Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 25

Devon “DevEast” Brewster

“But what if you are pregnant, you never know Mama.. I didn’t strap up last time” I told her.

She stopped pacing back and forth and looked at me. Right now I was trying to get Mina to take a pregnancy test but she wasn’t having it. I was getting dressed and getting ready to run to a store to grab a test.

“You did that on purpose.. oh my god I can’t believe you.. I thought you had a condom on” she said smacking my chest.

I smirked at her. “To be honest ya pussy to good to throw a condom on I gotta feel all of you boo”

“You’re so nasty” she told me laughing.

“Mama you know I don’t have a filter”. I told her stealing a kiss.

“Iight I be right back” I said letting her go so I could finish putting my clothes on.

“where are you going?” She asked knowing she already should know the answer to that.

“Where you think, we not waiting any longer”

“oh my god I’m not pregnant Devon”

“Stop saying that you don’t know if my son is growing in you... again” I told her, smiling at her.

She just rolled her eyes and walked away from me going to the bed to lay down.

“I’m telling you that it must be the flight that got me sick” she told me but I wasn’t hearing that shit.

I know it could be anything but she came out of nowhere throwing up and she missed her period. I needed to know now. I wouldn’t mind having another little me running around especially with her carrying. I know she was gonna be gorgeous carrying my seed, I can only imagine what her pregnant belly looked like. I wasn’t there with Malik and I wished that I was, I wanted to be there. She just wasn’t trying to have it which made me think did she even want more kids or even with me.

“You don’t want to have more kids?” I asked her sitting at the foot of the bed.

She sat fully up in the bed and took a deep breath then started looking at her hands like she was thinking until I saw a tear come down her cheek. She tried to wipe it away so I won’t see that she was crying but it was too late I already saw that she was. She knew I hated when she was crying, Mina was a cry baby that’s something I always knew.

“Come here man.. why you crying wassup mama” I said grabbing her she didn’t say nothing, I started to think I said something wrong.

“Wassup talk to me” she looked up at me about to speak but she didn’t.

“Say something babe... please” I begged her.

“I don’t think I can have anymore kids Devon” she said finally sobbing.

I couldn’t do anything but hold her. I’m not even gonna front, that shit just hit me like a ton of bricks. I was more confused than anything. I picked her up and sat her on my lap facing me. I just held her tight while she kept crying holding her face as I rubbed her back.

“Shh mama it’s okay... look at Me” I told her, grabbing her hands. I started wiping her face. I couldn’t help but just smile at her, even when she was crying she still was beautiful as shit.

“Come on mama stop crying, talk to me” I told her. She started wiping her face and getting herself together.

“No you don’t understand”

“So help me understand mama” she just looked at me with a face I knew she was thinking, but I couldn’t take the wait nomore I needed to know but I didn’t want to pressure her into telling me why she couldn’t have my kids. Before I could speak she beat me to it.

“Sooo... I... I was pregnant... again.. after I had Malik I became um pregnant by Rasheed and he made.. made me get an abortion” she told me.

“WHAT” I said, grabbing her waist about to sit her on the bed. I wasn’t mad at her I was mad at this dumb ass nigga.. this nigga was bugged the fuck out if I can kill him all over again I would.

“Noo.. listen to me” she said wrapping her arms around my neck tightly. I decided not to fight with her because I did want to hear her out. It just hurt me knowing the person you’re in love with went through all this bullshit. If I would have never acted the way I did she wouldn’t know what the hell a Rasheed was.

“I’m listening babe” she looked up at me.

“When I first found out I was pregnant. I had the same symptoms I did with Malik.. and I’m having them now but. After I had the abortion everything was okay and then a few months later I was pregnant again but then.... the worst happen I had this bad cramping in my stomach I was rushed to the hospital.... when I arrived at the emergency room they had to do surgery right away.. the baby was growing in my Fallopian tube And after....”

she stopped talking after that, she began to cry again this time it was worse than before. Now I started to feel like shit because I pushed this baby talk on her. I hugged her tight.

“After that they told me I couldn’t have kids anymore” she told me sobbing. I can tell this really fucked her up. It broke my heart hearing her like this. I couldn’t do anything but be there for her, but we weren’t gonna give up hope that fast because she is gonna have my next baby.

“Babe.. look at me” I grabbed her hands making her look at me.

“ma.. look.. I don’t know how to feel that shit just threw me off a little.. him telling you to do that shit making me want to kill him all over again, I know how much you love kids man. But listen, I’m here, don’t ever forget that... don’t give up that fast on us.. We’re gonna have more babies, trust me” I told her, rubbing her back while we looked into each other’s eyes.

“But how we gone to have more babies and we can’t even get our relationship together Devon” she said wiping her face from the tears.

“Babe this all you, I’m waiting on you to make the next move.. I want this relationship, I want to build with you, have more babies all that shit with YOU... And with me calling you... Mrs. Brewster” I told her now grabbing her butt.

“Stop.. I’m being serious...” she moved my hands from her ass

“But I think I’m ready,” she said the last statement lowly. I smiled at her.

“I can’t hear you speak up mama what you say” I said smiling and laughing like I’m some high school kiddie shit.

“Stop playing Devon.. I said I’m ready to be yours again” she rolled her eyes at the Again part but was much Louder this time.

“Come here” I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her in the mouth. We kissed for about five minutes before she pulled away.

“If You hurt my feelings again this time I won’t hesitate killing you Devon.. I’m serious” she pointed her long ass finger nail in my face. I moved her finger out my face.

“You gone kill ya boy” I said, being dramatic pointing to my chest.

“Nah ma but on a serious note I want this, I can’t stand to see another nigga take you from me.. I will kill somebody.. just trust me” she nodded her head and kissed me and I kissed her back. This time I stopped the kiss.

“Aye.. you said you feel like you have the same symptoms as before?” I asked her, I knew I was probably bugging but I wanted to know if there was a possibility she might be pregnant. She nodded her head. I got up and sat her on the bed.

“Come ride with me” I told her.

“Where are we going?” She said, beginning to lay back down. She probably thought after she explained everything to me that I would lay off but I wasn’t.

“To get a test” I knew I got her on nerves she just rolled her eyes. But instead she didn’t fight with me.

“I’m not going, Ima just stay here.. I’m not feeling good.. I’m gonna take a nap wake me when you get back” I just nodded and I went to get myself together and went back over to her seeing her nodding off already.

“Aye.. you know I love you right?” She looked up at me and nodded her head.

“Let me hear you ma” I said

“I love you Devon” I kissed her.

“Aight I be back” I kissed her forehead and left out.

When I walked out the house I saw my moms and pops watching tv.

“Hey son, where are you going?” my mom said to me.

“I’m about to run to the store Mina is not feeling well.. need something?” I asked her.

“no I’m okay I’m gone get dinner started” I didn’t say anything I just left the house.

I went to the store and came back. She was knocked the hell out. I was so anxious I kind of did hope she was pregnant. I wanted her to be. I walked over to the bed and sat behind her, She looked tired. She was gone enjoy Cali while we were out here. I need to do something special for her. Her birthday was coming up. I wanted To do it big for her.

“Mama get up baby” I tapped her. She started to get up as she sat up in the bed. she just looked at me and mugged the shit out of me. I just went in the bag and handed her the test. She looked down at the test then back at me and pulled the covers back getting out the bed and walked in the bathroom. I decided to just wait and let her do her thing.. I heard the toilet flush then the stink running soon after. That’s when I knew she took the test I was nervous, more so anxious to know. I heard the door open so I looked up at her.

“We have to wait at least five minutes,” she told me, sitting down on the bed next to me. I grabbed her hand and locked our fingers together, I don’t know how bad she wanted this but I did. I know she probably was scared of what the answer might be.

We sat there neither one of us saying anything for about three minutes before she broke it.

“What if I’m pregnant again?” She asked me.

“Then we having this baby, this time we are doing everything right.. i’m here with you babe.. believe me” I told her squeezing her hand.

“I think it’s time to check,” she said getting up walking to the bathroom then closing the door. When She walked in she didn’t come back out. By now I was getting inpatient so I knocked on the bathroom door.

“Wassup Mama.. open the door” I said knocking. She opened the door with the test in her hands with her head down.

“What does it say mama?”

“Negative” she said looking up at me with tears in her eyes. I grabbed her and put my arms around her neck and sat my head on top of hers. I was hurt


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