Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 32

Amina Joy Smith POV.


I rushed out of the bed trying to make it to the bathroom to throw up once again. This has been going on for almost two weeks now and I was trying not to start thinking I was pregnant again but the signs are there. So to be sure I made an appointment with my doctor to see what was really going on with me because I couldn’t take this throwing up any longer.

Devon didn’t have a clue about me throwing up, he only caught me that one time because I couldn’t hold It down. He didn’t even know about the appointment, I didn’t want to get him all worked up and excited because I wasn’t sure what was going on. I didn’t need his hopes up. I cleaned and wiped my face and stood up so I could brush my teeth.

“wanna tell me what’s going on?” Devon said standing in the doorway watching me the whole time scaring the shit out of me. I jumped so fast and turned to him.

“Dammit babe, you scared me.. what are you doing up?” I said trying to avoid this conversation. But he knew me all too well he wasn’t taking that shit.

“Babe stop playing.. tell me wassup.. why you keep throwing up?” He said, folding his arms And closing his eyes a little looking over me like he was trying to read my mind.

I couldn’t hold It in anymore so I gave up. “I don’t know babe.. I’ve been throwing up for the past two weeks, ``I said slowly.

“Are you serious Amina?” He asked, sounding upset right now.

“Yes, but i didn’t want to get you all worked up thinking something was wrong.. i wanted to get confirmation......first” i said to him looking up at him. “I’m sorry”

He just looked at me and shook his head. “Babe you do know that It could be possible that you are carrying my seed?” He asked me.

“Yes and no.. that’s why i have an appointment in a couple of hours”

“What time?” He said, grabbing my arm and pulling me into him.

“10:00.. do you have anything to do.. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, ``I said, laying my head on his chest. We just sat there hugging each other with his chin sitting on top of my head.

“Stop apologizing mama, I’m straight.. I just want you to know that my nut is not weak so you pregnant baby” he said serious.

“Cocky ass” I said , looking up at him laughing. “Can i be honest?” I asked him making him look down at me.

“Something telling me this time it’s true” i whispered to him but more to myself that’s the first time i had hope in believing that i can still have Babies.

He smiled down at me. “That’s the spirit mama” he kissed me.

“Come on finish getting some rest before the other two wake up” he grabbed my hand and took me to the bed. He pulled the covers back and I laid down getting comfortable. He walked over to the night stand grabbing his weed and his phone then opened the balcony door.

“Im boutta smoke out here.. the smell might fuck with the baby” he said walking out the door smiling.

I smiled back and playfully rolled my eyes. “Oh gosh we don’t even know yet babe”

“Trust me she is in there” he said, fully walking out and closing the door behind him. I just smiled at him. He was too cute. I laughed to myself at the fact he thought if i was pregnant i was gone to get my girl.

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to turn on some tv until Devon came back in talking on the phone to somebody.

“aight im boutta pull up” he said to whoever and hung up.

“Yo mama i gotta make a run i be back before your appointment” he said rushing to the closet and throwing on his black hoodie and black jeans and his black tims. I sat up in the bed.

“Is everything okay?” I asked concerned.

“Yeah i be back. It won’t be long.. don’t stress about it mama” he said walking over to me.

“Give Me lip,” he said, grabbing my face and kissing me. I kissed him back and he walked out the room making sure to grab his phone on the way out. I just sat there with a confused face.

“Okay” I said then laid back down to finish watching a little bit of tv before falling back to sleep.

Devon Brewster POV.

“Mask up bro” i told my nigga Tim. We started wrapping our faces up while in the car. We finally caught up with this bitch Kiesha, he called me this morning and told me she robbed yet another nigga and followed her to her crib. Which was in the projects over in Brooklyn, I’ve been waiting on this lick all month and couldn’t wait until I caught her slipping.

I didn’t want to leave Mina but I had to get to Keisha before she left the state. That was word on the street, this wasn’t gone take long at all i still was gone make the appointment.

“It’s right over there bro” Tim said pointing to where Keisha laid her head. We parked the car around the block and got out walking up to her building. He was following her for a minute now so he knew her crib all too well. We took the steps to her floor and we finally got to her door. I knocked twice knock knock! The knocks weren’t that loud but they were loud where you could hear them. Nobody answered so Tim started picking the locks. The door opened and we were in. Soon we walked in. We took our shoes off at the door, when we walked in, the house was trashy as shit. Dirty ass females as I thought to myself i pulled my gun out and we started walking around her crib looking for her. When we got to the back of her apartment I heard music, she was playing one of my songs. We creeped in her room and saw she was in the tub taking a bath and playing with her pussy. I busted in the bathroom scaring the shit out of her “AHHH” she said jumping getting water everywhere.

Before I said or did anything Tim jumped in front of me shooting and killing her on sight. POW POW. Two shots in the forehead. Good thing he had a silencer. We both started moving quickly. We walked back in her room looking for my jewelry and shit looking through everything. I finally found it on the top shelf in her closet.

“I got It bro.. we out” i said good thing we had gloves on. We put our boots on and were out. We made It back to the car without being seen and was out taking me back to my car.


“Good your back.. we’re just waiting on you.. hurry up and get dressed” Mina said to me as soon as i walked through the door. She looked me up and down.

“and I guess we’ll talk about that later ″ she said motioning her hand up and down talking about my clothes. I looked down to see what the hell she was talking about and I had blood on my shirt. Fuck i thought to my self Ima just burn it.

“Iight” I said going towards the stairs to get out these clothes and change. I needed to hurry up. I made it up Stairs and did what I needed to do in the next ten minutes. I was done with everything and came back down the steps.

“LETS GOO!” I yell out throughout the house. The kids came running from the living room with Mina walking behind them. I grabbed my keys and opened the door. The kids ran to the car while Mina frowned her face at me. I knew she was upset because I didn’t tell her where I was going and was almost late but I didn’t want to say anything yet and not with my kids around.

“I’ll tell you later fix ya face” i told her before we walked over to put the kids in the car. After she was done with Kylie she walked over to her side and I had the door open ready for her. She got in and still had this attitude.

“Fix ya face” I told her, grabbing her face with my lips to hers then kissing her twice and shutting the door and jogging to my side. We decided to drop the kids off to my moms just until the appointment was over. Once they were dropped off we were arriving at the doctors office.

When we walked in she went to sign her name. We sat down for about five minutes waiting before they called her name back. “Amina Smith” We both walked to the back following the nurse to the room.

“Your doctor will be with you shortly, you can sit on top of this table” she said, grabbing something out the cabinet which was a hospital gown and a cup to pee in.

“And go in this bathroom so the doctor can check your urine and put this on when you done”

Mina grabbed everything from the nurse “good luck” she said then walked out. The next ten minutes Mina did everything the nurse told her she came back and got her Urine and now we were playing the waiting game for the doctor. Neither one of us said anything we both was in our thoughts until a knock came on the door. Knock knock “Amina Smith” the doctor said walking in not waiting for a come in or anything.

“Yes,” Mina said back.

“Hi my name is Dr. Daniels I’ll be your doctor today” she said putting hand sanitizer on smiling.

“What seems to be the problem?” She grabbed the gloves putting them on

“Oh my apologies, how are you today Mr.-?” She asked. “Just devon no Mr. Nice to meet you”

She smiled at me “Alrighty.. let’s get started then”

“Well I’ve been throwing up for the past two weeks almost and also having bad stomach pains” Mina said to the doctor. I looked at her confused because she didn’t tell me all that. Anything could of have happen leading up to a miscarriage if she was pregnant. We’ll see.

“Do you think that you’re pregnant?” She asked Mina. Mina started playing with her fingers letting me now she was nervous to answer.

“Y-Yes” she said stumbling a little

“Okay.. the test should be ready by now let me go get it” the doctor said leaving out the room.

“So why didn’t you tell me you were having bad stomach pains?” I had to ask I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I don’t know.. i didn’t want you to worry Devon” she told me looking over at me.

“Ma it’s my job to worry” and that’s all i said when another knock came to the door hoping it was the doctor which it was.

“So... congratulation mommy your indeed pregnant” she said smiling at us. I couldn’t do anything but sit there in shock. It’s like I’ve been waiting for this moment. I got up out of my seat and hugged Mina as she started crying.

“What I tell you mama” i said kissing her lips. We finally let go and I couldn’t help myself. I started rubbing her flat tummy, focusing back on the Doctor so she can tell us what’s next.

Mina explained everything to her about her “Supposedly” not being able to carry. She explained to us that sometimes that wasn’t true. Long as Mina ate right and worked out a little but not too much because her stress level wasn’t where it needed to be. She let us listen to the heart beat and now she was about to do an ultrasound.

She put the cold jell on Mina’s stomach and a little nugget that looked like it appeared on the screen. I started smiling mad hard.

“Aww babe look at it” Mina said, sounding like she was almost crying again.

“She babe.. it’s a girl ″ I told her looking at the screen. I was more excited because I got to go through this process with her.

“You’re so sure?” She said while the doctor wiped the jell off her belly.

“One hunnit mamas” I said , helping her off the table.

“Okay so i can print these out for you.. give me one second” the doctor said doing something then printed five pictures. “So your almost six weeks mommy” the doctor, she was dumb early.

We said thank you and made our way to the front. Mina had to make another appointment for four weeks. She did that then turned around. Once we did that we ran into this bitch Alexis.

“Oh hey cousin” she said to Mina and looked at me “hey dev.. you didn’t get my text”

FUCK i thought to myself why would she do this shit right now. I wasn’t fucking with this bitch. I don’t even know why I fucked with shawty.

“Text?” Mina said looking between the both of us.

“Yeah-” before she could even explain I cut her.

“Nah. We not gone do that don’t make It seem like it’s something more than it was” i said grabbing Mina hand making sure she didn’t snap.

“I don’t even know how you got my fucking number.. delete that shit shawty you wilding” i told her pulling Mina hand trying to walk away from Alexis. But she just snatched it away from me. Making sure she bumped me walking away from me and leaving me standing there. Shit. I knew she was mad but it wasn’t my fault.

I mugged Alexis. She just Smirked at me and turned walking out running after Mina. That dumb bitch always starting shit. I guess Mina finally found out how bad a bitch her cousin can be. I couldn’t let her be mad at me, especially not at a time like this. We just found out some good news. I didn’t need her stressing.

Dumb bitches.

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