Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 22

DEVON “DevEast” Brewster

Same Day —6:30pm

“That pussy thought he was about to get away that easy...Thought he was gone put his hands on my daughter and get away with that shit” Mina dad spoke. We were all loaded in her pops car going to one of his trap houses. Me, J, Shooter and even King. I called Shooter and let him know everything that was going on and he and Heather pulled up.

Thank Allah he did bring Heather so she could chill with Mina until this shit was done. I know it was a lot on her, I told her to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese or something that way they could eat and play around until we meet up. We all decided to do something as a group after. When we got the call about Rasheed I was more happy cause I was ready to end this nigga life. For my family I will. Good thing pops men caught his ass before he tried to flee NY.

“FUCK, this damn girl don’t listen” pops said looking in his rearview mirror which made me turn around to see what he was talking about. It was Ms. Kim tailing behind us. I chuckled and turned back around. Ms. Kim didn’t play about Mina when I found out she was hitting licks back in the day I was shocked like shit.

“Yo pops why you didn’t tell me mommy was hitting licks” J Spoke from the back seat reading my mind.

He chuckled “it a lot of shit you don’t know about ya moms.. but that’s for me to know and you to never find out” Pops Responded and J smacked his teeth.

“I don’t want to hear that nasty shit anyway” He said, making a disgusting face.

“good... aye king you ready for what’s about to go down” King didn’t say anything he just nodded his head, he took it harder because he was the closest to Mina.

“Yo nigga this will be the last time this shit ever happens” I told king he just nodded to me and focus on the rest of the ride there.

We pulled up to the trap house over in east Harlem. It was still the same old niggas around since I left. We got out of the car, I started to walk towards the door until I heard Ms. Kim.

“And you stupid enough to think I wasn’t coming.. this shit not New, you know I’m going six feet for my kids... so let’s go” she told Kyree. I guess he didn’t want to fight with her because he just blew his breath and started to walk away shaking his head.

“woman man” he mumbled walking pass. All of us started laughing we didn’t want to get cussed out next so we was laughing low as we could, We all knew not to fuck with Mama Kim. We walked up to the door, Kyree knocked three times before some strong ass nigga name beans opened the door.

“Yo wassup Boss,” he said to Ree.

We started walking towards his office when we walked in Mina uncle smoke was sitting in one of the chairs smoking some weed.

“Damn took y’all niggas long enough” He said.

“wattup Uncle Smoke” J and King spoke at the same time.

“awe man nephews fuck y’all doing down here” he said dapping both of them up doing a man hug Until he got to Me.

“Dev my fucking nigga.. fuck you doing down here nigga, ain’t you suppose to be in a studio or some shit” He asked me.

“man you know when it comes to Mina I’m going under for her” I said back slapping hands with him bringing him into a man hug. “What— what happened to my niece?” he said looking at me as I looked at Ree.

“That’s why I told you to get on that hit on the nigga in the basement” Ree said jumping in.

“Yeah so where the hell is he” Ms. Kim said coming into the office.

“still crazy ass Kim wassup girl” smoke said to Ms. Kim giving her a hug.

“He was a little unconscious Rik hit the shit out em.. he should be getting up now though” Smoke said heading for the door.

“aight let’s go” Ree said walking out of his office.

We all followed and began walking down to the basement. When we got down there Rasheed was tied up to a chair still asleep. King stayed back against the wall and we all walked up on Rasheed to get em up.

“Wake up pussy” smoke said pouring a bucket filled with hot water in it on him. He started to fully wake up.

“ahhhh fuck” He screamed.

“shut the fuck up” I said grabbing the gun off the table and hitting him with it.

“The fuck y’all niggas want with me” He had the guts to say.

“pussy you know why you’re here.. you like putting ya hands on my daughter huh?” Ree said which made Rasheed smack his teeth.

“man who the fuck is your daughter?” He questioned. Clearly Mina never let him meet her dad.

“Mina bitch ass nigga” Smoke said before hitting him in his face with the gun again after he just took it out my hands, I’m guessing it was his gun that I snatched from the table.

“Ahhh fuck” he said spitting blood from his mouth.

“fuck y’all niggas y’all might as well kill me” He said deciding for us.

“any last words nigga?” Ree said, walking over fixing his gun before pointing at Rasheed head.

“That 15k came right in handy Dev” he said, smirking at me.

“what the fuck you just say homie?” I said snatching the gun outta pops hand this time and pointed the gun at this nigga.

“What you just said to me” I questioned again.

“you heard me nigga.. how it feel to get ya chain took by a bitch.... you know Keisha right?” He said, reminding me about Keisha.

POW POW!! I shot him giving him a head shot making him die right on the spot. I still had the gun pointed, I couldn’t believe I just killed somebody again. That just shows you the love I have for Mina. Now that I know that this nigga set me up with this bum ass bitch I couldn’t wait until I ran into Keisha. I know Ima run into her at a club some where she won’t be long before she be in the next niggas pockets.

“WHAT THE FUCK DEV!” Ree yelled, knocking me out my thoughts. He snatched the gun from me before cleaning it off, I didn’t say anything because I was still in stocked. I just rubbed my hands down my face.

“it was gonna happen. This nigga set me up him and that bitch Keisha I was telling y’all about... can’t wait until I find this sneaky bitch” I said storming out.

I was mad as shit so the best thing to do was walk away. It would be best if I just met them in the car.

“Yo beans call the cleaning ppl to get this shit cleaned up,” Smoke said, walking out after me right along with everybody else.

I got back in the front seat and pulled out my phone to call Mina to see where she was at. I started ringing her phone she picked up on the second ring.

“Are you okay?” She said soon as she picked up the phone. Always worried about me.

“I’m good mama where y’all at?”

“We at chuck e cheese, the kids are having a ball I’m sitting here with Heather” She said sounding like she was smiling which made me smile.

“That’s wassup baby, but look ma I’m about to head back to your crib, get cleaned up and head to y’all.. I’ll see you in a little bit” I told her.

“mhm okay Devon” We said our goodbyes and hung up.

Amina Joy Smith.

“Yeah so that was Devon, they’re going to be coming here soon” I told Heather as we sat at the table watching the kids play. I told Heather everything that happened. She was just as mad as the others which I understood why.

“I hope they killed his ass” She mumbled but I still heard her.

“oh my god hev since when you became so violent” I said laughing at her.

“since I got with my Shooter” she said sticking her tongue out twerking in her seat. I just laughed at her. She was crazy as hell..

“so tell me.. what’s been up bitch you been MS. MIA” I said looking down at my phone because a text came through from Devon I opened it and it was a naked picture of him in my bathroom. I started smiling. This man could get my panties wet anywhere. I thought to myself. I chuckled and texted back.

“You sure about that?”

“ohh I’m sure baby.. you the one scared” I just left him on read. I wasn’t about to deal with his freaky ass right now. I ended the conversation. .

“Well who got all your attention over there smiling” Heather said, breaking me from my phone.

“Huh” I said playing dumb like I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Don’t play stupid with me girl who got all your attention, over there smiling like no tomorrow.. spill it” she said resting her chin on her hands.

“It’s Devon,” I said laughing.

“I thought you guys were on a break? It’s over that fast?” She said, raising her eye up at me.

“We are on a break, but he is making it real hard.. he a tease and when he keeps sending me shit like this..” I said showing Heather the picture Devon sent me.

“Yeah I just be wanting to jump all over him.. I’m the one that said no sex but damn it’s been two months Hev he making it extra hard” I said pouting by now.

“Girl I understand because I don’t think I could go a day without letting Shooter dick me down”

“So what’s been going on with your new relationship.. you look happy” I spoke back to her seeing the glow in her face.

“You know what Mina i am happy, Ryheem makes me so happy girl” She said excitedly.

I didn’t notice who the hell she was talking about at first but remember that it was Shooter she was talking about. I never knew his real name, everybody always called him Shooter.

“I’m so happy for you and so glad you left derrick cheating ass” I said looking over at the kids. They were still playing around. I was gone to give them another five minutes of play time before we go play games together.

“Yeah I’m happy too, but he thought I was stupid and I wasn’t I knew the whole time. That’s why I was doing what I was doing because I didn’t care. Once you cross me you lose me” She said keeping it simple, but that was heather and she stuck to her word. So comes to find out Derrick was sneaking around with some little snow bunny. That explains why Heather moved on so quick to Shooter, she knew all along she just didn’t say anything until after the fact.

“I understand, but everything happens for a reason you didn’t need his ass anyway.. but let’s go get the kids so we can play some games” I said getting up.

“Okay cool” we both walked over towards the kids.

“Y’all want to play some games together?” I asked walking up on the kids.

“Mommy!!!” They both yelled. I still had to get used to Kylie calling me mommy.

“Y’all ready” they both grabbed my hand and said yes.

1 hour later

“I’m tired, y’all wore me out come on so we can eat... daddy should be on his way” I told them grabbing their hands walking toward the table.

“These kids got me acting like a kid again” Heather said out of breath.

I laughed at her “yeah this is 24/7” I told her as we finally got back to the table Heather and Malik sat together and me and Kylie sat together.

“So do you guys want pizza?” I asked them.

“Yessss” they both yelled.

“So I’m going to order the pizza. Can you watch them for a minute” I asked Heather.

“yeah sure go head” She told me and I went in line to order. I was the next in line, I started to walk off until I felt arms wrap around my waist.

“Hey beautiful” Devon said in my ear with his raspy voice. I loved that shit so much. He kissed my ear, He knew this was my spot so he was fucking with me But I wasn’t gone fall into his trap that easily. I guess he read my mind because he let me go.

“Wassup where my kids at?” He asked.

“They over there at the table with Heather, I need to order they’re food,” I said, turning to the lady.

“Sorry about that” I told her and ordered the kids some pizza. She told me that my food would be right out to our table so me and Devon walked over to the table.

Halfway there Malik saw Devon first and started yelling daddy then Kylie followed up. They didn’t care where they were when they saw their dad their whole world lit up. That made me so happy seeing them happy.

“Hey baby wassup” he said to kylie kissing her then picking her up.

“Hey son, you cool?” He said doing the same thing to him and finished the rest of the way to the table.

“Wassup sis, you gud?” Devon said sitting the kids back down before giving Heather a side hug.

“I’m good bro, where Shooter he said he was meeting me here” Heather said.

“oh that nigga said he was gone meet me here he probably still getting dress.. you know he a pretty boy” he said back to Heather laughing. We sat down and continued to talk. Twenty minutes later the kids’ food was here everyone ate and by now Shooter came.

“Come daddy, let’s play a game,” Malik said, pulling Devon out of his seat.

“Ok son, hold up” he said getting up. They played a few more games and by now it was time to leave and it was going on ten o’clock. We needed to get these kids home and I wanted to know how today went with Rasheed. I needed to know. We loaded the cars up. me and the kids rode back home with Devon while Heather and Shooter took their cars back to I’m guessing Shooters place. On the way back home the car was silent and the kids were knocked out in the back seat. Me and Devon didn’t say one word to one another we both knew it was getting close to where we had to talk about what went down. We made it to my house in the next thirty Minutes.

We didn’t bother to even wake the kids. We just undressed them and put them to bed in their own rooms. I went to go shower in my bathroom. I guess Dev decided to do the same thing in the hall bathroom. Ten minutes later I was out of the shower dressed and in bed. Devon finally walked into my room with nothing but just boxers on. I couldn’t do anything but stare.

“Like what you see you mama” Devon said catching me starting a little too hard.

“Huh” I said all dumb.

“huh mean you can hear” he said walking towards the side of bed and pulling the covers back before getting into my bed.

I rolled my eyes saying “whatever” while also getting into the bed.

I turned so that my back was facing dev. I put my phone on the charger and got comfortable. Devon of course pulled my body close to his, When I knew we were both comfortable. I knew it was the perfect time to ask the question that was on my mind all day.

“So what happened?” I asked just above a whisper

“I killed him,” he said back with no kind of sympathy. He sounded like the old cold hearted Devon.

“Did you know he was cheating on you with Keisha?” He asked, making me look confused.

“no not that I know of.. why? what does Keisha have to do with this?” I said turning a little to look him in his face.

“Both of them set me up man, watch when I catch this bitch” he said, getting upset. I rubbed his hands that were wrapped around my stomach.

“It’s okay we’re gonna find her and when we do it’s not gone be pretty for her. Not only did she take away from my kids she took about from you to” I stopped because I just noticed what I just said. Devon must have peeped it because he smiled down at me.

“I’m sorry Devon,” I said.

“what you saying sorry for, I know you love her like your very own.. it’s okay, shit I’m happy she gets to have you forreal forreal” He told me.

“I know but I just don’t want to confuse her.. have you heard from her birth giver anyway?” I said fully Turning around so we could be face to face.

“You and my moms being petty” he said laughing a little showing that cute ass smile he has.

“But nah, fuck her when I get back from this tour that’s when our first court hearing” He told me.

“well that’s good.. you know Ima be there to support you” I said looking Up at him and didn’t even notice he was staring at me

“And that’s why I love you, you always supporting a nigga no matter what” he said grabbing my chin.

I knew he was gone go in for the kill. I tried to stop him but it didn’t work.

“Dev-on ” I said, putting my hands on his chest but it was too late. He already kissed me and I kissed back. I miss this and I missed him.

“I know we’re supposed to be on this little break shit, but I can’t keep my hands off you.. I miss kissing you” he said grabbing my chin more. Saying every word between kisses. He pulled away from the kiss and grabbed my face with both hands before looking deep in my soul it felt like.

“I wanna fuck the shit out you right now, but Ima respect ya wishes and not step over the boundaries.. I know you want me, that’s why you are looking at me like that.. but I want you to be able to trust me again.. I got tested just for the simple fact I don’t trust shawty and when them papers come back and they say I’m clean Ima eat the shit out ya pussy Ma I don’t care if we on a break or not....this shit mine anyway” He told me and I didn’t have shit else to say after that.

I was speechless because he was right about everything I did want him, I started working on trusting him again and I guess it seems to be working.

“But get some rest mama.. Ima be here in the morning” He said.

“okay goodnight.. I love you” I told him.

“I love you more,” he said, kissing me after, I turned over in his arms and we both fell asleep.

Three days later...


“Are you having a good time?” Devon said, gripping my waist pulling me into him.

“Yeah iam, are you” I asked him in his ear over the loud music. Devon’s first show of his tour was tonight in NY, The show was great and now we were at the after party. Even Heather was here with me. The kids of course were with their grandma. My brothers were here also, they were going along with Devon on his tour, my mom drove back to philly by herself. She said she would come back and visit sometime next week.

I was already high and drunk and Heather had been drinking since the show. Devon show was sold out so you know it was lit and we turned up. Right now I was standing on the railing just watching the scenery. The party was lit of course because of Devon. All the thirsty ass bitches were out. I wasn’t pressed about it because I knew my place.

“Yeah it’s lit in here mama, long as you are enjoying yourself” he said turning me around so that I could face him.

“You know I’m mad that I didn’t get to spend alone time with you before I leave.. Ima fly you and the kids out to Cali I gotta video shoot I want them to be in.. that’s cool with you?” He said in my ear then looked back at me for an answer.

“yeah that’s fine.. I wanna see Cali anyway” I said smiling before looking over his shoulder before frowning my face. He peeped, my mode changed and turned around to see what I was looking at.

“This bitch bold As fuck coming in my section right now” Devon said looking at her and then looking at his body guard. I couldn’t take all this snake shit right now so I walked toward her and did what my first reaction was. Go In for the kill.

“Wassup Keisha.. throw ya shit up bitch” I said not even giving her a chance to throw her shit up I hit her. I hit her.

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