Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 18

Amina Joy Smith


I Moved out of his hold, I didn’t say anything because honestly I didn’t know what to say or how to feel. I’m not going to give in to him that easily just because he showed me a couple of tears. He knows how much he means to me so I know it was hurting him to see me down like this.

I walked over and took my seat back to where I was at, I poured me another glass of wine. I looked up at Devon and saw he started rolling up. We both sat in silence. I couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed my bottle and my glass of wine and went upstairs to my room. He didn’t follow me so I figured he went out back to smoke to I guess clear his head.

I went straight to my closet and decided on some Shorts and a sports bra. I turned on my tv and just sat there wasn’t nothing good was on so I went to grab my phone but it wasn’t there.

“fuck” I thought to myself. I must have left it down stairs knowing I didn’t plan on getting back up. I finally got up and walked down stairs back to the kitchen as Devon came walking in from the backyard as I felt him staring at me.

I knew it was at my ass, I spotted my phone on the counter and went to get it. When I saw it I had three missed calls and two text messages from a number I knew all so familiar..

“Why the fuck is he calling me” I thought to myself. I just shrugged it off and started to walk back towards the steps, Devon followed me up but I didn’t know what for,

I went back to my bed and grabbed my glass of wine and started sipping on it. Devon just stood in the corner looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

I chuckled. “You’re just gonna stand there or tell me what you’re standing there for,” I asked him.

He started walking towards me and sat down at the bottom of my bed.

“I want you to say something.. anything” He said.

“well... I do forgive you.. BUT I won’t forget this shit.. Devon you know how big Iam on loyalty this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.... We weren’t even a full six months yet and already we can’t get it together. You know what I had to go through in my last relationship. I don’t Want to go through that anymore.. I love you I do but I think what’s best for us is to take a break... just so we can get to know each other all over again.. start over” I told Him being honestly, I think we got caught up in the heat of the moment we was so excited to be back into each other lives.

I forgave him because I’m not the one to hold a grudge, that’s kid shit but I won’t forget. I knew he wasn’t gonna take us having a break lightly but like I said before it’s what’s best for me. I knew the old Devon. It’s gonna take me awhile to get use to this new Devon just to see how much he changed.

He blew his breath and stood up. “Damn Mama a break... I respect your wishes I do, but damn....I know it’s my fault for pressuring you into this relationship knowing we didn’t do it right.... I guess we can take it as long as you want.. I love you so I’m willing to wait for you.. but on this break.... this don’t belong to nobody else you hear me” He said pulling my legs to the edge of the bed with him standing in front of me..

“You hear me mama” he said, grabbing my chin and making me look up at him.

I just nodded “whatever you say Devon” I said being smart.

“yeah iight mama.. let me find out you fucking somebody else that nigga gone pop up missing” He told me. I started laughing because I knew his ass was serious. So I decided to fuck with him.

“But what if he got better dick” he smacked his teeth

“Yeah okay.. nobody can dick you down the way I do.. you know that” He said being cocky. I rolled my eyes at his cocky ass.

“we’ll see” I told him.

“Aight ma... but on the real I wanna be with you.. I want this relationship shit you know this is all new to me.. You the mother of my kids I don’t want to see you hurt because of me. We are supposed to be growing together. Having 8 more kids together and married by now..” He chuckled and I cracked half a smile. This nigga must be crazy if he think Im giving him eight kids.

“8 more of your big headed ass kids are not coming out of me” I told him straight up.

“you think so, just wait and see” He looked at me and smiled.

“So we starting over huh?” He asked as. I nodded

“iight ma.. whatever you want to do I’m wit it just so I can show you that I’m down for you”

“heard Ju” I said, smirking at him he returned it back.. I looked over at my night stand and saw my phone ringing again and saw it was that same number..

“damn boo who blowing you up already.. the break just started” He said being smart. I smirked at him because he was jealous.

“nobody important” I crossed my arms together.

“Mhm.. I’m boutta get outta here I gotta run to the studio lay down a couple more tracks” He told me.

“okay.. The kids will be okay if anything I’ll let you know” I replied.

“cool.. I’m not worried about that I know you got them.. Ima come slide back through tonight, I want to be here in the morning when they wake up” he said trying to be slick..

I swear when I moved in Devon always was at my house like he didn’t have his own. Only time he wasnt at his house was when I stopped talking to him.

“That’s fine,” I said.

“I’m about to dip... can I get a hug?” He asked and I chuckled at him being childish. I got up and gave him a hug.. I started to pull away but he pulled me back tighter like he didn’t want to let me go. I just sat there and let him have his time until he had to be extra and grabbed my ass..

“okay that’s enough” I said pulling away

“You can’t resist me,” He said. he just knew he had my ass. Just by his touch my damn panties were gone be soaked. Plus I was mad horny two months without getting no dick was taking a toll on me but I guess my fingers will work until then. Devon dick wasn’t just any average size dick and he fucked good. I see why Keisha drugged his ass. I thought to myself and slightly laughed.

“What’s so funny, you know I’m right” He teases me.

“whatever boy.. get out” I said getting up grabbing my wine and getting comfortable in my bed.

“Aye.. don’t tell nobody you saw my big ass crying.. I’m still not no sucka ass nigga” He said and I started laughing because the only time I saw Devon cry was when Malik passed away. I guess he really did love me.

“Ooh i’m telling everybody” I teased.

“and see what happens... but I’m out im already late.. try to stay up for me... I love you” he said walking over to me grabbing my head then kissing my forehead..

“I’ll try but not promising.. after I’m done with this glass Ima be done... but I love you to... best friend” he chuckled because he knew I was being smart.

“you wilding.. I’m out” he said walking out.

“bye” I said laughing while drinking some more of my drink and then got on my phone to get on Instagram. Before I could click the app. My phone started ringing again. I was getting annoyed.

“What do you want Rasheed?” I answered Mad.

“You... now come outside!” He said handing up in my face, I just stood there thinking how did he find me.

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