Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 29

Amina Joy Smith POV.


We were all in the car on our way to pick up Malik from my dads. Nobody bothered to say anything to anyone. We just sat and enjoyed the ride. I couldn’t believe that i was fighting on my birthday, I didn’t really care I said I was gone fuck her up whenever I can get to her. She just made it worse for herself by doing coke in front of my baby. She also wasn’t gonna try and hit my man and get away with that shit. I couldn’t believe she turned to coke and was doing it in front of Kylie. Dev was pissed. I can understand why who wouldn’t be. I know he wanted to hit Marie but I couldn’t let that go down that’s why I’m here. I saw dev fight before but not like this he damn near almost killed that man back there. That was the same nigga from the market. I thought to myself and shook my head.

“Babe your phone is ringing” Dev said looking over at me. That was the first words he said since we were driving. I looked over at him and grabbed my phone out of the cup holder. It was Rasheed’s mother calling me.

“What the fuck” I said lowly at least I thought I did.

“You good mama?” Dev questioned me.

“Yeah I’m fine” I said, looking down at my phone, pushing ignore. I don’t have a clue why she was calling me, maybe because I haven’t shown my face at the funeral. Truth is I told dev about it and he absolutely wasn’t with it, but knowing me I wasn’t gonna let somebody tell me what to do so I decided I was going to go anyway but it didn’t work out I had everything mapped out I was gone wake up the next morning and ride down to philly but Devon had other plans he fucked me all night the night before and turned my alarm off. After some good dick I was out like a light and didn’t get up. A couple minutes later a text came through from her.

Rasheed Mother: I know you see my calls. After my son death you act as if you don’t care i see you riding around with some thug ass rapper and it’s just fuck my son. But this is not over.

I just shook my head and exited out and locked my phone. Was she sending threats through a text. What a birthday. This why i just wanted to chill today dumb shit always happening on my birthday i can never have a good one. I just laid my head on the window and focused back on the ride.

“Cousin when are you taking me home?” Fallon asked with an attitude from the back seat. I was completely over this day already and people wanted to fuck with me on MY DAY like why! She knew we was going to get my son first she just wanted to be the fuck smart. Before Devon could respond to her I slowly turned around in my seat. Dev grabbed my hand so quickly with his free one. I wasnt gone hit her i just wanted to say something because now i feal as though you fucking with my child.

“We are going to get my son first, if you can’t wait then you can get dropped off right on this corner and catch a fucking uber. I’ve put up with your smart ass comments for as long as I could and the only thing stopping me from smacking you are these people in this car. So sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride” I told her turning around not caring what else she had to say i was mad. Thank god dev was pulling up in my dad’s drive way just in time. I didn’t wait. I just hopped out and soon as I got out I heard Fallon talking to Dev.

“So you gone let her talk to me that way?” I slammed the door shut and walked up to my dad house not even waiting for Devon. I knocked on my dad’s door, I had left my keys at Devon’s house.

“Damn mama you couldn’t wait for me” Dev said walking up behind me grabbing my waist. I just looked up at him not saying nothing because I knew if I did I would snap at him. I knocked on my dad’s door again because he was taking too long.

“Yo you hear me talking to you” he said i guess getting upset because i was upset.

“Oh i hear you loud in clear... go attend to your jealous ass cousin” I told him. By now the door snatched open but my dad didn’t answer Malik did which pissed me off even more because I didn’t even let him answer my house door. Today couldn’t get any worse.

“Lik why are you answering the door where GPop” I asked him while walking in the house.

“He-he slept on the couch,” he said, stuttering a little he might have been nervous because he thought I was gone pop him, he knew I didn’t like him answering the front door. But I wasn’t mad at him, I was mad at my father.

“I saw y’all on the camera and I opened the door.. sorry mommy”

“Come here son” Devon said to Malik and he picked him up

“It’s okay babe.. but don’t do it again” I said walking into the living room.

“Dad what the fuck” I yelled at my dad seeing him laid out on the couch.

“What girl don’t come in here yelling?” he said fully getting up now. I just rolled my eyes

“Wassup Pops,” Devon said, walking over slapping hands with my dad with Malik still in my arms.

“Grand son didn’t I tell you come get me before yo crazy mama come in here.. now we both are in trouble” My dad said shaking his head laughing. Like something was funny.

“Whatever Kyree.. let’s go Lik we gotta get your stuff ready” Devon put him down and we walked away.

“I got that hit out on that bitch you asked me about” I heard my dad say before I faded off to the back. He must be talking about Keisha. I thought to myself, it wasn’t over for that bitch Devon was just playing it slow because he had work he could have had somebody do it for him. I was trying to convince him but niggas never listen. I got Malik’s things and we walked back into the living room.

“Yeah man so i gotta call my lawyer soon we get back to the crib” Devon said to my dad guessing he was telling him what just went down.

“Daddy where is my sister?” Malik said, catching both of their attention.

“She’s in the car you’re about to see her in a minute” he said picking him up like he was a baby.

“Dad you forgot something?” I asked him since he didn’t tell me happy birthday yet or my gifts.

“No what? Floyd” he said laughing trying to be funny, you can tell I was spoiled. I just rolled my eyes and started to turn and walk away but he stopped me.

“Aww come here cry baby you know i got you” he said walking towards me.

“happy birthday baby girl” he said laughing he gave me a hug and I hugged back.

“Thank you daddy” he always thought he could act like he forgot my birthday like it was funny. I pulled away and looked at him.

“now where are my gifts” I told him with my hands out.

“Ahhh this is how Kylie gone be son just wait” he said laughing and shaking his hand. It’s his fault he got me like this.

“Spoiled ass” he said, then walked away. I’m guessing to get my gift.

“We’re about to get in the car Mama he wants to see kylie” Devon said walking towards me. I didn’t say nothing i just nodded.

“Come here” he said, grabbing my chin then putting his lips to mine.

“Damn felt like i didn’t kiss you all day” he said then kissed me again this time he added his tongue and so did i but it got cut short with Malik hating.

“Okay okay that’s enough” he said pushing Devon’s head. We both just laugh and by now my dad was walking back in the room with my gifts.

“aightI’ll see you later pops we out” dave said to my dad.

“Ard nigga stay up” they slapped hands then he went to Malik.

“See you later grandson” he told Malik rubbing his hand.

“No you boring Gpop” we all laughed and they made their way out the house. I turned to my dad to see what I got. He handed over the box and I opened it.

“Oh my god.. dad this is so beautiful” It was a chain. It had my name on it. I can tell he spent a grip on this chain because it was iced out. It wasn’t too big, it was just the right size.

“I didn’t know what else to get you damn near got everything.. check your account soon” he said to me. I was trying not to cry. I wasn’t; I just grabbed my dad for another hug.

“Thank you Papa” he kissed my cheek.

“you welcome beautiful enjoy your day don’t whoop nobody else ass” I started laughing I promise I won’t.

“Ya mama call yet?” Knowing she didn’t call me yet she probably was still asleep. I rolled my eyes

“No you know she probably still sleep.. she’ll call but let me get outta here.. love you”

“Love you to baby girl” he walked me to the door and I walked out. I opened the door and got in.

“Finally” Fallon mumbled under her breath but I still heard the bitch. I turned around so fast, but Devon beat me to it, thank god I didn’t have to handle it.

“Yo what fuck is the problem? Fallon you my cousin but you been saying smart shit all day chill the fuck out or get the fuck out b” Devon said with his Ascent coming out Thank god because I was two seconds from fucking her up.

“Son” Devon mom said, giving him the eye. He just looked at her through the rearview mirror and shook his head. Then pulled out my dad’s driveway. He was already under a lot of stress so I knew he couldn’t take her getting smart anymore. I didn’t say anything but look back at Malik sitting in between them then looked at Kylie who was still asleep which was odd. I didn’t think too much of it so I just turned around, grabbed Devon’s hand and relaxed the rest of the way to Devon’s house. What a way to start my birthday off.

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