Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 23

Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr.

“Yo chill the fuck out!” I said grabbing Mina just before she could get to this bitch Keisha. Good thing Keisha didn’t hear her. I know she wanted to fuck her up but I wouldn’t let her mainly because we was at the club. This shit would be everywhere by morning.

“Dev I’m not gone do nothing I just wanna talk.. I promise” she said trying to get out my hold, pulling that same bullshit move. She thought calling me that shit would work thinking I was gone, let her go, she had another thing coming, plus she drunk what I look like letting her go.

“That shit don’t faze me ma. I got it chill the fuck out” I said gripping her waist tighter so she would stop moving.

“Oh my god why won’t you let me get her” she said poking her lip out crossing her arms pouting like a little ass kid.

I chuckle. “Really babe you gone sit here and act like a kid in this club...didn’t I tell you about that fighting shit” I said in her ear then put my head in the crock of her neck. I kissed her neck then went back to her ear.

“keep that shit up ma, Ima fuck that attitude right out you.. I said I got it... now relax go back over there with ya girl and keep enjoying yourself okay” I told her whispering to her.

She didn’t say anything, she just nodded and turned around in my arms. She started laughing.

“What’s so funny ma” I asked her, grabbing her chin.

She closed the gap between us and wrapped her arms around my waist. I still had my bottle in my hand so I grabbed her waist and hugged her back as She brought my head down to her level.

“if I see that bitch any where near you Ima fuck You and her up” she said kissing my ear then walking away. I couldn’t do nothing but smirk at her fine ass, After I saw she was good with Heather I put my attention back on Keisha.

“Yo tim come here my nigga” I said to one of my homies from the projects.

“Waddup east” he said, dapping me up.

You see light skin shawty over there” I told him, looking over at Keisha’s direction and we locked eyes, once she noticed me she became scared I saw it all in her face. Of course I wasn’t gone do nothing in this club full of people that was ass stupid move. She was the stupid one knowing I’m known in New York!

“Yeah man what about her?” He asked me.

“It’s a dub for her.. keep an eye for her, follow her to her crib once she leaves here.. when you know it’s for sure her spot hit my line in the morning” I told him giving him the information.

“I gotchu bro” he said, eyeing Keisha. I nodded and looked over at Mina and saw her and Heather rapping and dancing to Cardi B Bodak Yellow. The song was a hit even niggas was rocking with it.

“Yo B take this pic.. everybody get in the picture” I said to my photographer then saying to everybody else. I started to walk over to Mina and them so that they could get in the picture too, I grabbed Mina by her waist pulling her to me.

“Come get in the pic babe you and Heather” I told her and she giggled and said okay.

Mina was way past drunk right now I needed to get her out of here so she could get up tomorrow for work. We hit the road early at six am. It was already two in the morning so that gives me time to spend the little bit of time I do have to spend with her. I grabbed Mina’s hand and we walked over towards the couches everybody crowded around getting ready to take the picture as I sat Mina on my lap. I guess she didn’t want her face in the picture so people wouldn’t know it was her, so she balled up on me like a baby and put her face in my neck. Ima tag her anyway. I thought to myself.

I spotted Keisha eyeing me she had a mad look on her face, guessing seeing Mina sat on my lap but I didn’t give a fuck so the petty nigga I am I grabbed Mina ass and rubbed my hands around it not caring who was looking.

“Stop Dev” Mina said over the loud music as she moved my hand.

“Shut up,” I said, sneaking a kiss from her.

After everybody got in position we took the picture and now I was ready to get out of here, These niggas could stay here all they wanted, I wanted to cuddle with my baby. I grabbed Mina’s hand and stood up.

“B make sure you send me those” I told my photographer.

“I gotchu you bro.. you boutta get outta here” he asked me.

“yeah man” I dapped him up and turned back to focus on Mina.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“yeah let me go tell Heather I’m leaving with you” she said trying to walk away but couldn’t hold her balance so I picked her up.

“Devon put me down. I can walk” she said laughing.

“I gotchu boo relax” I told her looking down at her.

“but I have To go tell Heather” She told me.

“She straight her and Shooter just dipped” I said nodding towards where I saw Heather and Shooter exiting the club.

“Damn bitch always getting dick down,” she said, frowning a little bit. I knew Mina was just as horny as I was, I know these last two months killed her just like it did me. She was definitely a tease.

“That could be you” I said to her carrying her out of the club.

At My House....

“Wait babe wait” I said, breaking the kiss from me and Mina. As soon as we stepped foot in my house we couldn’t keep our hands from each other. I knew it was the drinks that had us like this but we both knew what we were doing we were grown.

She laid on my bed while I was over top of her as she sat up on her elbows.

“What...what’s the matter?” She asked me looking at me, I went over to the night stand and just grabbed the papers with my test results on it and gave it to her. She read over the papers then smiled.

I knew I didn’t have anything but I still wanted to be sure I couldn’t trust these females these days. She tossed the paper after looking at them.

“Everything is clean huh?” She stood up in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck the best way she could. I moved my arms around her waist.

“Yup” I said looking at her then kissing her again. We started undressing each other while still kissing until we were completely naked.

I tapped her thigh letting her know to jump on me, she did and when she did I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and laid her down. I broke the kiss again and looked at her.

“You sure, I know I got the results back but that don’t mean shit I’m not trying win you back by sex Mama” I looked at her and asked.

“yes I’m sure babe, now come on fuck me” she said grabbing my face trying to kiss me again but I stopped her, I needed her attention I knew I was fucking the mood up by keep stopping but I needed to know so I grabbed her chin to make her really look at me.

“Babe I’m serious, are you sure” I asked once again. She just grabbed my face with both of her hands as she said...

“Yes now make love to me”

I didn’t say anything else after that I just did what she said and we made love all night until the sun came up. Ima be smacked on the road as I thought to myself.

Amina Joy Smith

Next Morning—10:30am

I woke up from the sunlight coming from the window.. I rolled over noticing Devon wasn’t there which made me look confused, I sat fully up in Devon bed and noticed the headache that was about to come through. Major hangover. I reached over to grab my phone from the night stand and noticed a bottle of water with some pain killers plus a note with devon’s bank card on top. First things first I took the pills then grabbed the letter that he wrote me.

Dear boo, this shit so wacc of me lol. But aye I’m sorry I had to leave you like this but I almost missed my flight thanks to you.. last night was amazing I still got this big goofy grin on my face. I didn’t want to wake you up cause you looked so beautiful just laying there sleeping... I sound like a creep ass nigga.. but nah hit me when you wake up.. here’s my card USE IT AMINA.. aight I’m out love you.. —Daddy

I smiled. It was cute. I honestly forgot that he was going on tour, He just knew I wasn’t going to use his money. I like spending my own money. I couldn’t control myself last night. Devon just knew what the hell he was doing and I loved that about him he didn’t just talk a good game he showed that shit to.

It was two months I couldn’t hold any longer. It was like my pussy was calling for him. I put the note down and said Ima text him later. I checked the time on my phone and noticed it was getting late and I needed to get on a move and be at my shop by 12 for my first client. I needed to get washed and dressed then head to Mama Faith to pick the kids up. I was just gonna pick Malik up because I didn’t know if Devon wanted Kairi to be with me while he was gone but he didn’t mind so I didn’t mind taking her places with me, After I got the kids were gonna head to the shop.

I did my morning hygiene and decided on something comfortable for today. I had a crazy weekend and last night didn’t make it no better my legs hurt like crazy. I just threw on a sweat suit and some sneakers with one of Devon NY baseball caps, we have more shit at each other houses then anything. After I was dressed I checked in the mirror to see how I looked. I was cute.

I grabbed Devon keys to his range then went to make sure his doors were locked and made my way to the garage. When I got in his car I had to adjust my seat so I did, I decided to be petty and post a picture of my hand on the wheel of his truck, I captioned it “babysitting his white girl today” I laughed to myself then made my way to Mama Faith house.

At Mama Faith House...

“Well look who has a glow to them” Mama Faith said to me before giving me a hug.

“Hey Mama” I said, smiling and hugging her back.

“You look happy baby, are you ready for your kids?” She asked me.

“yeah are they up?”

“Now you know I don’t play that sleeping all day mess they in the kitchen eating breakfast.. did you eat.. I have extra?” Said said walking into the kitchen as I followed her.

“yeah I have time I could use some food” I told her. Everybody knows not to turn down Mama Faith food even if you weren’t hungry. When I got into the kitchen the kids were so stuck into the cartoons playing on the tv they didn’t notice I was standing right here..

“Heyy babies,” I said, catching their attention and they turned around and yelled “mommy” Both of them hopped from their seats and came to me. I got eye level with them and hugged them. This feels great.

I loved being a mother more than anything in this world. I don’t know how Marie could just up and leave her daughter and not say a word. I still wanted to fuck this bitch up. I’m just glad I’m able to fill in the pieces for Kylie.

“Are y’all ready to spend the day with me?” I asked them and they both screamed yes! They must’ve really missed me.

“Okay well lets go.. go say bye to ma ma” I told them and they said their goodbyes.

“Mama where pops?” I asked her wondering

“Girl he is still in bed these kids had him ripping and running last night” she said laughing which made me laugh, I knew they were driving him crazy.

He spoiled them so much that’s why they did what they did. They know they could get anything they wanted.

I shook my head. “Okay well I see you later, Ima call you” I said, hugging her then leaving out the door.

We arrived at the shop and when I walked in I saw that we were busy like always, I spoke to all the girls then grabbed my keys to unlock my office door. I sat the kids up with their iPads and let them chill out while I started on my clients, I had cameras in here just in case. Malik was smart enough to come get me if anything was to happen.

“I’m right out this door if y’all need anything okay?” I told them. They both nodded and went back to the iPads not paying me any mind. I shook my head and left the door open and walked to the front to greet my first client as I saw she was already set up and ready for her weave installment.

Five hours later..

“Come on guys you ready?” I asked the kids as I was closing up shop, tired isn’t the word today was a busy day but I wasn’t complaining.

“Yes mommy” Malik said, grabbing Ky’s hands. Malik was a good big brother and I’m happy that he loved his sister. He didn’t play when it came to her. I picked Kylie up knowing she was sleepy, I locked up then put both of the kids in the car I made sure they were strapped in and got in the car myself.

“What do you guys want to eat?” I asked them to let them pick.

“Mommy you cook?” Malik asked me as I chuckled.

“yes what you want me to cook?” Malik thought he was my man sometimes, always asking for a grown man plate.

“CHICKEN” he yelled, smiling.

“Okay, Kylie do you want chicken to?” I asked Kairi.

“Yes” she said just as excited as Malik.

“Chicken is it, we have to stop at the store first okay” I told them looking back at them.

They nodded and I started up the car and turned the radio on and the song perfect that Devon made with Chris brown came on. This was my shit so of course I knew the whole thing. I drove off towards the nearest market.

In the market—5:45pm

“I know but I told you I didn’t need your money Devon” I said to Devon FaceTime while pushing the cart. Kylie sat in a cart and Malik thought he was too much of a big boy to ride in the cart so he wanted to walk.

“Man what I say about that Devon shit ma” He said smacking his teeth at me. He hated when I called him by his first name. I don’t know why it was cute.

“Why I like it, it’s cute for you” I said laughing.

“it’s aight.. but wassup how was ya day how was my kids?” He asked me, I started to tell Devon everything about my day about how I had the kids all day with me up until now in the market about to get dinner.

“Damn man I miss yall I wish I could be there”

“aww I know, but we will see you in Cali... right?” I said making sure we were still on for that.

“Of course” he said, licking his lips.

“So what time does the show start, are you ready?” I asked him. Right now Devon was in west haven.

“I’m always ready ma and in the next couple of hours.. I’m about to go for a sound check in a min” he said.

“Here mama talk to daddy” I said handing the phone to Ky so I could grab the cereal.

“Mommy” Kylie said, trying to get my attention.

“Yes baby” I answered.

“no other mommy” she said pointing which made me look to see what she was talking about. Which made me frown.

“Babe your baby mother is standing in the same market as me,” I said to Devon.

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