Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 27

Amina Joy Smith POV

April 17th.

Day before Mina’s Birthday.


“Fuck your thoughts, you ain’t been crossed Took no loss, you ain’t no boss Fuck you thought, murder talk Take ’em off, clear the vault They showed you off, threw you off They’ll do it again, them just my thoughts I don’t brag ’bout what I bought Fuck the cost, fuck you thought” I was in the car rapping and dancing to moneybagg yo - thoughts this was my shit. I loved money bag music.

We were back from Cali, and when I say it was the best. It really was amazing. Speaking of which, that reminds me I have to post a picture because I didn’t get a chance to post anything while we were out there. I was still rapping until I noticed I got caught up in traffic. “Fuck” I thought to myself why did I come this way. I was on my way to meet Heather at the nail salon. Today we were getting ready for my birthday which was tomorrow. I didn’t have any plans for my birthday. I wanted to be bored this year and chill with the kids, Devon or Heather wasn’t having that they really wanted me to do something but I didn’t want to. I don’t know why! I knew I would be sitting here for a minute so I figured I’ll post my picture. After I posted I started scrolling down my timeline and I saw Devon posted me Five minutes ago.

That was the last night in Cali. I smiled just looking at the picture. I would never forget that night, we had sex all night until the sun came up literally. After we were done we came out to the balcony to watch the sun rise. We talked until it was time to get the kids ready. I double tapped the picture and focused back on the ride. The traffic started moving quickly now.

I answered Heather’s call right away knowing she probably was wondering where I was.

“Yes babe I’m on my way I’m right around the corner.. you know New York traffic is a mess” I told Heather as soon as she answered.

“Okay bye I’ll see you when you get here” she said hanging up on me. I put my phone back down only for it to ring again but this time a text came from Devon.

I can honestly say that I don’t regret saying that I was ready to try this relationship with Devon again. It felt like ever since Rasheed got kilt it was like a breath of fresh air. Sorry to say. Speaking of which his family must’ve found out he was dead because his mother called me crying. I honestly didn’t know what to say but I knew I had to attend the funeral. I didn’t know how to tell Devon but I knew I had to tell him. Rasheed parents weren’t going to be okay with Rasheed going missing, they weren’t gonna sit with the death of their child knowing they wanted answers and justice. Rasheed grew up in a household with both of his parents, he had the good life growing up he wanted for nothing he was the only child, spoiled child at that I guess that wasn’t enough for him. Rasheed wasn’t “that nigga” as everyone puts it he was a follower. He just wanted to live the life that he didn’t need to live. People buss they ass to make it out and here you go being fake.

I finally reached the nail salon. I parked my car and got out. I walked into the nail salon and spotted Heather right away.

“Damn bitch finally” she said getting up coming over to hug me.

“I know I’m sorry, but I’m here” I told her, hugging her back. We both sat down and waited to be called.

“So what’s been up mama” I asked her.

“Okay eww don’t call me that Dev calls you that” she said to me which made me buss out laughing then turned into a blush. I did miss Dev though Ever since we got back from Cali he was spending more days working doing shows, pop up shops and in the studio 24/7 it didn’t bother me because that’s how he had to get his money. We haven’t spent that much time together and when we did we were chilling With the kids. Today the kids weren’t together Kylie was with Fallon and Malik was with my dad. So overall I was excited to be seeing him tonight.

“Okay be serious” I told Heather.

“Girl I am” she said being serious but playing at the same time.

“But sis everything is everything.. The modeling is taking a turn on me.. oh that reminds me but you can’t say anyone no even to Dev” I turned looking at her to see what she had to tell me.

“Why Heather, you’re so good at what you do. The camera loves you and you love it back.. you worked so hard for this don’t give up” I told her looking at her.

“But what is it...Is it bad?” I asked her

“No nothing like that.. I’ve been in the studio” she said.

“Okay... I be in the studio sometimes to” I said playing dumb.

She smacked her teeth. “No seriously Mina like really In the studio.. I’ve been singing” she told me.

“OH my god Heather you can sing?” I yelled.

“Bitch why you didn’t say anything. I want to hear something” I playfully pushed her arm. She started smiling.

“Because I didn’t know how to come out and say it..but I have one song that I recorded” she said. It made me feel some type of way I could have been there to support her. So I looked at her and gave her the eye.

Before I could say anything else the little Chinese lady came over and walked us over so we could start on our feet. We sat down, I waited until we both were comfortable so I could finish this conversation.

“So what’s so bad that I couldn’t tell dev you were in the studio?” I asked her curious because singing wasn’t so bad. But I felt like it was more she had to tell me.

“It’s not about the studio it’s about who I was in the studio with, I know you tell Dev everything and I didn’t want this getting back to Shooter” she told me.

“What the hell did you do now Heather?” I asked her looking down at the lady on my feet making sure she didn’t mess them up . I don’t play about my feet

“Okay.. so you know the guy that plays Johnny Gill from the new edition movie?” She asked me that dumb question beating around the bush.

“Yes, now get to the point Hev” I just wanted to know by now and she was taking too long.

“Well that’s who I did the record with.. and....he um kissed me” she told me playing with her fingers. I knew she was hurt by it. She didn’t want that to happen, she really did love shooter. I don’t know how she got caught up with this new edition boy.

“Awww sis, well how the hell that happened” I asked.

“I don’t know we were both in the booth and then he kissed me, but I stopped him before it could go anywhere... I feel so bad because I went to lay up with shooter the next day.. I know it was only a kiss but I don’t want to lose shooter.. he may not seem what he looks like but he is such a sweetheart.. I love him” I just let her vent to me because she needed to get this off her chest.

“Honestly Hev I think you should tell him, it’s already bad enough you waited this long and still haven’t told him, if y’all want to build right you have to start off by being honest... and I know it’s probably eating you up every time you see him... tell him tonight” I told her being honest. I was never the one to be fake if you needed to know something I was gone say it. Good or bad it can always help in the long run. It’s always a lesson learned.

“I know but how he’s gone be at the studio all night with your man.. by the time he comes to my house I will be dead to the world” she told me typing on her phone.

“Well from the looks we gone be at the studio all night to.. Dev said come through when we were done” I told her sliding that in there because I forgot to mention it.

“Bitch no we are not.. we gone be somewhere taking 25 shots because your birthday is at 12... ayeeee go bestfriend” she said getting hype and started popping her butt in the chair.

“But that’s fine. But I’m not telling him in a studio room full of niggas.. girl are you crazy my head will be off my shoulders” she said playing. She wasn’t lying shooter did not play when it came to Heather.. you would have thought they knew each other for years.

I started laughing at her. “I was serious when I said I didn’t want to do anything” she looked at me like bitch please.

“You say that shit every year Mina.. and we always have to force you to go out.. wassup with that”

“okayyyy Heather.. where you want to go” I said agreeing with her. I knew she wasn’t gonna leave me alone.

“Just be ready by 8:00 tomorrow” she told me, smiling at me. I rolled my eyes at her.

“okay whatever.. so play me this song.I want to hear” I told her excited to hear. She pulled out her phone and went to the song.

“Heather, that sounds amazing. I can’t believe you were holding this back from me” I smiled at her. She really did have a beautiful voice.

“I know I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to”

“it’s fine. So does shooter know you were in the studio?” I asked her. We both were done with our feet and now it was time for our nails. We both sat down to prepare for our nails.

“Nope he doesn’t even know that” she said which made me look at her.

“And why not?”

“Honestly i just wanted to see how this would work out before I go getting all hype.. but I heard what you said Ima tell him everything hopefully he takes this well” she said looking spaced out a little.

“He will Sis.. it’s not like you liked the kiss or anything” she looked at me like I had three heads.

“Bitch you didn’t” I asked her shocked as hell.

“I kind of did.. but I Kind of stopped it.. oh god I feel so bad” I just shook my head thinking she better not tell shooter that shit. I laughed at myself and turned back to her.

“Well I can’t help you with that one sis.. we got crazy niggas on our hands.. you gotta control that beast you created” I told her laughing.

“yeah I know I be trying not to lay it on him, because kitty got him going crazy” I just shook my head at her crazy ass and finished watching this lady do my nails.


Devon “DevEast” Brewster Jr.

“Yo Fam the girls are sliding through soon” I told shooter. I came straight to the studio after my meeting I had with the label now that I was off tour I was going into album mode. I’ve been seeing Mina less now since we both were in grind mode, I couldn’t hold out no more because I missed her. I told her to come to the studio I really wanted to bring her birthday in with her, this will be the first birthday we spend together in a long time so you know I had some shit up my sleeve for tomorrow, she gone be surprised like shit, but that’s all I wanted was to make sure she was happy.

“What girls?” Bully asked me.

“nigga mind ya business” I told him reaching for my lighter so I could smoke. I was in the studio with all my homies and of course a couple little bitches but I wasn’t worried about them. I was focused on my music.

“Yeah iight nigga” bully told me back sounding salty. My phone started ringing so I went to grab it, it was Mina calling probably telling me that she was outside.


“hey babe we are outside.. come meet me though because I don’t want to have to drag somebody child” She told me. I chuckled and stood up.

“Heard ju ma I’m walking out now” I told her then hung up the phone.

“Yo nigga ya girl out there” I told shooter walking pass him.

When I made it out to the lobby I saw Mina just now walking through the door. When she saw me I swear she had the biggest smile on her face. She started running towards me so I walked faster towards her and she jumped in my arms how Kylie would do when she saw me. I was glad that I did have this effect on her. I picked her up by her ass and wrapped her legs around my waist then she grabbed my face and started kissing me. I can tell she really did miss me.

“Damn ma.. I missed you to” I told her, saying between every kiss she gave me. She finally pulled away and looked at me.

“I did miss you.. this is why we can’t be together all day every day then not see each other for what felt like years” she told me, pouting. I put her down on her feet and grabbed her waist noticing she got her hair done.

“You look beautiful ma” I kissed her one more time.

“Thank you babe.. was you in the booth when I called I could have just walked in myself to save you the trouble” she said looking over at the receptionist that was here last time they almost got into it.

“Stop being petty mama.. that’s not you” I told her, grabbing her chin.

“But myself is petty,” she said, causing me to laugh.

“I know but chill.. for me” she didn’t say anything else but nodded.

“You ready? I gotta finish this last verse then we can be out” I said grabbing her hand.

“Yo bro we heading back.. y’all cool?” I asked shooter they looked like they were in an intense argument but they weren’t loud or nothing just enough for them to hear. Mina looked over at them and Heather both gave eye contact which was weird but I figured he might tell me wassup later.

“Yeah we cool bro.. we be in there” He responded.

“heard Ju”

I grabbed Mina’s hand then led the way to my studio session. When we walked in everybody’s heads turned even the bitches, they were giving the dirtiest looks to Mina the most only because she walked in here with me. These bitches thought they was low trying to fuck my homies to get to me.. I don’t want y’all I got who I want and need.

“Damn wassup sis” bully said, coming over to hug Mina.

“hey bully long time big homie” she said laughing a little.

“Yeah I know blame ya boy” I just shook my head. I pulled Mina hand so she could sit down comfortably. If it wasn’t no more seats I was gone, make all them bitches leave.

“You cool right here?” I asked her.

“Yes I’m okay.. just want to know why these bitches keep staring IM MY FACE” She said, catching the female’s attention. She said “in my face” Louder so that way they could hear her. She looked up which made me look back and seen they was staring hard as fuck.

“Yo, is there a problem?” I stood fully up and turned towards the girls.

“I just think it’s funny how you brought another girl in here and not too long ago you were just in my face” One of the girls said. I started laughing because she couldn’t be serious right now she was just in here trying to suck my dick. Of course I curved her ass. I started to kick her out but she was lucky her little friends saved her.

I looked at Mina just so I knew she wasn’t buying this bullshit. She just sat there and looked unbothered. I turned back to the girl.

“We not going to do that.. don’t do that cause I could put you on the spot.. but to cut this shit short y’all can get the fuck out” I told them. They didn’t say shit else but walked over towards my body guard grabbed their phones and left. They were mad Yeah I collect phones don’t need nobody taking pictures or videos that shit is annoying.

“Damn east you didn’t have to be so hard” My man franchise said.

“Heard Ju My nigga” I told him turning back to Mina. I wasn’t trying to hear that shit franchise was saying he was worse than me when it comes to women. I turned back to Mina and she had her arms crossed with a blank face on. I bent down to her head level.

“Don’t be mad at me.. I swear I didn’t do shit with that girl mama” I told her. I didn’t know how she was gone react on that dumb ass shit that girl just pulled.

“I’m cool, go record.. I’m getting sleepy.” She said.

“Aight give me a kiss” I poked my lips out to her only for her to give me that little ass kiss which she thought was funny. So I grabbed her whole face.

“Stop playing with me” I took her mouth into mine and tongued her down, not caring where we were at.!

“Awww look at that nigga east.. in love and shit” one of my homies said causing everybody to clown me but I didn’t care this my woman. I started smiling and pulled away.

“fuck y’all niggas” I said laughing.

“ahhh I hope you can still focus” wavy said laughing which caused Mina to do the same. I started walking back to the booth and that’s when shooter and Heather walked in. Heather looked sad as shit which caused Mina to get up and walk over to her then they walked out the room.

11:50 pm

“Aww shit look who’s out of the studio early tonight” bully said to me. I was done early just so I could bring Mina birthday in with her. We were all out front, chilling, talking, getting ready to leave.

“Yo bro pass me that belaire bottle” bully passed me the bottle then I checked the time and it was right on the money Mina’s Birthday.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY IT’S LITT” I said popping open the bottle watching it spill out. Everybody started saying happy birthday to Mina.

“Come here mama come drink some” I told her walking over to her she grabbed the bottle and started drinking out the bottle I took my phone out and started taking pictures.

“Yes best friend.. happy birthday baby” Heather said being hype then getting emotional. I didn’t say nothing cause that was weird. Females. I thought to myself. They hugged and did all that cute shit until I cut it short I wanted to get her home and now.

“aight we gotta be out” I told Mina, grabbing her waist from behind.

“Heather rode with me. I have to take her back home first babe” Mina said looking up at me.

“Oh no baby give me your keys, I’ll take your car home.. enjoy the start of your birthday” Heather said taking Mina keys out her hands then smirking at us.

“Make sure y’all make me another niece” she said before walking away. She didn’t bother to say anything to shooter , she just dipped but that wasn’t my business.

“We will,” I yelled after her. Mina just rolled her eyes. We said bye to everybody then Mina followed me to my car. we got in and pulled right off. I grabbed Mina’s hand and locked our fingers. Her head was on the window. She looked tired as I don’t know what.

“You aight birthday girl?” She half smiled at me

“yeah just sleepy”

“take a nap i’ll wake you when we get there” she just nodded and got comfortable a few seconds later she was out. I turned the music up a little and finished the rest of the way to my house.

We arrived at my house, I didn’t even bother Mina I knew she probably wasn’t up for sex tonight I was cool with that because I know she been working hard all week. So she was going to need this rest because tomorrow was gone be all the way lit for her. She just didn’t know. We both got in the shower and right in bed after that. I grabbed her body to mine and kissed the side of her face.

“I love you birthday girl”

“I love you daddy” she said, making me smile. All you heard was our snores after that.



“Babe somebody is at your door,” Mina said, rolling over in my arms still sleeping. I heard the banging but I was hoping whoever the fuck it is at seven in the morning would go away but they wasn’t. I pulled the covers back and hopped up and grabbed my robe and my slides before walking down stairs. They were still banging which was making me even more madder.


“WHO THE FUCK IS IT!!” I yelled, snatching the door open. When I opened the door it was a bunch of police cars outside my house and two at my door.

“Are you Devon Brewster Jr.?” The policeman asked me.

“And who the fuck is asking?” I asked Clearly I didn’t give a fuck about these pigs, they didnt have a reason to be knocking at my shit anyway. They both looked at each other then nodded.

“Devon Brewster Jr. you’re under arrest for the kidnapping of Kylie Chanel Brewster”

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