Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 19

Amina Joy Smith

“You.. Come Outside?”

I started to panic all I could think was how did this nigga get my address. I jumped up so fast and looked out my window and I couldn’t believe it he really was standing outside my house. But why and how. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t trust him. Devon won’t be back for another couple of hours.

“How do you know where I live Rasheed?” I Asked him.

“You know I got my ways, you gone stop looking at a nigga and come see me?” He said looking up at my window. I hung up the phone and closed the curtain so fast, I didn’t want him to know I was watching but I guess it was too late because I was caught.

I was indecisive about going out there or not to see what he wants. I decided to go, I went over to my dresser and changed my shorts to some leggings and one of Devon’s shirts. I went to check on the kids in Malik’s room first. They were knocked out cuddling with each other. I took a picture and sent it to Devon.

I finally got down the steps and stood at the door thinking if I should open this door or not.. soon as I opened the door he came flying in.

“BITCH YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCKING PLAY ME?!!!” Rasheed said, gripping me by my neck damn near making sure I can’t breathe.

“YOU FUCKING THAT NIGGA EAST HUH” he yelled even louder, I know the kids was gone hear him by now..

“Get off me..please” I begged him grabbing his arm trying to get him to stop but he wouldn’t.

“FUCK YOU BITCH, YOU SITTING HERE GIVING AWAY WHATS MINE?” He yelled. I knew I couldn’t take this shit anymore. I’m no weak bitch. I don’t even know why I even put up with this shit to begin with, I managed to get the strength the little bit I only had to at least try to break free, I kicked the shit out of him in his dick.

“AHHHH YOU FUCKING BITCH” he let go yelling out grabbing his dick.. I started to catch my breath and cough uncontrollably. I knew I was gone have a damn mark on my neck and didn’t know how I was gone explain this shit to Devon. He was gone be livid.

By now I just wanted this nigga to leave I regret even thinking to open the door for him.

“Get the fuck out my house” I said weakly. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the floor hard as he could. He bent down to look me in my face. He grabbed my chin to make me look at him.

“let me see that nigga leave yo crib again Ima kill you bitch” He said making sure to mug my face hard as ever and that was the last thing he said before he walked out my house and slammed the door. I couldn’t do anything but cry, I was crying so hard I couldn’t believe I allowed him to do this shit to me again. I was beyond livid and I knew I had to tell somebody this time. My dad.

I gathered myself together to get up off the floor. I made sure my door was locked, grabbed my phone that was on the floor then I walked up the stairs the best I could.

“Mommy” Malik said, rubbing his eyes at the top of the steps. I Jumped looking up because I didn’t know if he saw everything or not.

“Oh my god baby what are you doing up, you okay?” I asked rushing to him.

He didn’t say anything, he just nodded, still rubbing his eyes.

“Okay you want to sleep with mommy?” He nodded again, I knew something had to be wrong because he wasn’t speaking.

“Okay let’s go get Kylie so she could sleep with us too” I walked into Malik’s room and grabbed Kylie and we walked back into my room.

I laid both of them down and just like that Malik was out again. I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror my neck was red as I don’t know what. I knew it was gone start to turn purple soon, I felt a tear come down my face I wiped it so fast because I was over this shit now and this won’t be the last time I’ll be seeing Rasheed.. I knew I could have called Devon but I knew he was working and didn’t want to distract him. I shook my head and just went back in my room took my leggings off and kept Dev’s shirt on and cuddled up next to my babies.


Devon “DevEast” Brewster

“East man that’s it.. that’s a hit man” Scottie said behind the mixing board.

“Cool man.. I’m tired as shit ready to get to the crib.” I told him.

“I feel you man come on out, we gone play it back” He told me. I walked out the booth to listen to my new song I was about to drop called on god.

Scott paused the song. “That’s it my nigga, that’s shit a banga.. we need to drop this ASAP!” He said excitedly like it wasn’t damn near four in the morning. I was beat and I was ready to dip.

“Iight bro hit my line tomorrow I’m bout to be out.. i’m smacked bro” I told him.

“Iight bro” I dapped him up. My homies already left an hour ago, I walked out the studio and got in my truck starting it up and decided to call Mina to see if she was still up. This whole break thing I wasn’t with but it was whatever she wanted just so I can show her how much I really do love her. Before my tour I planned on doing something real special for her. Hopefully if she is not that busy I could fly her and the kids out to California while I’m on tour. the call kept ringing and then went to voicemail. I chucked because I knew she probably drunk off that bull shit ass wine and went to sleep. I just drove off and went to her house instead of me keep calling.

I pulled up in the back of Mina Benz. I noticed the light in the living room on, it wasn’t on before I left, maybe she came back down for something. I thought to myself. I grabbed my phone and hopped out grabbing the right key and opened the door, I went to the kitchen, grabbed me a water then went to turn the living room light off and made my way up stairs. I decided to check on the kids first before going into Mina room.. when I walked in they weren’t there. They must be with their moms. I thought to myself.

Once I got to Mina’s room I saw them all laid up hugging each other while they were asleep. Kylie was in the middle of Malik and Mina but she was facing Mina with her back towards Malik. I cracked a smile before taking my phone out to take a picture. I decided not to bother them just yet because I wanted to take a shower first. I went straight to the bathroom and got busy. Twenty minutes later I was washed and out of the shower walking into Mina’s bedroom in just a towel. When I was walking out I saw Malik sitting up in the bed rubbing his eyes. I smiled at him then looked confused because he looked like he had been crying.

“Daddy?” He said.

“Yeah son why are you up? You were crying baby?” I asked him. He nodded at me. I looked at him and went over to the dresser and grabbed my boxers and walked in the closet throwing them on before walking back out to see Malik still sitting here looking sad.

“What’s the matter lik?” I grabbed my son and sat him next to me.

“Rasheed he hit-hit mommy again” he said crying.

That just fucked me up right there. I was livid. How the fuck this nigga even find out where she stay. That must have been the number earlier calling her and she knew that shit too ! I looked back at Mina sleeping and noticed dry tear stains on her face with her face and neck area a little swollen. I moved her shoulder a little and saw her neck with finger prints on it.

“Yo babe get up... get up and NOW” I said getting up, grabbing my sweats and turning the lights on. I knew I was waking the house up but I was mad and I wanted answers and now. IMA KILL THAT NIGGA!!!

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