Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 33

Devon Brewster Jr.

“Babe I promise I don’t know how she got my number” I said begging Mina to listen to me but she wasn’t with it. We were still at the doctor’s office standing outside of my car. I wasn’t opening the door until she at least tried to hear me out.

“Can you please open the door?” she said mad. i left it alone for right now because i didn’t want to put on a show in front of these people. I unlocked my truck and helped her in but she didn’t want me to but I did anyway.

I got inside and started up the truck and went back to my moms to get the kids. The drive there was quiet. I turned my head and noticed Mina put in her ear phones. I’m guessing listening to music. I knew she was trying to stay calm because music always made her relax. We arrived at my moms. We didn’t get out, we just sat there.

I pulled her ear phones out her ears. “Please don’t touch me” she told me. I knew now it would take a lifetime for her to forgive me. I didn’t even do shit.

“No you buggin out for no reason.. why can’t you just listen to me-” i said beginning to tell her what happened but she cut me off.

“Where did you go this morning when you got a call?” She asked me catching me off guard.

“Ma I told you I’ll explain that to you later-” i said but she cut me off yet again.

“NO FUCK THAT... YOU WAS MEETING UP WITH ALEXIS HUH? MY FUCKING COUSIN DEVON YOU FUCKED HER AGAIN” she yelled at me assuming shit i knew she was pissed but she needed to chill before she stress my baby out.

“Mama i didn’t fucking touch that girl I-” i said grabbing her arm. She snatched it away from me.

“DON’T TOUCH ME” she yelled again making me upset cause now she upset the baby doing all this yelling for nothing.

“YO Chill the fuck out-” i said getting annoyed now. So I grabbed her arm again. But she kept cutting me off. She really wasn’t trying to hear shit i was saying

“FUCK YOU” SMACK. She said yelling and smacking the shit out of me at the same time. I looked at her like she was crazy. More so shocked that she smacked me. I didn’t know if it was the baby making her act like this already or she was really hurt by what the fuck her cousin did.

She looked at me one last time and got out slamming the door shut. I didn’t bother to get out yet I had to take in what just happened. I reached in my arm rest and grabbed my pre rolled up blunt and sparked. I needed to clear my mind, As i was sitting there i just thought of why Mina was so angry.


Ten minutes later...

I was still sitting in my truck, I couldn’t believe she smacked me. She didn’t come right back out with the kids so i figured she was talking to my moms. I finally decided to get out and go in but before then I sprayed the car down and let the windows down to let the smoke out.

“MA” i yelled out walking into the house. my moms was in the living room watching something on tv. The kids were nowhere in sight and Mina was laid out on the couch.

“Stop that yelling boy” she said, looking over at Mina.

“Where are the kids?” I sat down next to her kissing her forehead.

“They upstairs sleep, i don’t know why y’all bring them here thinking they gone want to come back with y’all” she was right they were attached to her but i could understand why my Moms was fun i was a mama’s boy when i was their age. Plus on top of that she spoiled them.

“But why is my daughter coming in here crying, what’s going on? She looked over at me. “What did you do?” She gave me the eye.

“Damn ma why i gotta do something?” I chuckled a little

“Because you are always doing something” she stood up from her seat. “Fix It.. I’m gone get the kids up” and with that she walked away. I shook my head then I looked over at a peaceful sleeping Mina and decided to mess with her. I went over to the couch and sat in front of her and started kissing on her face.

“Devon get off me” she said with her eyes still closed

“Mhum no.. i don’t want you mad at me” i mumbled in her neck still kissing her. “Just let me explain” I said , finally kissing her.

She looked up at me with her mean mug which made me smile a little. “Five minutes” she held up five fingers letting me know she wasn’t playing with me. “Talk” she demanded. I didn’t want to waste any more time with her so i started to talk.

“This morning when i left i got a call from Tim... about Keisha that’s where i went” i told her keeping It short she should have known from there where i was going with it. After I told her I saw her face relax a little but I knew she was still tryna figure out how Alexis got my number.

“Alexis getting my number babe, i honestly don’t know.. the first time i saw her was at your birthday party, she didn’t come near me the whole night.. when she texted me it was early in the morning” i told her looking in her face. I paused them kept going “When she texted me it was late i wasn’t gone text her back, hell nah that’s wild disrespectful knowing you laying next to me. It slipped my mind to tell you babe.. honestly that shit wasn’t important” i could understand why Mina was upset i mean who would want their cousin texting thier man about some dick.

She didn’t respond right away. I guess she took everything in. “I’m sorry” she said, sounding like she was on an urge to cry. I just let her finish.

“I’m sorry for putting my hands on.. i was just so upset.. I’ve been going through this my whole life basically being in competition with my whore ass cousin and to know that y’all messed around my anger got the best of me, i felt like i could speak on it now because you’re actually mine now, when we was younger i couldn’t say nothing because everybody just thought we was “friends” but she knew.. she knew that i liked you” by the time she was done talking she crying silently trying to hold back tears.

I Grabbed her and turned her body so her back was facing my front with my arms wrapped tightly around her with my head sitting on top of hers.

“Ma chill. There’s definitely no competition so stop all that crazy talk.. i understand where you was coming from all this shit crazy, but I’m apologizing to you for even fucking around with your cousin that was foul on all levels, also making it seem like that’s where i went this morning i was just so focused on one thing i wasn’t worried so i apologize” She took a deep breath and relaxed her body into me more laying her head on my chest.

“I forgive you.. i just want us to be okay.. something or somebody always feel the need to fuck something up.. didn’t they want us to be together.. why when we finally get together shit starts happening” she told me stressing.

“Babe they haters, that’s what they gone do but fuck them it’s about us. Long as we not letting outsiders in, we gone be straight believe that” i said finding myself rubbing her stomach. “And plus we got a little nugget growing now we don’t need that type of stress” i said looking down at her stomach then kissing her forehead.

She nodded her head letting me know she understood everything that i was saying. “You were smoking?” She asked me.

I chuckled “yeah i looked smacked?”

“Do you.. you better not have been smoking in the car where my kids gotta sit” she said turning into mommy mode.

“You like saying my kids don’t you?” I said smirking at her. “Soon babe we have to get a minivan” i said laughing making her laugh.

“Minivan my ass” she said starting to get up. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear what i said Devon” she said still on me smoking in the car

“I heard you babe chill” i laid back on the couch fully noticing she was fully standing now like she was going somewhere. “Where you going mama”

“To check on the kids.. oh yeah we are staying for dinner your schedule is clear for the day right?”

“Yeah If it wasn’t Wayne would have been blowing me up by Now” i said back talking about my manager.

“Okay well i’ll be back, me and ma have to run out to the market” she said looking down at her phone checking the time. I just sat there admiring her beautiful features.

“Come here” I said in a low tone. She walked over to me and stood in front of me. I grabbed her waist and started pulling her hoodie up so I could talk to the baby.

“Hey baby.. i love you, you’ve been giving mommy a hard time already.. i just know you’re a girl because that’s all mommy wants but whatever you are we are gonna be happy” i whispered to her so nobody can hear me. We decided on not telling anybody yet just until we got through the first trimester i was cool with that i wasn’t a big fan of telling my business anyway.

“You crazy” i looked up at a smiling Mina

“You love me” I said standing up wrapping my arms around her neck.

“That I do” she said, kissing me. Before I could finish kissing her we got interrupted by my moms and the kids running in.

“Good you two finally made up, you ready Mina?” My Moms said.

“Ma why you assuming that something was wrong we was good” i told her laughing a little.

“Don’t tell me what i was assuming boy” she said going to grab her keys I’m guessing

“Wassup pops?” Malik said walking up to me

“hi daddy” Kylie said following up. I looked over at Mina because I was confused. She looked at me and just started smiling and laughing.

“Pops?” I question Malik. “What happen to daddy?” I asked him picking Kylie up then kissed her cheek. I was a little sad because he wasn’t a baby anymore. I guess daddy was getting too old for him.

“I’m not a baby anymore” he said looking up at me. “Ima big boy” he pointed to himself.

“Yeah but you my baby” I told him fake pouting. I didn’t want my son to grow up shit neither of them. I wanted them to be little forever but good thing we had another one baking.

“Aww i’m still you baby right?” Kylie asked me grabbing my face.

“Of course” and I kissed her again.

“Alright I’m ready baby” my mom said walking into the room. Making me wonder where my pops was at

“Aye ma.. where pops at?”

“He over at Fallon’s she said she needed something put together you know when that girl says jump he be like how high” she said making me laugh. It wasn’t no lie Fallon was my cousin on my dad side and since my dad didn’t have any daughters she was the closest thing to a daughter. I didn’t say anything, I just nodded.

“Y’all want to come with mommy or stay with daddy?” Mina asked the kids

“YOU” they yelled out. Well damn. It didn’t bother me i needed a nap anyway.

“Wake me up when y’all come back mama I’m bout to be out” i said laying down on my mama couch.

“Alright I love you” she told me tryna leave without giving me a kiss. The kids too.

“Hey where daddy love at” I said to all of them. The kids ran over hugged and kissed me and Mina did the same right after the them

“Devon better get your big ass off my couch and go sleep in one of those rooms” i just closed my eyes not listening i was already comfortable.

“Heard Juu” and with that they all left the house and I closed my eyes.

What a morning..

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