Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 24

Amina Joy Smith

“Daddy mommy!” Kylie said to Dev over the phone.

“I know baby, pass the phone to Mina” Devon said back to her as she reached her hand out giving me my phone back.

“So what you want to do because I know she sees us..” I said to him.

“fuck you mean what I want you to do keep continue what you doing, she better not touch her... period.. she has been gone this long out and about and forgot she had a damn daughter” he said clearly pissed off.

Even though I wanted to beat her ass right here in this market I couldn’t because I have both of the kids with me.

“Well look who it is playing mommy” Marie said walking up towards me I looked up to make sure Malik was still where I could see him while I dealt with this bitch.

I chuckled “Ima call you back babe” I told Devon, smiling down at him. I felt like being a little petty and messy.

“No fuck that, and fuck her she don’t got shit to say to you unless its regarding her child and clearly she don’t care so fuck her real shit” he said mad but loud enough for Marie to hear him.

I grabbed Kylie out the cart and dared this bird bitch to try and grab her. Even though Marie had the rights to take her child, I wasn’t going to let Ky go in her care knowing how she did the last time.

“Playing.. funny,” I said giggling a little. I looked at Kylie and thought about her first before I told her mother off in this market. But this girl was far from a mother. She didn’t even acknowledge her child when she first saw us, she came straight for me. I put Kylie down and told her to go over there with her brother. When I noticed she was okay with Malik I turned my attention back to Marie.

“Let me explain something to you, I told myself when the next time I see you I will drag you like the dusty bitch that you are but since my kids are in the market with me I’m not. You better be lucky...oh yeah and thank them cuz they just saved your life... but funny you say “playing mommy” bitch you need to take notes. You couldn’t even acknowledge your child when you saw her but you call yourself a mother. They saved you this time so best believe the next time I see you it’s not gone be so pretty” I said to her standing my ground waiting for this girl to do something.

“Bitch..” she started to say but was cut off by Kylie running towards us.

“Mommy” I looked down at her because I didn’t know who she was talking about so I didn’t say anything.. when I saw her walk up to me holding a bag of cheese curls. She got saved from this ass whooping again

“Can I get chips?” She said to me. Kylie calling me mommy must have pissed Marie off because she started yelling like a madwoman.

I wouldn’t blame her. I would be mad as hell if my son called another woman mommy.. but honestly she put that shit on herself. There is no such thing as being a part time mom.

“PUSSY YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER CALLING ANOTHER BITCH MOMMY NOW!!” she said yelling. I forgot Devon was on the phone. I thought I Hung up so I knew he heard the whole thing.

“Yo Marie bring ya ass on down here starting shit” some nigga said walking up to Marie grabbing her arm. I didn’t say anything back, I just watched how this went out.

“NO FUCK THAT I WANT MY DAUGHTER” She yelled then the man I’m guessing was her dude started pulling her so she could I guess calm down.

“TELL THAT PUSSY THIS WON’T BE THE LAST HE SEE OF ME” she yelled before disappearing.. I chuckled and focused back on the phone.

“So I guess she was Parading around with some nigga” I said to Devon pushing the cart towards the kids. I don’t know if it was me or that was just weird as shit. I looked down to see Devon smiling mad hard at me. Which made me blush.

“what.. why you staring at me” I said to him

“because I love you.. nah but really thank you for handling that situation for me.. holding it down you know” He told me still smiling.

“you know I gotchu.. anything for my bestie I would have never let her get her anyway with or without your permission I don’t trust her.. and I love you too” I told him smiling at him.

“Aight ma hurry up and get my kids home, I’m bout to head to sound check let me holla at them before I go” He said to me and I gave the kids the phone they said their I love you’s and hung up, I had everything I needed for dinner and paid for the things then me and the kids loaded the car up and went home to cook dinner.

One month later..

“Hey babe we just Landed” I texted Dev as Me the kids, his parents and also Heather landed in Cali I was so excited to be here. I’ve been here before when Lauren London flew me out to do her hair. But this was gone be different.

“Iight mama I’m out here waiting” Dev replied back. The plane finally landed. I started to get up and grabbed the kids and their things. Everybody was up and off the plane and walking through the airport. I carried Kylie because she was sleepy and Heather held Malik’s hands with Mama and pops tailing behind us.

“Daddy!1” Malik said running towards Dev, Malik always spotting his dad before anybody. Soon as Malik yelled daddy Kylie’s head popped right up looking towards her dad with a mean mug looking just like him. I knew they missed him. Dev has been on tour for almost a month now. Good thing he had three more shows left then he’ll be heading back home to us.

“Wassup Son.. I miss you man how was your birthday” Dev said picking Malik up then kissing him on his forehead.

We didn’t do anything too big just for the simple fact we had already given him a party. So I just took him shopping and bought him a new game and we did cake and ice cream. He put him down and came over to Kylie in my arms.

“Hey pretty” he said, grabbing her and kissing her. Kylie didn’t say anything, she just laid her head on his shoulder because she was still sleepy. After Devon was done greeting the kids he passed Kylie off to his mom and came over to me. He grabbed my face with both of his hands.

“Wassup Mama” he said in between kisses. Our relationship status at the moment was complicated.

“I take it, someone misses me” I told him as he let my face go and grabbed my waist.

“I’m not even gonna front.. I do kinda miss you boo” He told me and I smirked at him then grabbed his Chin hair pulling it a little.

“Well in that case I kinda missed you too” I smiled.

“Damn son are we invisible” Devon dad said, making him pull away from me.

“Damn my fault pops” Dev said, giving his dad a hand shake.

“Hey Mama.. watsgud sis” he went over to his mom kissing her then giving Heather a hug.

“Wassup Bro.. where’s your bestie?” She asked.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Me and Heather always called Devon and Shooter besties. They hate that shit with a passion, they said it was gay. We thought it was cute.

“Chill sis..” he laughed a little. “But he’s at the crib” He told her.

“Okay well let’s get on the move” Mama Faith said moving along. We loaded the car and Dev driver went to the direction of his house. I never knew Dave had a house out Cali until a few days ago When we were on FaceTime and he told me. I thought we were going to stay in a hotel. Shit could have fooled me.

“So what’s the plans for the weekend?” I asked Devon as he rolled up sitting on the couch in his room. The kids were down for a nap which I needed one for that flight had me drained.

“Whatever you wanna do mama it doesn’t matter to me pick anything.. you know I’m free for two days until the show” He said smoking on his weed. Devon brought us out here early since he won’t be shooting the video until tomorrow and next day was his show. I just nodded. I was gonna find something after this well needed nap. I took my clothes off leaving me in my boy short panties and my bra.

“Damn it’s like that Ma” he said looking at me then blowing the smoke out. I didn’t say anything but shake my head at his freaky ass.

“You know I hate sleeping with clothes on”

“I know that’s the best part” he said smiling at me.

“heard Ju” I said laying under the covers.

“Babe can you wake me when the kids wake up?” I asked, looking at dave.

“can’t guarantee that mama I’m bout to be rocked with you” he said laughing putting the Dutch out then getting undressed, He started pulling the covers back to get in the bed. When he got in the bed he turned me over and grabbed my waist. I didn’t feel like going back and forth so I just closed my eyes and fell a sleep.

Two hours later...

I jumped up out of my sleep and rushed to the connected bathroom. I pulled the toilet seat up so fast and let everything up that I ate up. I don’t know why I was feeling like this but I couldn’t stop throwing up. I felt my hair being pulled back so I knew it was Devon.

“Yo you iight mama?” He asked me once he noticed I was done throwing up. I wiped my face with my hand before going towards the sink and brushed and washed my face. Devon just sat there waiting for an answer.

“You aight?” He asked again.

“Yeah, I’m just not feeling too good. I don’t know where that came from” I answered. He looked at me strangely for a good five seconds it felt like, before asking me the unthinkable.

“you think you might be pregnant” He asked.

“what.. me.. no I can’t be” I said back walking out the bathroom It could be no way that I was pregnant.. I mean I missed a couple of pills of my birth control here and there but I always remembered to take two the next day.

“Come here.. stop walking away while I’m talking to you mama you know I hate that shit” he said grabbing my arm by now I knew he was serious. But I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t need him to get his hopes up.

I rolled my eyes and turned around. I didn’t feel like talking about this. I honestly wanted to go back to sleep. I hated getting woken up out of my sleep.


“aye stop rolling your eyes before they get stuck” he told me grabbing my chin. This nigga love grabbing my chin. I asked him why he always does that his response was “he love staring at my face”.

“But let me ask you a question?” He paused waiting for me to tell him to go head and ask the question so I just nodded telling him to proceed.

“When was the last time your period came on?” I started to open my mouth to speak but nothing came out because I know I didn’t know the answer to that question, I haven’t been keeping track like I used to.

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