Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 21

Amina Joy Smith


I woke up and started to panic because I needed to get to the shop. I went to the dresser and went to look for my phone but didn’t see it. I saw Devon’s sitting there and checked the time. I knew I was running late. I walked into my bathroom and started my shower.

The next ten minutes I was finished with my morning routine until I looked in the mirror and saw how bad my neck was. I knew makeup wasn’t gone to cover this shit up. I walked out the bathroom so I could get dressed and saw Devon sitting up in the bed on his phone but the kids were still asleep, which they needed to wake up since it was going on two o’clock.

I went into the closet and picked out a simple outfit just because I didn’t feel like getting dressed. I threw on all black leggings and a shirt with some Chanel sneakers that Devon brought me. When I walked back in my room and over to my bed Devon was still on his phone but this time looking at me.

“You not going to work today” he said looking at me

“what, yes I am” I told him looking at him confused

“I canceled all of your appointments you are not going in there with your neck like that and plus I want to spend the day with you and kids before I leave” He told me that like it was okay, he basically made all the decisions already. I didn’t see my phone so he probably was hiding it from me.

“WHAT.. Devon why the hell would you do that are you serious” I asked him.

“Seriously mina, you need a break and I’m not feeling that shit that went down last night” He told me, I didn’t even care about that I just wanted to go to work. I couldn’t believe this nigga right now gone cancel all my clients. Like really Devon! I decided not to fight with him because he was right But I was mad, hella pissed.

“Well I need to call my assistant to tell her that I’m not coming in.... where’s my phone?” I asked him walking towards him waiting for him to give me my phone but he didn’t. He just stared at me like a dummy.

“Ya pops got it!” He said standing up walking towards the bathroom. So I followed him because I know I think I heard him correctly. Did he just say my dad had it.

“Devon why does my dad have my phone?” I asked, crossing my arms together watching him brush his teeth. I already knew the answer to that question. honestly I didn’t care what the fuck they do to Rasheed at this point I just wanted my phone.

“You already know why babe.. and when I find that nigga he dead word to my motha” He said and I nodded I knew he was serious. Our son had witnessed me getting hit by a man, someone else at that. That shit crushed me, I didn’t want my son to see that happen to me. I just hoped that Devon didn’t tell my dad what went down, that’s something that I wanted to do personally myself instead of somebody else doing it.

“Did you tell my dad?” I asked.

“Of course and he com...” before he could finish I cut him off.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT DEVON” I snapped at him.

“the shit needed to be done.. I’m not gone sit around here knowing that this nigga in my city riding around like he can’t be touched.. this pussy nigga put his hands on you.... ON YOU Amina.. my son saw that shit.. how the fuck he even know where you stay? Huh Was you still fucking with this nigga? You unblocked his number?....HUH?” He said angry as he started walking up on me and looking down at me.

“NO! Im not still fucking with him NEVER... I never unblocked his number.. he always had two phones. I just so happen to remember his other phone number.. he was calling me all day. I didn’t answer him until—” I stopped mid sentence when I heard my doorbell.

“Must be ya pops” Devon said as I looked at him, I guess it was too late now I had to tell my dad I knew he was coming for answers and he wanted them pronto .

“I’ma get the kids up and ready so they could eat breakfast” I told him, Devon nodded and walked out the bathroom to get dressed then he left the room. I walked in my room and picked up Kylie before shaking Malik.

“Lik get up baby” I told him he didn’t do anything but roll back over so I pulled the covers back letting that air hit him.

“Get up now Malik you cannot sleep all day” I told him.

“okay” He said being smart, he got up clearly mad but I didn’t care he needed to get his ass up, We walked out the room to get to the kids room. I told Malik to wash and brush his teeth then meet us in Kylie’s room.

“Bestiee” I said tickling her so she could wake up. These kids love sleeping just like they’re dad.

She finally woke up so now I was able to help her wash her face and brush her teeth.

“Come On mama we gotta brush those beautiful teeth” I told her as I walked into the hall bathroom I sat her on top of the counter. Once I finished with Kylie I went to her room and saw Malik was up and ready watching tv.

“Come on let’s get you guys something to eat” I said carrying Kylie down and Malik walked. I know I shouldn’t be carrying Kylie but I loved her like she was my daughter.. I always wanted a daughter she was the next closest person I could spoil. When we got into the living room my dad and Dev were talking, they looked like they were in a deep conversation probably about Rasheed. They didn’t even notice we were there until Kylie started to climb out my arms.

“Daddy!” both of the kids yelled, running towards them. My dad turned around and looked at me and frowned I walked away so fast to go to the kitchen.

24 years old and I’m still scared to face my dad. My dad came right in the kitchen a few seconds later and just sat there and watched me as I started to pull everything I needed out for breakfast but Devon stopped me.

“Mama, we’re going to go out for brunch, don’t worry about cooking” He told me. I was frustrated maybe because I was so nervous. I know my dad will be upset with me just because I didn’t tell him sooner.

“Say something dad, I know Devon already told you everything” I said turning around to him he still had that same expression on his face.

“Yeah and I’m tryna figure out why he had to tell me and not you” he said pointing at me pausing. I just put my head down because I know the water works was about to come.

“You know this nigga had the nerve to smile in my face the whole time knowing he was putting his hands on my daughter... look Mina I’m not mad at you baby, I’m pissed the fuck off that you had to go through this shit.. but it’s over for him.. Look at your fucking neck” he said walking over to me.

“I know dad and I’m sorry if I disappointed you, I know if I told you I knew you were gone kill him... and at that time... I loved him....” I said, starting to cry.

My dad grabbed me and put my head to his chest. All I could do was cry but trust and believe this was gone be my last time crying over him. Now that I know it was way out of my hands I knew I had protection.. I knew I should have said something to my dad. But thats what happens when your stupid and In love.. always putting others before yourself. Not anymore.

“Shh baby it’s okay, I gotcha always. You know that” My dad said. I finally got myself together and then my doorbell started to ring uncontrollably.

“Somebody gone get cursed the hell out” I said walking away to get the door when I opened the door it was J, King and my mom.

“king why the hell you ringing my damn bell like that” I said smacking him upside his head.

“Damn sis I’m sick of you giving me these bull shit ass greetings, that shit wasn’t even me it was J bum ass” he said rubbing his head.

“because you play too damn much” I told him J started cracking up like something was funny.

“Nigga nothing funny” I hit him next, he grabbed me and started to tickle me he know how much I hated that shit I couldn’t stop laughing.

“Yeah you don’t like that shit do you” J said and I couldn’t stop laughing

“daddy” I yelled out to my dad. No matter how old we all got we were scared of his ass.

“Aye nigga get off my daughter” my dad said walking towards us.

“Ayeee pops Wassup OG” J said. My mom looked at him and walked away mostly like an embarrassing look.

“Kim,” my dad said, smiling over at her before looking back over at king. I looked at both of them before shaking my head.. they think they are slick.

“Wassup son, you good?” My dad responded. My parents history was a little rocky.. king wasn’t my dad’s only me and J was. My mom cheated on my dad with some guy that none of us heard from since my mom discovered she was pregnant. My dad still loved my mom so he wasn’t gonna leave her high and dry knowing she had three kids so my dad raised King like he was his but you couldn’t tell them nothing king was his.

When king was old enough to know the real details my dad sat him down as a man and told him that he wasn’t his real father. Instead of letting him hear it from somebody else, my dad told him. King didn’t take it well at all, he loved our dad. He understood and told him that he was always gone be his father. It was cute and I was happy my father was the only person he knew anyway.

“I’m good.. staying outta trouble.. I’m coming to stay with you mommy annoying” King Said.

“what I tell you respect ya moms boy” he said pointing at him before throwing him a jab.

“Dang pops wassup with you and daughter” King said, holding his chest.

“man up nigga, my grandson eat those...J let me holla at you.. Dev you to” My dad said yelling out so Devon can hear him I already knew what the talk was about to be about so I let it be.

“My nigga Dev here” J said cutting eyes at me.

“whatupp nigga” Devon said coming to the front door with Kylie in his arms and Malik walking beside him like he was somebody bodyguard. I chuckled.

“Malik, who are you supposed to be?” I asked.

“my daddy” was his response as he looked up at his dad. I just smiled.

“OH hell— what the hell happened to your neck?” My mom said coming back down the steps. I looked so embarrassed and grabbed my neck Forgetting that this shit was visible. My dad saw the look on my face and jumped in for me.

“Kim not right now” He told her knowing this was about to go left.

“the hell you mean not right now that’s my damn daughter... you know what FUCK YOU” she snapped on him that quick, I didn’t want to sit here and witness this shit. Once they get to the arguing they don’t stop.

“KIM NOT RIGHT NOW” my dad yelled back.

Now I knew I had to stop it before it got out of hand, my mom loves throwing hands and picking up anything that’s near her, not in my house.

“Nope, not today not in my house.. y’all see these kids right here.. chill out.. but to answer your question.. it was Rasheed” I said stopping it, I released a breath that I didn’t notice I was holding in. That was the first time I said that out loud and being able to admit it.

“WHAT!” Everybody except my dad and Devon said, King and J already knew he put his hands on me; they just didn’t know he did it again. I never told my mom, I knew she was gone be mad as shit she wasn’t the only one.

“You better find that nigga and handle him or I will” she said walking away towards the kitchen we all looked at her confused.

“Yeah some things you don’t know about ya moms. We used to hit licks together” My dad said shocking the hell out of all of us we all looked at him like he had three heads.

“what” we said as a union.

“Mina Come here,” my mom said from the kitchen.

“Mommy” Kylie said again reaching for me to grab her. I looked at Devon.

“What you say baby” he said looking at Kylie making her repeat.

“Mommy Mommy” I didn’t say anything because she was a child. If she felt comfortable enough to call me mom I didn’t mind it she probably picked it up from Malik calling me mommy.

I grabbed her and took her to the kitchen where my mom was holding frozen veggies.

“Put this on your neck” I just grabbed it and put it on my neck.

“Why didn’t you tell me” this was the first question that came out of everybody and by now I was sick of saying the same song. I told my mom everything from when it started to when he popped up at my house.

“I don’t even know how to take this. I don’t know how you battled all of this together.. you hid it so good and I didn’t even notice something was wrong.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I failed you as a mother I know I should have been there more.. I feel Terrible” She told me.

“it’s okay mom. You were there.. you was.. you was dealing with your stuff... I love you.. don’t ever forget that. You’re the best mother a girl could ask for. I know I don’t tell you often but I do appreciate you. You always made sure we didn’t have to go without. I know dad had money but you showed me to be independent. And that’s what I did” By now my mom was crying.

My mom did everything she could to keep her house hold together. When she cheated on my dad and she noticed she had lost my dad I guess her world turned upside down.

“I know baby I’m sorry, I just hate to see that my daughter had to go through an abusive relationship” her voice cracked again as I grabbed my mom and hugged her.

“it’s okay mom” I told her.

“I love you” She told me.

“I love you to mom.. now get cleaned up” I smiled at her. By now everybody was Walking in the kitchen but my dad.

“Are we still going to get brunch? We need to feed the kids” I turned to Devon asking him.

“y’all not going no where until we find this nigga” my mom jumped in before Devon could answer.

“Yeah Imma go get the kids ready” Devon said, before Devon could walk out the kitchen My dad rushed in on the phone before hanging up.

“We got him,” He said looking around.

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