Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 2

Amina Joy Smith POV

Same night...

“Come on leeky, we have to go check up on grandma” I said to my son before I could walk away I heard the name “Mamas” the only other person that calls me that is him. I grabbed Malik’s hand and started to walk away I didn’t want to talk about this and definitely not now Devon was far from dumb so I’m pretty sure he put two and two together that’s if my brothers didn’t tell him already.

“Did you say anything to him leeky?” I looked down at my son for an answer.

“No mommy you told me not to if you’re not present, but I almost called him daddy” Leeky said looking down as if he did something bad. When my son said that it just broke my heart because I knew that it broke his heart I had to drag my son into this I was hurt that it had to be this way. I guess I didn’t explain everything growing up on this block wasn’t easy but we all pretty much made it out okay. Growing up it was always me, fresh and fresh cousin Devon.

We were all so close I knew Devon of course from fresh, any time Devon came down to Philly from New York we would always chill smoke do normal shit the vibe was always there, that’s until me and Devon had gotten closer we would hang out some times without fresh.We told each other everything down to the females he was sexual and me ending up telling him the fuck boys I use to run with. It’s like our connection was always there like I could go to him about anything and he would not judge me at all he would just be him and him being real with me so i did the same.

The more and more we started hanging out I started to catch feelings for him. All that best friend talk went out the window after that but I never told him how I felt about him and that’s one thing I hated dealing with inside! So I was trying to keep my cool. I’m pretty he knew, I just didn’t know if he felt the same way about me until I was one night he proved me wrong, this was the night I asked him to take my virginity which so happen to be the same night fresh got murder. After that night Devon went off the face of the earth I haven’t heard from him, seen him nothing, they took his favorite cousin someone he ran the streets with everyday so I understood that but don’t leave me stuck like that without a proper goodbye so with him going missing and fresh leaving us I was all over the place.

A month later after he took my virginity I found out I was pregnant, I was only twenty years old I was just now finishing up school and graduating soon from cosmetology school a couple months later I was going to be opening up my first shop which I am going to miss when I go back to New York. I didn’t know anything about being a mother and to think that I didn’t want to be in this alone I pushed my feelings off to the side for the sake of my son so I started to call Devon again and again and I called for weeks straight. It felt like a month and I still had no answer every time.

I wasn’t going to keep calling because it seemed like he didn’t want to be bothered. So I did what I knew was best to carry on with my pregnancy.

I had a baby boy and named him “Malik Devon-Carter Brewster”.

Even though Devon didn’t know about Malik I felt like I still had to include him because he is his son and I knew this day would come some day, I just didn’t know it would be today.

Devon was always back and forth from Philly to New York, but it slowed down once fresh passed away. I guess he just started back up, Devon had a passion at some point for playing basketball he had got into a good college but of course he fucked that up because he’s hard headed and got kicked out, got arrested for selling weed up school.

Nobody knew Devon could rap but me and fresh we used to be chilling around and he would come out of nowhere at times and start rapping. He had freestyles for days, but That one day changed his life forever because now he’s like the king of Harlem he goes by “East” now and to think I was blasting this nigga music today.

“Come on baby let’s get you to eat, we going in Auntie House”

“Okay mommy” Malik said.

“yo mamas come here let me talk to you?” Devon said walking towards me licking his lips but with this confused look on his face.

I couldn’t even look up at him because I was so hurt and he knows he gets me weak and I’ll just start crying like a baby.

“Baby go to auntie house I will be there in a minute” I said looking down at Malik.

“Okay mommy” my son was very smart. I tell him everything well, everything that he needs to know of course he’s only three years old but you’ll be surprised how advanced kids are nowadays.

Malik knows who his father is one day he found a picture of me, Devon and fresh just sitting on the steps after that picture. I swear that’s when all the questions came flying in.

“Mommy, who are these people?” I told him everything from Devon being his father and about fresh of course, I told him that’s how he got the name Malik. I only told my son to never approach Devon if I wasn’t around because I didn’t want him to play my son or anything, that’s like some random kid running up to you screaming daddy or mommy, no I didn’t want the salty look on my baby face.I should of knew this day was to come sooner or later and me not thinking nothing of it I forgot Devon would be in Philly tonight because he had a show yesterday but it got canceled. It wouldn’t be right if he were in the same city as his auntie (fresh mom) and not stop by.

Now the only people that knew that I was pregnant by Devon was my best friend, king, J, And of course my mother and father I begged all of them not to say anything to Devon because they knew Devon everyone was pretty much close to Devon. It was harder for Devon’s aunt to not say anything because that was her favorite nephew. Me and auntie were close, everybody on the block knew her by auntie, but with her she felt more like my second mom. I could tell her everything it’s been this way since I was a kid, we had a bond that I didn’t have with my own mother she was in the room when I gave birth to Malik and everything, he was more of her grandson then anything she was so happy because he reminded her some much of fresh.

By now king and J was staring a hole in my face being so fucking noisy.

“what is there to talk about Devon?” By now I was getting annoyed because I’m not the one that left now you want to talk.

“Now I’m Devon? Come on mamas stop playing you know what the fuck I’m talking about!!” He snapped.

By now I knew that somebody had told him or it slipped out. I looked back at king and J and them fuck boys just turned around. Oh now they minding their business Devon started walking towards my car and was trying to open the passenger side so we could get in to “talk”.

Unlocking my door I opened my side and jumped in also. when I got in this nigga had his seat laid back ready for this conversation to come I mean he was getting comfortable. We sat there for what felt like hours but it was only five minutes without no one speaking. That’s until my phone started ringing. I looked down and read Babe️ which I ignored.

I know Dev saw it because my phone was faced up. He probably was thinking so she got a man now huh typical guy thinking but as I was thinking he was thinking that I was responding saying to myself Not my man no more but that reminds me I need to change or just delete his number.

Devon chuckled probably because he saw the name babe.

“So wassup mamas be real with me, imma ask you one time I just need to know ma” he spoke with so much emotion in his voice but he shouldn’t be hurt I should be crying he left me, He finally asked the question I’ve been waiting on him to ask.

“Is he mine?”

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