Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 3

Amina Joy Smith POV

“Is he mine?” I finally looked up at him as Devon was staring me down waiting for an answer.

Even before I could answer his question my phone started ringing yet again saying Babe but this time it was a FaceTime call only For me to ignore it once again.

“why you ducking from ya man?” Devon asked.

“He is cool” I said, putting my phone on silent.

“But to answer your question yes Devon... Malik is yours” I looked over at him, he had this expression on his face that only he could read. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

Before he spoke again he looked like he was sitting over there thinking we both noticed that the silence was getting old and one of us had to stop being so stubborn and speak up so we both spoke up at the same time thinking the same thing but I decided to go first.

“It wasn’t easy being a single mother you know... but I made it through I make sure Malik doesn't want for anything... everything was such a rush, it happened so fast.. after that night a month later I found out that I was pregnant, I knew you was getting your feet off the ground with your career so at first I didn’t want to just fuck everything all up and come out of no where saying im having your baby but then I was like no he needs to know I can’t do this alone I mean I have my family but you know how that go” by now I couldn’t hold back my tears as I spoke.

“I tried Devon I tried calling you for a whole two weeks straight you weren’t picking up it got so bad to the point it was going to voicemail... So I said I’m done calling and trying. I knew I could have gone harder and called your mom but why do I have to go through all these people just to get to you.. you wasn’t there when I needed you the most you were my best friend before anything... I know when Fresh passed away it messed you up mentally, shit it hit me to plus on top of me being pregnant, so only imagine” I spoke, I was pouring my heart out because for the pass couple of years I missed him a lot he was always there when I was going through it with my moms, me going back and forth from New York and Philly, when my parents got a divorce he was always there even if he was in New York but for him to just up and leave it hit me so hard.

“so I moved on, I couldn’t keep hope alive, I had somebody I was living for and I couldn’t keep putting stress on me. I had a high risk pregnancy, but he came out healthy as can be. I smiled just thinking about my son.

“I had Malik in March.. the 28th of 2015. I Named him “Malik Devon-Carter Brewster” I continued.

“I could have tried again by contacting but by then you were getting big and I found out that you and Marie had a baby.. I was hurt I’m not gonna lie because just before you left you told me that you was done with her and you knew what my feelings was towards you that’s the only other reason I asked you to take my virginity.... so I guess I put my feelings in the way of things for my own selfish reasons I can admit to that... but it was just like fuck it he started a whole happy family, what I look like just popping up at your door step with a baby. you would have never believed me and if you still don’t believe me we can do DNA” I expressed myself.

I had all this built up and I was happy to get it out. I needed that.

“I also didn’t have time for your crazy ass fans trying to bash me and shit I didn’t want to introduce my son to that, I know it’s fucked up but please understand where I’m coming from.. Leeky knows who you are. I told him I showed him pictures.. I’m truly sorry I didn’t want it to come out this way.. if you want to be in his life that would be great if you don’t believe me and want to get a DNA I’ll be fine with that also” I told him.

After I was finished talking I was still crying. I started to wipe my face. I just looked over at him as he laid back silent for a few more seconds then he pulled his chair up so that he could look me in my face.

He knew that I was crying, Devon hated when I cried because he never liked to see me hurt But right now I couldn’t take it.

“Come here mamas, stop crying you know I hate that shit” He said reaching for me I hesitated at first, but I finally climbed over to him and sat with my back facing his front, I knew it wasn’t gone last long before he turned me around and that he did. Devon didn’t like not giving eye contact when he talked to people and plus he wanted to see my face.

He moved my hands from my face and wiped my face for me and took a deep breath. We finally locked eyes and stared at each other before he started talking.

“Look all this shit is a lot to take in right now, but mamas I’m not mad at you I promise I’m not babe but I am mad at myself for not calling and checking up on you and for not answering your calls If I did I would have known I had a son this whole time.. I just missed out on three years of his life like I can’t get that time back I missed his birth all because I was being a dickhead all up in my stuck up ways.... after my cousin died I’m not gone front that night I blamed us for fucking around when I knew I should of been with him I felt like if he was with me he would of never got killed” He paused for quick second and I started thinking like why that make sense why he must have been ignoring me.

“that’s why I was ignoring you cause I didn’t want to take my anger out on you, you didn’t need them problems, it was so many times where I wanted to pick up the phone to call just to hear your voice but then I heard you was fucking with some lame ass dude so I fell back, mamas you didn’t deserve that so that’s why I pushed you away and I’m sorry” He looked me in my eyes I could tell he was sincere with his apology.

“To be real with you Ma me and Marie wasn’t on no family type shit I started fucking her again that’s how she got pregnant with my daughter... I’m not gonna say my daughter was a mistake, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.. but that’s a different story for another time” He Stated.

By now I was comfortable and we were letting everything out on the table that needed to be said.

“Fuck all that DNA shit I know that’s my little nigga, he look just like me.. when I first saw him I was spooked out and then I asked King and J who kid was that they said he was yours.. if I think I know you like I think I do I know ya little ass told them not to say shit, trust me mamas they didn’t... I just put two and two together and went back to that night and I already knew from then.... we didn’t use a condom” He Smirked and laughed.

After he finished explaining himself all I could do was smile, this went better than I thought it would go. I was just happy now my son can have his father that he has been wanting since he found out about him. I feel so bad that I kept them apart but I guess it was for the better, if both of us weren’t being so stubborn this problem would have passed us.

“And you think that’s funny...And don’t call my baby a nigga” I playfully hit his chest and started laughing.

“hey you the one that said that you were on birth control, I see that shit didn’t work now we got a bad ass little boy running around” He said.

I couldn’t help but smile. He started smiling too.

“What made you so smiley for “Devy?” I asked him calling him by his nickname that I gave him now he was laughing.

“Cuz man I really gotta son with yo ass that’s all we talked about as kids I always said you were gone have my son and look, it happened.

I’m happy man and I love you even more for giving him to me, I swear to you Ima make that shit up” He spoke.

I had to stop him because he was going to keep going on and on so I put both of my hands on his face to make him look at me.

“shut up Devon, it’s okay I forgive you everybody make mistakes I’m just happy this went better then I thought it was gone turn out to be” I said but looked down because I just notice he told me he love me even more, which means he was still in love with me and I still felt the same about him, just because I was with Rasheed didn’t mean my feelings towards Devon went away because they never did.

“And I still love you too” I said looking up at him in his eyes.

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