Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 28

Devon Brewster Jr.

“KIDNAP HOW THE FUCK IMA KINAP MY OWN CHID?!” I yelled at the dumb ass cops. These stupid mother fuckers really coming to my door at the ass crack of dawn for some bull shit.

“I’m sorry sir but we have to take you down to the station we got a call from-” he started to cop a plea. But I stopped him.

“Are you serious right now? Cuz you gotta call? Let me guess her dumb ass momma called yall huh?” I Asked already knowing it had to be Marie who else would report some dumb ass shit like that. I can tell by now the cops finally noticed this was a dumb as idea to come here with the bullshit.

“Babe everything okay down here?” Mina said walking down the steps closing her robe up. She came over and walked to my side but I pulled her in front of me grabbing her by her waist.

“Yeah mama these ass holes were just leaving... right?” I said looking up at the cop, Clearly I didn’t give a fuck about them I wasn’t under arrest they didn’t have anything on me. They weren’t going to try to pin shit on me either. Who kidnaps their own child anyway that’s clown shit. Before he could answer I slammed the door in his face.

“What the hell was that about?” Mina asked me, confused. I pulled her arm back towards the steps and we walked up.

“They’re talking about I kidnap Kylie... I know Marie got something to do with this bullshit” I told her as we made it back to my room and I started putting my clothes on.. once I was dressed I grabbed my phone. Mina just shook her head.

“She’s a sick bitch” She told me. I didn’t say nothing because I couldn’t agree more. I saw I had about five missed calls from my mom and Fallon. I called my moms back right away and I put the call on speaker.

“finally I’ve been calling y’all asses all fucking morning. This bitch you call a baby mother came here with all these cops and took my grand baby! get here and NOW” she told me sounding pissed off. I stood right away about to walk out the room.

“FUCK” I yelled.

“aight Ma I’m on my way” I told her, ending the call. I grabbed my black tims out my closet, and then went to the back of my closet, moved a couple clothes and got to my safe. I put the code in 0623. It opened right away. I had a bunch of important papers and my gun. I grabbed my gun and tucked it. I walked back out and I saw Mina getting dressed so I felt bad because this wasn’t how I planned for her birthday to turn out this morning. I didn’t want to drag her into my shit.

“Where you going?” I asked her.

“Where else.. Now don’t start asking me questions, let’s go” I didn’t bother to question her again because I knew she was mad just like I was, she would do anything for Kylie. I really appreciated her.

“Aye, I’m sorry your birthday turned out shitty already because of my baby moms-” I told her walking up to her. But she cut me off

“Shh it’s okay Kylie is just important to me just as she is to you” she told me grabbing my face which calmed me down a little.

“I really appreciate you seriously.. I love you” I told her, kissing her in the mouth as I pulled away.

“Happy birthday baby”

“Thank you love” she wiped my lip.

“Okay now let’s go” she pulled my hand in front of her and we started walking out my room and out the house to my parked range. I walked over to Mina’s side and opened the door for her. Before she got in I noticed she had timbs on and all black like she was about to hit a lick.

“Babe you not fighting on your birthday” I told her already knowing wassup, that’s why she was dressed the way she was.

“Oh yes i am now let’s go” she said getting in the car and sitting down. I just smiled and shook my head at this crazy girl. She was riding with me. But she still wasn’t fighting. I thought to myself and jogged around my side and got in pulling out my driveway towards my moms house. I grabbed Mina hand like always and looked over at her really fast then focused back on the ride. She looked like she was in deep thought until her phone started ringing and she smiled right away.

“Heyy babyy I miss you” she spoke to Malik.

“Happy birthday mommy” he spoke back excitedly.

“Thank you sweet face.. what are you doing up so early” she asked him.

“I don’t know. But pop pop told me to call you because it’s you birthday... where my daddy?” he said.

“Dang it’s like that son” she said sounding jealous. I can say me and Malik had that father and son relationship already. The little boy was like my little side kit. I chuckled and grabbed the phone out her hand. I didn’t care if I was driving, if my son wanted me I was right there no questions so Mina gave me the eye.

“Focus on the road Devon” I guess she was fake mad. Which made me laugh.

“Son ya mama mad” I told him, showing him Mina over there looking like she was pouting.

“Wassup though you cool?” I asked him while still driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding the phone up.

“Yeah I’m straight” he said in his little voice trying to sound like me when I be talking to him.

“You tryna be like ya old man” I said smiling.

“you not old daddy” he laughed at me.

“Can you come get me g pop boring” He said, making us laugh.

“yeah we coming after we get your sister”

“okay bye” and just like that he hung up on me.

“Damn” I said laughing at the fact he hung up so fast and I handed Mina back her phone. We were about ten minutes away from my moms house now.

“You really mad ma” I asked Mina tickling her.

“Yeah my baby is not trying to be my baby anymore” She said folded her arms like a baby.

“Really Boo?” I asked her seriously.

“Nah I just wanted to act fake mad... it doesn’t bother me I’m just happy that you get to be in his life-” she paused. I looked over at her because I knew she was about to get in her feelings.

“I’m sorry” she said lowly but I still heard her.

“For what baby”

“For Keeping Malik Away from you.. I see how much you love him.. hell the love y’all have for one another y’all could of had that sooner but I kind of fucked that up because you didn’t get to see him grow” I knew she still was feeling guilty about it but I wasn’t sweating it, they here now it’s nothing I can do but worry about the future and that’s them.

“Mama it’s cool. We here now let’s worried about the future and keep the past where it’s supposed to be okay.. we good.. that little boy love me just as much as I love him you don’t gotta worry about me leaving cause I’m here to stay” she didn’t nothing but nodded being left in her thoughts.

We pulled up at my moms house but we didn’t get out. I didn’t have time to get out. I needed to get my daughter before this girl thought she could get away. Something had to be wrong with Marie. She knew how much I loved my child and to do something so low I was done, my baby probably was going through it. I got knocked out my thoughts when I saw my mom and Fallon coming out the house.

I looked over at Mina and saw her roll her eyes slightly at the sight of Fallon. I didn’t know what my cousin’s problem was with Mina. I guess some little jealous shit that she needed to break out because Mina wasn’t going no where she was just gone be mad if I had to curse my cousin out then that’s what it was gone be.

“You straight?” I asked her grabbing her hand to get her attention.

“yes I’m fine.. just not for your cousin today if she try me again I won’t hesitate”

“chill out.. Ima handle her” she didn’t say anything else because both of the back seats opened.

“Son where you think I’m supposed to sit” My mom said, I forgot both of the kids’ seats were in the back.

“Shit my bad ma” I got out and put both of the kids seats in the back. When I got in everybody was in and ready to ride out.

I pulled out my moms driveway going towards Marie apartment building; she still lived in Queens in ravenswood, it wasn’t hard to find her. Of course I could have put her in a better environment but what’s the point she never had our daughter. Plus I wasn’t going to be taking care of her when she wasn’t even taking care of herself as long as my daughter was good I was straight. But now it was a dub for her after this she probably won’t ever see Kylie until she is old enough to see her on her own.

“Oh my god I’m sorry daughter happy birthday baby” my mom said from the back seat.

“Thanks Ma ″ Mina said smiling then turning around blowing kisses to her. I happened to look up in the rearview mirror and saw Fallon rolling her eyes. I frowned automatically and noted that I needed to holla at her to see what her problem was, she didn’t even bother to speak getting in my car let alone say happy birthday but I wasn’t going to press the situation now I was gone pull her to the side whenever I had the time.

“Damn cousin you can’t speak?” I figured I’ll pick a bone.

“My bad Jr... hey cousin” she said calling me Jr. some of my family still switched up and called me that from time to time or little Devon.

“You good?” I asked her looking at her through the mirror. Noticing she didn’t say anything to Mina. I knew Mina wasn’t worried about whether somebody spoke to her or not but I was, nobody I mean nobody was gone disrespect her on any level I don’t care who you are. My frown became deeper but I didn’t respond. Mina must have noticed my facial expression.

“You okay baby?” She said grabbing my hand then rubbing my knuckles.

“Yeah I’m good just thinking mama” she didn’t say anything she just nodded then got on her phone i guess checking her text messages of all the happy birthdays. That just reminded me I had to text my jeweler to see what he got for Mina. I grabbed my phone from the cup holder and went to his contact. Ellio. He was a beast at what he did. I got all my shit from him.

After texting ellio about picking mina gift up, sat my phone back down and finished going towards Marie house. I couldn’t help but go all out for Mina. She loved my Patek; she always would put it on her wrist flexing it. She refused to buy her one though she could but she just wouldn’t she said she was scared she might get robbed. Which alway made me laugh. So I figured I’ll surprise and buy her one anyway and dared anybody to try to lay a finger on her that was dead. This ride was gone by a little over an hour because now we had to cross traffic, around this time people were going to work.

As we sat in traffic I caught myself thinking back to Kylie. I was getting madder and madder because I just wanted my child, not knowing Marie I just hopped my daughter was ok.

“Yo Ma so what happen?” I look at her through the rearview mirror.

“Son you know I always get up around six every morning to get my breakfast started and all of a sudden Marie started banging on my door like she was the police coming to find out she was with them. told me i had to hand Kylie over knowing she is her mother she has more rights than me i had to” my moms explain to me.

My mom was right. I couldn’t even be mad at her because she didn’t have a choice but to pass Kylie over. I just couldn’t wait to pull up.

I didn’t say anything because that just left me in my thoughts wondering what my baby was doing. Traffic started picking up and I was pulling up to Marie building in no time. I turned and looked at the back seat at my mom and Fallon.

“Y’all staying in here?” After I asked that, Mina started taking her seat belt off .

“babe lets go ″ she said fully getting out the car followed by everybody else. I locked my doors and we walked up the building that I remember we made it to her hallway then went to her door 5c.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! I knocked on the door hard i didn’t give a fuck. Nobody answered the door so I continued to knock. I knew somebody was here.

BANG. BANG. BA- My banging got caught off by The door being pulled open by some nigga which made me angry as fuck. Why she got randoms around my baby.

“Who the fuck are you?... fuck that where the fuck is Marie?” I said, pushing past this pussy with the ladies walking behind him. When i walked in i couldn’t believe this shit they had coke all over the table with my fucking daughter sleep on the couch.

“Who was that at the door baby?” Hearing what sounded like Marie which i was right she came walking out the back in just a robe looking like she saw a ghost as soon as she saw me. That shit just pissed me off way more so i blacked the fuck out.

“YO.. grab my fucking daughter?” I said looking towards my moms and them I didn’t care at the moment who got her but they needed to get her now cause i was gonna fuck this nigga up!

“PUSSY ARE YOU CRAZY?” I said grabbing this nigga by his shoulders and throwing him across the room with all my strength this nigga fell into the tv making that shit fall but i wasn’t done with this nigga. I grabbed him again and started fucking him up then started stomping him in his face.

“SOMEBODY GET HIM!!” Marie yelled out but nobody bothered to move.

“GET THE FUCK OFF HIM DEV” Marie said yelling again but this time hitting me from behind. Next thing you know Mina came out of nowhere and punched Marie in her face.

“Bitch back the fuck up” Mina said running up to marie. By now I stopped stomping this nigga. I put my foot under his chin then looked over at the girls fighting my moms or Fallon didn’t bother to stop the shit either.

“Yo can one of y’all break that shit up” Mina was fucking this girl up upper cut after upper cut. She was throwing them too hard. Don’t underestimate Mina her pops taught her how to fight he was known for fighting but that nigga always shoot first now. They were still going at it until Mina slammed Marie dead ass on the floor. I was nervous on this part.

“YO SOMEBODY GRAB HER” I just knew Mina was gone continue to stomp her out until she saw blood. But it was already too late.

“Bitch didn’t i say Ima catch you” Mina said after every stomp to the face I didn’t want to let this Nigga go because i knew he was gone try and run. The scared look on his face tells it all. My moms couldn’t because she had Kylie so it was left to Fallon. She ran over there and grabbed Mina’s arm.

“I’m good” Mina snatched her arm away. I knew she was upset so I let It slide. Marie was on the ground picking herself up.

“Y’all take Kylie to the car,″ I said, grabbing my keys out my pocket and tossing them towards my moms. She caught them and didn’t say a word. She just turned and left. She wanted to get her grand baby out of this apartment. Fallon and Mina still stood there. I knew they both were gone do that but Fallon had to go also.

“Fallon, I got it from here, go in the car.” She rolled her eyes and left. Seriously she’s a grown woman acting like a kid but whatever it wasn’t about her anyway. Once they was out a sight i grabbed my gun from in back of me and pointed at this nigga that she thought could do coke in front of my daughter. Both of the girls gasped.

“Babe” — “DEVON” they both spoke but i didn’t care about none of this rap shit right now i will give all this shit up for my baby girl hell Yeah for my kids. It’s Their world. I’m just living in it. Marie probably was more saving this nigga but fuck both of these coke heads. I didn’t even know why Marie played with me, she knew I didn’t play that shit especially about my daughter.

“FUCK YOU... you thought it was cool to be doing some foul shit like this in front of my daughter.. you know what.. that’s aight this will be your last time seeing her anyway..” I turned back and looked at this nigga I hit him with the gun and then i kept doing it. I couldn’t stop i had so much anger build up with Marie that i couldn’t let out on her because she was a female so i took it out on this nigga. Making him a new face.

“BABE STOP!!” Mina said, coming over pulling my arm trying to get me to stop but I didn’t listen.

“Devon please stop.. babe you gone kill him” she said this time yanking my arm pulling away from him. I looked at him he had all this blood on him he was gone be out good to but i didn’t give a fuck He disrespected my daughter. I stared at Mina while tucking my gun back on my hip.

“OH god Corey.. look what you did.. GET THE FUCK OUT ” Marie said crying running to his side. She was more worried about this nigga then her own daughter.

“fuck You and him.. if i find out you did something to my daughter bitch be prepared to meet ya grave” i told her sternly. I always tried not to disrespect the mother of my child but she fuck up every time which pisses me off, now you just fucked with my child.

I can tell she was scared now, Marie never saw me go off like this. Messing with my kids wasn’t the best thing to do. Soon I saw all that shit on the table. I lost it. As much as i smoked weed i never did this shit around her, shit was foul on so many levels.

“You thought It would be a bright idea to send some fucking cops to my crib?” I asked walking up to Marie with Mina right behind me.

She started walking backwards. Don’t be scared now. She had a black eye already Mina did her dirty, i also noticed white power under nose i guess the little bit she missed. I was livid

“Bitch you doing this shit to... in front of my daughter?” I said, grabbing her face up, squeezing hard as I could.

“HUH” I yelled at her this time because she wouldn’t answer me.

“You’re hurting me... let me go” she said now crying. that let me know right there her answer. I grabbed her neck so fast and started choking her.


“babe let her go.. we just gone see her in court,” Mina said, grabbing my hand. She only stopped me because I was a man. I respected her wishes and let go knowing she just went through this. So I listened and let go. She was right i needed to get out of here before i do something that will have me sitting in jail i came for what i came for.

“FUCK YALL GET OUT!” Marie said, holding her neck still crying.

I gave Marie one more hard look then grabbed Mina hand and we walked out like we didn’t even almost commit a crime.

My little rida

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