Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 20

Devon “DevEast” Brewster

“Wake up mama” I said, shaking her. I knew she was drunk by the looks of the empty wine bottle sitting on the dresser. She started to get up which was making Kylie move. She sat all the way up in the bed and looked down at Kylie but she didn’t want to let her go. She looked over at Malik and saw that he had been crying then looked back at me. Once she noticed the frown on my face she already knew I knew what happened.

“Mommy” Kylie said which shocked the shit out of me, I doubled looked.It must have done the same to Mina. we both looked at her then at each other we didn’t say anything. I was thinking maybe she thought it was her moms because she was still asleep. Mina grabbed her and laid her down next to her.

“What happened to ya neck man?” I figured I’ll take it easy on her just to see if she would tell me the truth or not. I just sat there ready for her to tell me but she didn’t. She didn’t say anything but put her head down and started crying. That gave me my answer right there, I went over to her dresser, grabbed me a black tee and put it on. I was mad as shit because my son saw that shit too, That nigga was gone be dead word to my mother.

“You know my fucking son saw that shit?” I said throwing my timbs on that I had over here. Damn I had all my shit over here come to think of it.

“Oh my god no baby, I’m sorry” she said getting up hugging Malik as he hugged her back. He really did love his moms so I know that hurt my little man the way it hurted me.

Malik let her go and laid back down with Kylie and went straight to sleep. That boy doesn’t take no time going to sleep. Like his mama, Mina walked in the bathroom And I followed her. She started to fix herself up and I just watched her. I closed the door just because I didn’t want to wake the kids back up.

“That was him... the number that kept calling you earlier wasn’t it?” I asked her with my arms folded.

She didn’t look up at me which was annoying me because now she probably think she can’t even look at me all because what this wack ass nigga did. So I grabbed her arm pulling her towards me.

“Look at me” I said as she just kept her head down. I grabbed her face and noticed I must’ve grabbed a little too hard because she said a light ouch.. by then I was done. I got angry all over again. I couldn’t stand here and look at her in pain and not do nothing.. I opened the bathroom door walking out as She followed after me.

“Where ya phone at?” Before she could even tell me I spotted it on the floor next to the nightstand so I went to grab it.

“I be back, don’t wait up for me. get some rest I love you” I kissed her forehead I didn’t even give her a chance to say anything I rushed back out the door. I sat in my car for a hot minute trying to get my thoughts together.

“FUCK” I yelled out hitting the steering wheel.

What I was about to do next I knew she was gone be pissed off at me but fuck it shit needed to be done, it’s no other person that know the streets better then me but her OG.

He was gone be livid when he found out that this nigga was putting his hands on his daughter, So I decided to call her pops so we could handle the nigga. I checked the time and saw that it was five am the sun was starting to rise up. I pulled my phone out and looked for her pops contact information. I got it and started calling him. I knew he was up because this nigga was always up. He finally picked up.

“Yo son.. only time you would be calling me at these hours.. if somebody died or somebody dying?” he said straight up.

I chuckled because he was right and was always on point.. back in his day as he would say.. he was the king of New York biggest in the drug game shit he still is. He sitting on something nice, He taught me everything I needed to know about the streets.

“You right, we gotta problem.. I’m bout to slide through” I said, he didn’t ask any questions he just said “aight cuz” and hung up.

I started the car and finally pulled off going towards her dad’s house. Thirty minutes later I was pulling up. I grabbed Mina’s phone and walked up towards her dad’s crib. I knocked twice and waited, two minutes later he came to the door.

“Watup son what brings you by, you gud?” He asked me as we walked into his office that was down here.

“Nah. I need a hit out on somebody” I told him getting to it. He sat in his chair and I sat in one of the chairs that was in front of his desk.

He chucked. “Well who is beefing with the one and only Deveast” He joked.

“nah. No beef pops.. but this nigga need to be handled and asap after I tell you this shit.. you not gone be to happy” I told him letting him know I wasn’t playing, He stop smiling and sat back in his chair.

“Tell me then nigga what’s gud” He said getting serious so I sat back in my seat Also.

“That nigga Rasheed.. he put his hands on Mina man” I told him feeling like a Rat.

“come again.. HE DID WHAT!” He jumped up snapping, I started to give him the rundown on everything. I knew it wasn’t my place but I needed to find this nigga and no other person to do so was him. I been given this life up.

“FUCK”. He yelled out, knocking everything off his desk.. pictures of Mina and Malik were broken with papers flying everywhere. He finally calmed down and sat in his seat and took out a pre rolled blunt and sparked it.

“How’s Mina she cool?... man why the fuck she didn’t tell me this shit.. this nigga could of been dead” he said snapping once again before passing me the bud.

“Yeah she straight, I didn’t even have time to get the answers that I needed, I was so pissed I left and came straight here to see how can we find this nigga” I said smoking on the weed and passing it back to him. He grabbed his phone and started making phone calls. I let him do that until I saw Mina phone ringing. It was the same number. I just let it ring because I didn’t want to scare this nigga away before I catch em in my own hands. The phone hung up and a text came through.

“FIND THAT NIGGA” I looked up at Kyree as he slammed his phone down snapping on somebody.

I looked back at Mina’s phone and opened it. She never has a password on. I shook my head and went to her text messages. This nigga must be crazy or at least think he is, he sent her a few messages back to back. “Mina baby I’m sorry.. answer me... I love you” A bunch of bull shit ass text messages I didn’t care about.

“I got her phone this nigga sick as fuck” I told her dad.

“nigga you got her phone.. Why didn’t you say something.. I can track this nigga.. damn east you slacking” he said laughing a little

“nah man I’m still that nigga don’t you forget my G” I said joking with em.. I handed him the phone and he picked his phone up again to make a call.

“Yo Biggs track this number for me” her dad said, giving him the number and hung up..

“Ima keep this just in case this nigga text again.. you know how I feel about my daughter.. I’m mad as hell she kept this from me man. But I gotta understand.. I never want to see my daughter go through this shit.. thank you even though she’s gonna be pissed that you told me and not her ″ he said laughing and I smiled thinking about my baby.

“yeah I know but she’ll live.. she gone understand that nigga gotta go” I told him.

“that’s gone regardless of how she feels.. no questions” He Responded as I nodded my head.

“just give me the word.. I want to do it myself” I told him looking up at him.

“Devon man You Kn..” He started to say but I cut him off, I already knew what he was going to say.. I didn’t want to hear that at the moment I wanted to kill this nigga myself. Not giving a fuck.

“Pops you know me man” I told him, he knew I was hard headed I wasn’t gone listen But the shit had to happen. He shook his head and smiled at me.

“still the same hard headed ass nigga.. I got it man.. Biggs won’t probably have the tracking information for me until later.. get home to my daughter and my grandbabies man, get some sleep cause you look like you need it... I’m coming by later” He told me.

“Aight pops, I’m out” I stood up, dapped him up and made my way out the door. I got back in my range and drove away to back Mina’s. I wanted this nigga more beacause my son seen that shit.

When I got into Mina’s room I saw them peacefully sleeping. I got undressed down to my boxers and climbed in bed next to Malik. I just stared at Mina’s neck Which grabbed my attention, I rubbed my fingers against her neck. I was mad at myself because I couldn’t protect her and bad enough my son was watching that shit go down while my daughter up stairs sleeping. This nigga was gone be six feet under. I had a lot of shit under my belt.. I still haven’t found this bitch Keisha she deleted her gram the morning after she robbed me. But I knew I was gone run back into her someday.

“I’m sorry” Mina said, knocking me out my thoughts I looked towards her rubbing her face.

“Shhhh mama it’s nothing to be sorry about go back to sleep” I told her.

“I love you” She said.

“I love you too, now get some rest” I said back and after that I was out like a light.

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