Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 30

Amina Joy Smith POV.

Mina’s 25th birthday!


I was sitting in the car waiting for Dev to come out the house. I have no clue where he was going; he just told me to take a ride with him. The kids went back with Devon’s mom, she said that she would watch them tonight. I didn’t have a problem with that because I was still going out with Heather tonight. Devon told me he had a show tonight which wasn’t in New York so he wouldn’t be able to tag along. I was so upset but I got over it. This day was already fucked up already. I just wanted to get a couple of drinks and then call it a night.

While I was waiting I posted a video of me twerking for my birthday post while I was just scrolling through my Instagram. I received a text from King And J in our group text. I told them thank you. I was sad they were back in philly and we couldn’t celebrate together. My mom did call me earlier. I talked to her for a hot second and that was it.I answered Heather’s call right away seeing that she was calling.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN BITCHHHH” she yelled on the phone.

“Thank you crazy ass.. what are you doing” i said smiling at her.

“Nothing. Just calling to see what you doing” she said looking at me then my background “where are you going?”

“Girl I don’t know Devon just told me to take a ride with him” I said rolling my eyes because he was taking all day.

“I’m waiting for his slow ass now” I told her looking up out the car window and right on Que he came walking out twisting his braids which needed to get redone. Even with braids this nigga looked good I said to myself.

“Oh well long as he has you back in time for you to get dressed.. be ready by 8 Amina Joy Smith” she said being smart because it takes me a long time to get dressed. I turned towards Dev’s side after hearing him open the car door then getting in as he started the car, He pulled right off.

“Okay Hev.. i see you later bye” i said hanging up right away. I looked over at Devon as he was driving down the street. He was laid back a little still playing in his hair and driving with the other hand. I just couldn’t help but stare.

“Why you staring ma” he looked over at me really fast then turning back to the road. “You like what you see”

I Smirked at him. “Don’t get cocky” I said moving my elbow on the window then resting my head on my fist.

“So where you taking me?” I asked.

“Relax mama.. you’ll see” he said grabbing my hand.

“Just sit back and look like the fine ass woman you are” i couldn’t help but to smile at him. I didn’t ask any more questions. I just decided to wait until we got there.

“Come on baby,” Devon said, grabbing my hand and helping me out the car. Twenty minutes later we pulled up to some building that I wasn’t aware of.

“Devon where the hell are we?” I asked him because I hate surprises. I needed to know what the hell was going on.

“Babe chill... trust me” he said smacking his teeth then pulling my hand and started walking.

We walked up the steps before Devon pulled his phone out and dialled some number waiting for the person on the other line to answer.

“Yo Elliot I’m outside Cuz” he told whoever Elliot was. He must have said okay because Devon hung right up and the next minute or so the door started to open. When the door finally opened a Spanish looking guy came to the door I’m guessing that’s who Elliot was. Both him and Dev slapped hands then he came to introduce me.

“Babe this Elliot.. Elliot this my lady Mina” he said introducing us. Which was cute.

“Hey nice to meet you” i said waving a little

“Nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you,” he told me, letting me know Devon always talking about me.

“I hope good things”

He nodded. “So bro you ready to see this shit?” Elliot turned to dev saying. I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

“Yeah let me see” Devon said back to him. The guy went to the back and two minutes later the guy came back with a case. He opened it and when he did I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a baby Patek, the same one like his, just a little smaller.

He grabbed It out of the case and walked it over to us. “Wow..” i found myself saying like i never seen jewelry before. I just loved seeing diamonds. I didnt know why.

“You like that mama” Devon said walking beside me. I just nodded.

“Good because it’s yours” I turned to him so fast.

“What Devon noooo” I told him. This was too much. “I don’t want you spending this much money on me babe” i said turning looking up at him.

“Too late mama it’s paid for and no I’m not taken It back.. It’s your birthday” he said kissing my forehead. I didn’t say anything else and just dealt with it because Devon wasn’t gone take the watch back.

“May i” Elliot asked, holding the watch out for my wrist to measure it, making sure that it fit. It was a perfect fit. I moved my wrist around examining it and I fell in love.

“Thank you so much babe.. i love it” i turned to Devon and hugged him around his neck. He bent down and kissed my lips twice.

“Anything for you.. Happy birthday baby” he said wrapping both arms around my waist “I love you” he kissed me again.

“I love you too” I let him go. We turned back to Elliot.

“babe you want to wear it out or wrap it up?” Devon asked me. I decided to wrap it up and wear it tonight when I go out. I handed the watch over and he put It in a box, we said our goodbyes and left. We had to hurry back to the house so Dev could make his show on time. It was now 6:00 and I still needed to get ready myself. I didn’t even know it was that late. We were now in the car on our way back to Devon’s again.

Couple hours later...

Devon Brewster Jr. POV


“Oh my god you the sweetest.. I love them” Mina said excitedly on the phone. She was connected to the bluetooth in my car so bully, Shooter, and my homie Piff heard her loud in clear.

“I’m glad you like them mama” she said showing me the Chanel sneakers i got her, plus a bunch of other shit i got for her. Of course I bought the Gucci store for her.

“I hope you dress babe” i told her because she was always the last one being late.

“Babe I’m almost ready... Heather is gone, kill me” she told me laughing. I just shook my head

“Here she comes right now” she told me laughing again then i heard Heather voice come through the phone.

“Bitch you still not ready.. come on before i leave yo ass” Heather said to Mina which made me chuckle.

“Aye mama call me back.. text me when you get to the club iight” i told her because she wasn’t gone talk to me because Heather stepped in the room.

“Alright babe.. i miss you already have a great show.. love you” she told me sounding like she was pouting.

“Stop being sad.. i love you to” then i hung up.

“Damn she still doesn’t know huh?” Bully asked me.

Truth is I didn’t have a show. I was throwing Mina a surprise party. I’m kind of glad that Mina didn’t catch on it. Heather was in on it so I just needed Mina to get out the house and no other person to do that was heather.

“Nah bro.. I’m happy as hell, she gone be surprise like shit. Her moms and brothers up here to” I said back to him.

Right now we were on our way to the club to make sure everything was together. I had everything planned out. I just needed Mina to be dressed and ready on time.

At the club..

Everything was together and up nice i made sure her cakes were right and also her signs that said happy birthday Mina on it. I invited everybody out tonight. Once she got here I was gone throw it on social media to have her party more Live. I just wanted her to have a good time. You only turn 25 once. Everybody was here. I was walking around talking to people greeting them. I felt my phone ringing in my pocket and it was a text from Heather telling me she was on her way. That’s all i needed to hear i started to put my phone away but another text came through with Mina texting me this time with a picture showing me how beautiful she was right now.

My phone started ringing again and I knew It was Heather calling telling me they were outside. I got everybody to finally shut the fuck up yelling at them over the mic. I swear that’s the only time black people listen when you yell at them. The next five minutes she walked in but not all the way but i still heard her all loud.

“Where the fuck is the music at” i heard her say which made me chuckle. When she walked in fully. Everybody yelled “SURPRISE” she jumped and turned around so fast. Everybody started laughing at her; it only made me smile. I knew she hated surprises but she’ll be ok.

I walked towards her and her hands were covering her face with Heather holding her. She looked like she was crying. But she wasn’t.

She fully turned around to face me and started smiling. “Punk i thought you had a show” she said hitting me lightly in the chest.

“I know i wanted to surprise you Heather was in on it too” i told her ratting Heather out too. Which made her smile even more.

“Come on come say wassup to everybody then come to your section mama” I grabbed her hand and we started walking towards her section.

Amina Joy Smith POV.

Couple hours later..

I couldn’t believe that they really threw me a surprise party, I was more excited because all my family was here well my mom and dad and my brothers. I was way past drunk now I was taken shot after shot and even smoked some weed. I was dancing with Heather having a good time before I felt someone tap my shoulder which made me alert just in case I had to beat a bitch ass but when I turned around I yelled “oh my god Alexis” i said bringing her into a hug Alexis was my cousin on my dad side. Me and Alexis kind of grew up together. We were the same age just a few months apart... she was my wild cousin my uncle smokes and his wife did not play that shit when It came to Alexis that’s why she always used me as her get away. Her and Devon had a little history they messed around once I’m assuming. At the time nobody knew my feelings for Devon everybody just thought we were just friends so i didn’t care what they did. I knew it’s kind of fucked up but there’s nothing I could do about it. I’m not lying. I was kind of upset but I got over it.

Heather didn’t like Alexis for nothing, She said she always did shit to be smart and was jealous of me. When she found out Alexis did whatever she did with Devon she hated her even more because she said she knew that I had feelings for Devon and I didn’t have to say it for anybody to believe it. I don’t know, I just couldn’t see what she saw. She said that every time Alexis came around I always tried to keep them two away from each other because they always got into it but for the respect for me they never fought which I was thankful for because both of them could fight.

“Happy birthday favorite cousin” she said being extra i know she was. I locked eyes with Heather and gave her the face like bitch behave please. She just rolled her eyes. We pulled away from the hug and I looked over at her and noticed she must have got some work done but she looked nice. She had on an all white dress on with her skin showing.

“Thank you.. what are you doing here?” I said to her looking at her.

“I saw it on Instagram and said oh shit that’s my cousin let me go see wassup” she said looking over at Heather direction “oh Heather i didn’t even see you standing there.. hey” she said clearly being petty because i know she saw her all i was thinking why would she say that shit. Plus Heather was drunk as shit to.

“Oh shit it’s... you” Heather said, turning around mugging the shit out of Alexis. I had to stop this before the shit got started.

“Okay ladies.. it’s my fucking birthday not tonight.. take a shot” i said sounding all drunk, i didn’t have time for these games. We took the shot back. I was on and wanted some dick. I spotted Devon in the corner with his homies and saw Heather walking away. I’m guessing going towards shooter.

“I’m going over there towards my man girl ″ I told Alexis. Hell no i wasn’t gone invite her over there with me. What i look like you wasn’t going no where near my nigga now knowing that i know you know what the dick is like.

“You finally with Devon huh?” She said smiling at me “i told you y’all was made for each other” oh really if you knew that why the fuck you still fuck him. I needed to get away from her because my drunk mind is not thinking right.

“Yup” i said popping the P

“Well i see me something Ima take home tonight” she looked into some nigga direction “alright I’ll see you around ima need my hair done.. happy birthday again cousin” she said giving me one last hug then walked away. I walked over to Devon and sat right on his lap. I leaned back into his ear.

“You ready to get outta here?” I asked him jumping right into it. Since i knew he really wasn’t going out of town i plan on fucking him all night. I guess he was right with it.

“Let’s go baby” I got up so fast, we said goodnight to everybody and was on our way. I knew leaving my party was fucked up but i just wanted some alone time with my man.

“Ima go take a shower babe?” I told him walking up the stairs with him behind me. I made It to his room and prayed to god that i didn’t fall in this shower. I hated smelling like the club after the club. When I made it to Devon’s bathroom he was still behind me. He turned me around so fast and grabbed me by the neck. I guess he couldn’t wait until I got out of the shower. He kissed me dead in my mouth rough but softly. I started to take off my clothes and he did to us both was completely naked by now I couldn’t take anymore of this four play so I squatted down and became eye level with his hardened penis.

I licked my lips then took him in my mouth and I licked over the head. He made a hissing noise which was so sexy so I slowly took his whole penis in my mouth making It hit the back of the throat.

“Shit damn mama” he moved his hand and put It behide my head so i could fuck his mouth. I loved when he grabbed my head It motivated me more to keep going. I started sucking harder and harder and deeper and deeper not gagging not once.

“Shit just like that mhm” he said looking down at me. We locked eyes and I looked at him while sucking him up. I started moving slowly, adding a lot more spit. I moved my hand on his balls and started massaging them. He couldn’t take anymore so he grabbed my arms pulling me up.

“Come here” he said, grabbing my neck and kissing me. The kiss was intense. He broke it then slapped my ass “bend that ass over” I did as told and turned over bending straight over on the toilet.

“Damn babe.. that’s shit tight” he said entering my pussy “Mhm ″ we both let out a moaning sound and then he started moving in and out of me slowly.

“Faster daddy,” I told him. He started picking up his pace.

“Like that baby” he asked me then biting his bottom lip.

“Yes just like that papi”

He started going faster hitting every spot that he could, all you heard was my screams and ass clapping.

“Happy...birthday” he said after every moan and every time he hit my G spot. He slapped my ass and kept fucking me by now my head was down next to the toilet that’s how good he was fucking me in this bathroom. I don’t know but fucking in the bathroom was the best with us, i guess because this the only place we could really fuck because of the kids.

“Babe.. it’s too much.. take some out uhh” i yelled out but he was letting up i put my hand on his stomach but he only smacked it away.

“Don’t do that Mama’s you wanted this shit.. now take this dick” he told me pushing my arch down even more. I decided to stop playing with him and started throwing that shit back like It was no tomorrow. I gripped his dick with my pussy while doing so.

“Ahh shit.. just like that.. throw that shit back Mama” he said smacking my ass giving me motivation. “Harder” he moaned out. I knew by now he was getting ready to nut. I knew my nut was coming So I went harder.

Five minutes later...

“Ahhh…-“YESS DADDY” we both yelled out. I felt his nut release in me and i nutted and squirted everywhere. Once he was done i finally stood up straight and turned around and kissed him.

“Happy birthday mama.. i love you forever” he said looking at me.

“I love you more daddy” I said, grabbing his face and kissing him again. I went to the shower and turned the hot water on waiting for it to warm up.

“Getting in with me?” I asked Devon who was watching me hungrily.

“Yeah you know we are not done right?” He said, picking me up wrapping my legs around his waist then walking in the shower. Soon as he walked in the shower he positioned his dick into my pussy and slid right in.

“Damn” he said under his breath.

We gone be fucking all night.

Happy birthday to me

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