Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 31

Devon Brewster Jr. POV

3 weeks later...


“Devon get your ass up... NOW” Mina said yelling waking the damn house up. I felt like I just got into a good sleep too. Last night I didn’t come in until this morning. I had a club hosting and I didn’t get in until 5am, instead of going home I decided to come crash at Mina’s and both of my kids were here anyway.

“I’m up babe.. stop yelling” i told her with my arm still over my eyes. Today was the day of the court hearing for Kylie to see if I can get full custody or not. My lawyer was the shit he was able to get me an emergency court date and I couldn’t be more happy so i could get this over with. The morning after Mina’s birthday, Mina happened to be washing Kylie up and found red marks on her back like somebody was hitting her.

I was on my way to kill the both of them but Mina stopped me. She told me if I did that shit would only make It worst and I wouldn’t be able to see Kylie for the rest of her life. That shit hit me and made sense so i decided just to take pictures and present them in court. I wasn’t with all this court shit but whatever for my baby Girl. The marks went away. Mina took good care of her and I couldn’t thank her enough.

“We’ll get up before we’re late.. the kids are already eating breakfast.. we are just waiting for you” she told me, throwing my towel at me.

“And the next time you come in my bed smelling like some cheap ass bath and body works Ima kick your ass” she said walking out the room. I was smacked last night and couldn’t even make it to the shower.

“I LOVE YOU” I yelled out to her and started getting up. She didn’t reply back but I knew she heard me.

I got up and went to the night stand and saw that my phone was dead. “Damn” I said and grabbed my charger and put my phone on It. I went and grabbed my bag of weed and Backwoods and started rolling up. I went to the bathroom and got in the shower leaving me in my thoughts about how today would go. It could go one way or another and I was only praying for good news.

20 minutes later...

I was out the shower and now doing my morning routine. While doing that Mina came into the room and I’m guessing to make sure that I was fully up. I walked out the bathroom after i was done everything and saw my clothes laid out on the bed. Mina was on the phone talking to somebody I’m guessing about her business. I started to get dressed leaving me in my boxers and started to spark up.

“Damn babe, you going to court high?” Mina asked me she knew this shit wasn’t new.

“Yeah babe” I told her smoking down my weed until it was only a little bit left and decided to put it out before we were really late.

“Babe you nervous?” Mina asked me sitting on the bed looking at me, watching me get dressed. She started playing with her fingers letting me know she was nervous also.

“if we are being honest yeah just a little.. my baby could be taken away from me” i told her straight up. I was fully dressed and decided on some black tims.

“Well let’s try and look at the positive side.. she will be coming home to us” she told me walking up on me wrapping her arms around my waist.

“I know mama.. just so hard not to think about what Ifs” i said looking down at her.

She started rubbing my lips, something she always does. I don’t know why. “Well let’s get going so we can bring our baby Girl back home” she said smiling at me which made me smile

“Let’s be out” I said, grabbing her ass before she walked away. I followed her down stairs and heard the tv playing paw Patrol. Both of the kids were dead into the tv and didn’t even notice me.

“Dang y’all don’t miss daddy” I said walking into the living room.

“Daddy” they both yelled, jumping down off the couch running to me. This could never get old i don’t know how niggas can just up and leave they kids knowing you could do no wrong in they eyes warmed my heart. They really did love me right or wrong that feeling felt amazing. I greeted the kids until Mina came in and a flash went off she took a picture of us.

“Okay kids let’s go... did y’all finish eating?” She asked them.

“Yes mommy” they both replied

“Okay so come on little butts” she said and they started laughing.

“Ready babe.. I got your food you can eat it in the car” she told me. I was so happy she cooked for me because I was starving.

I didn’t say anything but grabbed my keys. I grabbed Malik’s hand and of course Kylie went with Mina. We left the house and loaded the car up, we made sure everything was straight before pulling off towards the court house.

At The CourtHouse...

“Babe is your mother coming?” Mina said whispering in my ear. She had Kylie on her lap watching trolls with her earphones in her ear, Malik was knocked out laying his head on her arm. I knew he wasn’t gone last.

“I don’t know Mama and I don’t care who comes or not” I said to her being truthful I told my moms if they show they show if they don’t they don’t. Heather Shooter and bully were here for support. I couldn’t thank them enough either.

“Sorry I’m late.. New York traffic” my mom said walking up with Fallon and my pops. I hope Fallon didn’t start no shit today. I didn’t have time for it. Not today. I got up and greeted my moms and pops and even Fallon with a hug. They all sat down and we sat until my case was called.

In the next ten minutes My case was called up so me and my lawyer walked up to the front. I don’t know where Marie was, she was supposed to be here. I honestly didn’t care but this shows you how much she didn’t care about our daughter.

“Mrs. Lee is there a reason why your client is not present in my courtroom” the judge asked what I’m guessing was Marie’s lawyer .

“I’m sorry your honor.. she’s running-” Her Lawyer said. Marie’s lawyer got cut off by the sounds of the court doors opening which made everybody turn around.

“I’m here.. I’m here.. sorry I’m late” Marie said coming in all wild looking. I turned my head towards her. We locked eyes and I mugged the shit out of her. Kylie didn’t even get excited to see her how she usually does and that fucked me up because i know my baby was really hurt, I didn’t want her to feel any type of way towards her moms even when she gets older. I just shook my head and focused back on the judge.

“Okay.. get your client together Mrs. Lee I’m ready to start” the judge said. I can tell this nigga was nothing to play with.

One hour later...

“So Mr. Devon can you tell me why I should let Kylie stay in your home?” The Judge said me which was a stupid ass question.

We were now almost at the end of this court date and in the next few minutes I was hoping I could be told whether or not I would be getting full custody of my daughter. I took a deep breath before answering.

“All respect Your honor I’m not sure if you have children or not but if you do I’m sure you understand a father’s love for his kids. I’m not one of those dead beat fathers that don’t want to be in their child life.. I DO.. the first time we went to court over Kylie she was trying to keep my daughter from me why i don’t know. We both had weekends and she couldn’t even do that.. that’s why we are here now... listen Ima real man i take care all mines.. I would never put Kylie in harm’s way like she did. I love my daughter way too much.”

I told him honestly if he didn’t go by that then i don’t know cause i basically was pouring my heart out about my daughter. I showed them the pictures and I told them mostly everything. I guess we will see what happens now.

He asked Marie the same question. She started bussing out crying. I was trying so hard not to laugh cause i knew she was putting on a show in front of these people. She was telling them how much she loved Kylie. I just looked at her and like she was crazy. I hoped they weren’t buying this fake shit cause i wasn’t.

Her lawyer finally calmed her down after she was done. I turned around to look at my family and saw Mina mugging the shit out of Marie. I chucked then turned back around.

“Okay.. let’s get to It.. Mr. Devon Brewster Jr. I give you full custody of Kylie Chanel Brewster” he said hitting the gravel “send the next case in” i started smiling my ass off, i got up out my seat so fast and turned to my lawyer and slapped hands with him thanking him.

I walked over to everybody Mina was holding Kylie. I walked over to my baby Girl and grabbed her and kissed all over her face then brought her into a hug.

“I love you so much” kissing her forehead again.

“I love you daddy” she said back to me. I sat her up in my arms and turned to Mina.

“Thank you” I said against her lips.

“Don’t thank me baby.. this all you” she said back kissing me

“I FUCKING HATE YOU.. i hate you.. Kylie Baby come to mommy” Marie said walking up crying and reaching for Kylie. Kylie wrapped her arms around my neck tightly so I won’t let her go. I wanted to kill this bitch because she traumatized my baby.

“Mommy” Kylie said, crying reaching for Mina. I handed her over to her, then turned to Marie.

“Bitch is you fucking crazy” i said walking towards her. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to chill. I knew once I saw her I was gone black out. I didn’t even care that we were in a courtroom. Before I could get to her Mina pulled my arm.

“Babe no” she said in a different tone.

“Come on cuz not now you just got lil Mama for good” bully followed up. I stared at this bitch one more time and started walking out the courtroom leaving them. I didn’t mean to but I needed some air away from her.

A couple minutes later everybody came out and saw me out there waiting for them. I walked over to Mina and grabbed Kylie out of her arms. Malik was holding her hand.

“I’m sorry” i told her since i left her with both kids.

“So dinner tonight to celebrate?” My mom spoke up. I didn’t care, I just needed some rest before we did anything.

“Yeah that’s fine ma.. we can do it at my house” Mina said after.

“Okay see y’all at 5:00” my mom said walking over to me.

“I love you.. son congrats” she said, hugging me.

“I love you to son..” my dad side-slapped hands with me after my mom let go.

“I love y’all to.. see y’all soon”

Mina was talking to Heather as she put Malik in the car. I opened the door and sat Kylie in her seat.

“Ard girl so i’ll see you later” Heather said hugging Mina. I dapped my niggas up and we got in the car and left the court house.

What a morning

At Mina’s house...

“Aight baby I’m about to take a nap for a few wake me when everybody gets here” i told Mina walking straight in the house.

“Okay babe. Me and the kids are about to do something” she said smiling.

“Gimme love” she said walking over to me. I bent down and kissed her. Of course i had to take it far grabbing and smacking her ass. She pulled away.

“Okay.. go get some rest papi” I kissed her one last time and watched her walk away towards the kids. I went right up stairs, stripped down my draws and laid on the bed not even getting under the covers and was out.


I woke up to what sounded like somebody was gagging. I turned over to check the time from my phone and saw that it was 5:00. I got up and went straight to the bathroom to see what the noise was and it was Mina throwing up in the toilet.

“Damn babe.. you cool?” I said, bending down, grabbing her hair and rubbing her back. She finally was done and wiped the back of her mouth.

“I believe so. I came up here to tell you that everyone is here and then all of sudden I had to throw up” she told me.

I didn’t want to pressure the whole baby thing again on her so I went against saying anything. “Damn you sure you good to go back down stairs.. you want to lay up here and get some rest?”

“Yes I’m fine” she told me running the water so she could brush her teeth. I decided to join her so I could go downstairs with her. We both finished our business. I went to the room and found some sweats and a white tee and went to put on my Gucci slides.

“Ready babe?” Mina said walking into her closet.

“Yeah mama” i told her, still sounding tired. We walked down the stairs. When i got down there everybody was here and more of my homies and some of my aunts and cousins. I see this really turned out to be a celebration I didn’t mind though. I greeted everybody and went right into the kitchen where most of the ladies were.

“Baby your plate is in the microwave i put a little bit of everything.. no pork” Mina said to me.

“My girl” I told her, smiling at her and went over to the microwave and pushed start so my food could heat up.

“Son, your cousin is mad that you didn’t invite her to dinner” my mom asked me which I was confused by.

“Huh?” I said looking at my moms.

“Ma she was standing right there when you said it out loud”

“I know son.. but you know how fallon is.. always in her feelings” she said rolling her eyes a little.

“Yeah she needs to get over.. we are not kids no more.. i doubt if she really wanted to come anyway since it’s at Mina’s” i told her grabbing my food out the microwave.

“Yeah I know I don’t understand that girl sometimes, just talk to her for me to see what might be the problem.. she still is your cousin” she added. I didn’t care if she was a cousin, cousins don’t act like that but whatever my moms wanted I respected it.

I sat down at the table. And started digging in my food. “I gotchu ma” i told her.

“Babe where the kids at?” I asked Mina

“They’re out back... with the other kids” she said, walking over to the door towards her outside to check on the kids. I just nodded my head and finished up my food.

The night went on everybody sat around talking to each other and we were chilling. This was gone be the last time I would be able to chill like this because my schedule for the next few weeks was crazy. So I was enjoying this family time while I could.

9:00 pm

The night went on and everybody was leaving now. We cleaned up and then put the kids down, they both were out that fast. They had a long day so I knew they were going to be asleep for the night. I just knew Mina was tired. She was up earlier than us and didn’t take a nap. We both showered and got right out neither one of us was up for sex, that was fine because we both needed some rest. After we got out the shower we were now in bed cuddled up.

“I’m so proud of you” Mina said to me. I thought she was asleep because we didn’t say anything to each other.

“For what mama” I asked her, kissing her cheek.

“Because you almost took that bitch head off today in court” she said laughing lightly which made me laugh. “Nah but for real you handled court today amazing i know all the stupid ass questions the judge was asking was getting to you.. i saw it all in her face”

“That’s because they look at me and think Ima nigga that’s not gone take care they kids.. I’m going to war for mine.. i could see all over my baby face she was scared of her own moms like you serious” i said finding myself getting mad all over again. Mina turned over and started rubbing my arms slowly trying to calm me down.

I took a deep breath before speaking again “I’m just glad that i can have her for good now.. i didn’t want to disappoint Kylie i would have broken down.. that’s real ma” i told her being honest that little girl was everything to me.

“I know babe.. if i didn’t tell you already you’re an amazing father.. you go so hard for them”

“Thank you baby.. now let’s get some sleep” I said kissing her lips. “I love you”

“I love you too” she rolled over with her back to my front. I just sat there and watched her fall asleep. I felt myself rubbing her stomach hoping that she was pregnant. She was out like a light. I was on my way right after her. That’s all you heard was both of our snores.


“Who the fuck” i said waking up to my phone ringing when i looked at the time. Somebody gone get cursed the fuck out. who the fuck was calling me at this hour. When i grabbed my phone the call ended and the next few seconds a text came through

215-776-8800 : hey it’s Alexis.. call me

How the fuck she get my number. I thought to myself, I looked at Mina sleeping peacefully before looking back at my phone closing the app and locking my phone then getting back in bed with my baby.

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