always get knock down back at square one. That’s what I wanted to say but I didn’t want to involve her in anything.

“I know.. I love you.. but we gotta get dressed before we are late” I said ignoring her last statement. I don’t know what Ima do with Devon. But all I know is that bitch Keisha is not off the hook! You Robbing Dev was like taking away from his kids and I didn’t fuck with that at all. Only dirty bitches do shit like that. What’s wrong with getting your own bag.

“Come on Leeky you ready” I asked Malik walking into his room.

“Yes mommy I’m putting my sneakers on”

“ooooh you trying to dress like mommy” I said smiling at him. I let Malik dress himself now. Sometimes I’ll help him out, half of the time he be throwing anything together. One time he was trying to walk out the house with a superman costume on.

“No you dress like me mommy” he said pointing at me laughing. We both had on all black. It was simple but it was cute.

“You’re getting taller son” I said, rubbing his head.

“Just like my daddy” he said reaching up to the sky trying to show me how tall dev was. Yeah just like ya punk ass daddy. I chucked to myself just thinking about my mom and how she used to say that shit about my dad. Hell she still does that.

“Yup, just like him baby.. okay come let’s go”

When we got down stairs everybody started yelling “birthday boy” . By now everyone was here Dev side of the family, some I never met before and my family was here also. Everybody but my dad. Some of Devon’s homies were here but Devon was nowhere in sight.

“God son!!” Heather Spoke. Soon as Lik heard his god mom he ran full speed, he missed her shit I missed her too..

“Gmommy” they shared a hug but I was knocked out my thoughts when I heard my phone ringing thinking it was Devon but it wasn’t. It was my dad.

“hey dad where you at”

“Hey baby girl, I will be there within the next twenty minutes uh can I bring a plus one” plus one I thought to myself. He shocked the hell outta me because this was the first time he was bringing this lady around but why today and around my mom at that. I hope there won’t be any drama.

“Sure dad, don’t be on no bull shit because mommy is here” I told him.

“girl I got this, im yo daddy.. don’t forget that” He Responded.

“yeah I know but I know how my father is.. now hurry up and get here” I said hanging up not giving him time to reply back.. I went in the kitchen then walked out my back yard and saw everything looked so amazing I wanted to cry.. I saw Wavy setting up with his DJ stuff. I smiled and waved at him.

Malik even had a moon bounce out here. I walked back into the kitchen and everybody was starting to crowd around.

“Mommy My Punk ass daddy on his way and he bringing a “plus on” as he say so behave” I said sneaking up on my mom

“Mhm nobody worried about his punk ass” She Replied making me start laughing. This lady is crazy

“Okay stop talking about my dad” I told her, of course I was gone to take up for my old man, trust me I do the same thing to my dad if my mom wasn’t here.

I walked into the living room so I could get the kids so they could go out back to play around instead of in my house. When I walked in All Devon homies and my brothers were sitting here talking and laughing.

“Okay everybody out back.. King Ima fuck you up for keep putting your feet on my damn table” I said walking over to him he got up so fast and ran out the living room.

“punk ass” I said laughing at his stupid ass. They all walked out and went out back.. I fixed my living room back up and started walking back into the kitchen where the ladies were until I heard A sweet voice.

“Bestie!” I turned around so fast to see that it was Kylie. I really did miss her over the past week so I was just excited as she was. Then her fine ass daddy came walking in looking good as fuck but I had to keep under control. They looked cute in their matching puma outfits. I took a quick look at him then squatted down to Kylie level so she could run in my arms.

“Hey bestie.. I missed you” I told her hugging her.

“I miss you tew” She told me giving me the biggest hug.

“aww” I said giving her another hug.

“You ready to see your brother” I asked her and she nodded. I got up and put her on my hip and noticed Devon was staring at us. I guess waiting for me to greet him. But I wasn’t. So I started to walk away but he pulled my arm back to get my attention. Which made me roll my eyes. Just because I was gone fuck Keisha up didn’t mean I wasn’t still mad at this grown ass man that got “raped” who knows what really happened.

“Devon please not right now, we’ll talk later” I finally said.. I figured I’ll talk to him just to hear him out to see what the hell he had to say.

“You promise” He asked. I just nodded as I was trying to walk away again but he grabbed my arm.

“I love you” He said to me, I nodded again and this time he let me walk away. He followed me into the kitchen just so he could speak to everybody.

“Wassup ladies” he said, talking to everyone giving each one of them hugs then left going out back to join the rest of the people, I followed so Kylie could see her brother.


The party was now over, The adults were outside smoking and drinking just talking and laughing while the kids were in the living room watching a movie.

The whole night me and Devon didn’t say one word to each other we just kept giving each other the eye I guess you could call it. Heather figured something was wrong with the both of us, I was sitting next to her sipping on my peach E&J.

“Best friend what’s going on with you and Devon, y’all not acting normal.. everything okay?” She asked me, I took a deep breath deciding whether or not I should tell her. So I did because I knew she wasn’t going to give up. When I finished telling her everything that Devon told me ober dinner that night.

“Say something Heather” she said looking at me then drowning the rest of her drink.

“I mean wow.. wow.. look how bitches doing now... I mean like where are these bitches morals..” she said picking up the bottle pouring herself another drink. I finished the rest of mine and poured me another. As I was pouring I felt a pair of eyes on me. Of course it was Devon staring ass I turned and looked at him then went back to talking to Heather.

“Hev I don’t know what to think.. I’m more mad at this bitch then anything though... then with Devon it’s like.. this is what I didn’t want to happen.. I understand the whole drug part but....”

I stopped and looked at this bitch she wasn’t paying attention to me I followed her eyes, she was staring at shooter these crazy asses was basically fucking with they’re eyes.

“Ohh I’m sorry best friend” she said once she noticed I stopped talking. I just laughed cause I knew this bitch was drunk and there won’t be any more talking tonight. I started laughing at her crazy ass.

“It’s alright go get your man babe I’m going in” I told her standing to my feet.

“I’m sorry when I’m sober. Ima call you me and Shooter boutta get outta here” She said standing to her feet also.

“Ard nasty bitch” I said laughing.. I grabbed my bottle and my cup and noticed everybody following me.

“Alright baby we are about to get out of here” Devon mother said then hugged me.

“Okay I’ll see you soon” I hugged her back.

“aww Faith you taking it down early me and Vee bout to go get some drinks” my mom said walking up.

“You know I can’t get down like I used to. These damn kids wore me out today I’m going in.. come on Devon bring ya old ass” She said calling Devon dad over As I started laughing.. my dad and his “plus one” left early. Thank god it wasn’t any drama.

Once everyone left I went to check on Malik and Kylie and they were still watching trolls.

“Hey baby how was your day” I asked Malik.

“I had fun mommy... can Kylie stay with me tonight please” He begged for his sister to stay.

“y’all have to go ask daddy” I told them and he grabbed Ky hand and ran towards the backyard..

When I left the back Devon was still out there smoking so I assumed he was still out there. I went to start throwing everything in the trash from the party because I didn’t need to save nothing. J and king must have gone out too because they weren’t here. Niggas get to New York and forget about they’re sister.

I chuckled “Let’s go check with mommy first” I heard Devon say coming Into the kitchen with both the kids in his arms.

“It’s Aight if she stays?” He asked. I never had a problem.

“Yeah it’s cool” I said looking at them.

“Aight Imma go get them ready for bed.. can I?” He said looking at me I just chuckled and said “of course” as he walked away..

I was done cleaning the kitchen and decided to have a glass of wine, I poured my cup and sat at my kitchen counter.

“The kids finally down, they rocked out in Lik bed” Devon said, coming into the kitchen laughing.

“thank you” I cracked a small smile, grabbed my wine bottle and poured some more.

“So how have you been?” He asked me trying to start up the conversation.

“I’ve been good and you” I said, looking up at him while sipping my wine.

“I’ve been cool.. more worried about you” He looked at me.

“You don’t need to worry about me Devon, you need to worry about Keisha” I replied clearly being petty.

he chucked. “don’t worry about that, she’s gonna get handled” He told me.

“mhm I bet.. so what all she got you for.. better yet where the fuck was your body guard... why you even give this bitch the time and the day to get close to you... YOU KNOW SHE IS A SNEAKY BITCH” I said getting up out my seat getting heated all over again he just stood there and listened to me speak my mind.

“NOW THAT GIVES THIS BITCH ANOTHER REASON TO SAY SHE HAD YOU” I yelled, clearly this wine and that E&J tonight had me.

“I know babe and I’m sorry, I can say it a million more times I know I fucked up.. IM SORRY” he yelled now looking like he was about to cry. He grabbed me and hugged me tight..

“I’m sorry man.. I know I fucked up.. I know it’s gonna take time for you to forgive me but I’m willing to do anything” He told me.

“I love you and only you babe.. trust me” I just let him keep talking because I was too busy crying. I was hurt and angry.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry” he kept saying in my ear over and over.

“Im sorry babe...” Was the last thing he said.

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