Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 34

Two months later..

Monday June 1st


Heather Milan Williams POV.

“And!!! that’s a wrap.. Amazing Heather as always.. get dress then come check the pictures out” Tom the photograph said.

“Whew thank god, i felt like i was gone throw up.. i hope i sure didn’t look like it” ever since yesterday I’ve been feeling sick to the stomach out of nowhere i didn’t know if i ate something or not but now it was starting to annoy me.

I was currently at my photoshoot. I decided not to give modeling up. I had a talk with Ryheem about it and he told me not to give it up just for the simple fact that’s where I started; where it got me now. I never was gone fully forget about it i was just gone start focusing on my music career to see where it goes. Which I’ve been doing. After the innocent with Luke i stopped working with him. I told Ryheem about what happen with the whole kiss thing he wasn’t to happy and i could understand he didn’t talk to me for a whole 24hours. It felt like the worst day of my life i guess he couldn’t hold out no longer then i did and popped up at my house one night looking like he just left the club. We talked and we both apologized and now we were good. He told me I couldn’t work with him anymore. I respected that; he also told me if I wanted to do music he could pay for my studio time at the studio where Dev worked. I was cool with that, he was willing to invest in my career.

But in the meantime I wasn’t missing out on my modeling. money was to still be made, so i started up back on my modeling this was my first day back at that and i felt sick as a dog and i still had to go to the studio tonight. I walked into my dressing room, I came up out of these clothes and fast, I put on my sweats and a t-shirt. In the midst of doing so my phone started to ring. I went to grab it off the vanity to the right and saw that it was Ryheem. I smiled while answering his FaceTime call because I missed him all day. Who knew having a one night stand led to this, when I first saw him I just wanted to fuck him but it didn’t work out that way because of course feelings got involved after the next few times we hooked up so now we can’t seem to stay away from each other.

“Hey boo.. I miss you” I said soon the call connected.

“Wassup Choc, I miss you too baby” he said smoking his weed. I looked at his surroundings and I could tell that he was at the studio with Dev.

“How was your shoot? I know you killed it” he said looking at me.

“From what he told me they are amazing I didn’t get the chance to look at them yet I was finishing up getting dressed” I told him sitting my phone down and gathering my things. “Hopefully they look as he say cause I feel like shit”

“Damn choc the ginger ale didn’t work before you left the crib?” He said, sounding concerned.

“No, nothing seems to be working.. I didn’t throw up yet thank god” I told him walking out the dressing room making sure I got everything

“You think you gotta make a ER run?” He blew smoke into the camera. While looking at me .

“I shouldn’t need to, but I’m about to look at these pictures. I’ll call you when I leave here boo” I told him.

“Heard Ju” he said and the call ended.

I went to check the pictures out from Tom. When he pulled them up I was surprised because they were some dope pictures and I didn’t look sick.

“Oh these are dope Tom” I told him, actually excited about them.

“Yeah see I told you” he said, giving me a side hug.

“Alright so I’ll email you these and i’ll go from there” he said closing out.

After he showed me and told me everything about sending them to me I said goodbye to him and walked outside to get in my car. I was pushing an all white G Wagon. I put all my stuff in the back seat of my car but before I could open the door for me to get in I heard my name being called.

“Heather?” I turned around to see luke but turned back around, Why was he standing here?

I turned around to face him. “What are you doing here Luke?” I crossed my arms over my chest looking at him then speaking again “stalking me now” I asked with a lot of attitude.

“My Apologies” he said holding his hands up in defense mode but he had that stupid Smirk Across his face. “I just wasn’t sure if it was you or not but I see my guess was right”

“Well it’s me” I said, opening my door. “And I’m gone,” I said, jumping in, closing my door, then Starting my car up and leaving him there. Why was he there anyway.

I decided to head to the studio early just so I could chill with Ryheem until my time started. He didn’t know I was coming. It was a surprise. Before then I decided to stop by the gas station to grab me another ginger ale. I was the person that always waited to the last minute to do anything I could have done and went to the hospital to check this shit out but being me I was okay. After I made my stop I was on my way to the studio.

At The Studio...

I was walking through the door of the studio and was met with the receptionist Sabrina. This was the same girl mina got into it with, ever since she knew I was coming to the studio more especially when she found out that me and Mina was bestfriends the bitch didn’t like me, of course I didn’t care I still was being petty and kept speaking to her, I was only speaking because she had to speak back. I knew she didn’t want to but it was her Job. So I made her job much harder by making her speak. It was her mad ass fault anyway she should have been doing her job.

I chuckled. Then smiled “Sabrina” I said walking past her. “Mad ass bitch” I mumbled and continued my way not even waiting for a reply.

I went straight to the back towards Devon’s studio session as soon as you got close enough to the door, you heard the loud music and people talking and a bunch of smoke coming from under the door. I already know it’s gone be bitches in there it didn’t faze me long as they weren’t in Devon’s or Shooter’s Faces.

When I walked in Devon was in the booth recording with his eyes closed looking like he was in the groove when I looked around I saw some of their friends with bitches on each lap, when my eyes finally landed on Shooter in the cut bobbing his head to the music and smoking. I smiled because I was happy as shit these bitches weren’t all over him. That just saved them the ass whooping. I didn’t want to have to snatch one of these bitches frontals off. We finally locked eyes and he got up and started walking towards me to greet me.

“Damn Alexis where you go?” One of the girls said as the door opened which made me turn around to see what Alexis she was talking about and when I turned around true indeed was it Mina hoe ass cousin. When she saw me she started smiling like it was something to smile about. I didn’t like this bitch for nothing and she knew it too, plus I dared her to say some fly shit to me now Mina wasn’t here to save her ass.

“If it isn’t my Cousy bestie.. Heather” I laughed at this bitch because this was so high school. I got tired of talking already and i didnt give it a chance to get started.

“Wassup.. what’s ya problem sis?” I told her I wanted to fight now. I always wanted to fight her but I didn’t because again Mina. I heard she could fight because of her dad but that shit didn’t mean shit to me I wasn’t scared of her I wasn’t scared of nobody for that matter. I was Born fucking bitches up. It’s like you had to learn to fight growing up in Philly because bitches always tried you like she was doing now.

By now we had the whole studio looking at us. The room wasn’t that big so I knew they could hear us. By now Dev was looking at us through the booth looking confused. I could tell he didn’t know she was in the studio.

“Do it look like I have one” she said looking at her nails pretending like she was being unbothered. See what I mean high school.

“Yeah.. you actually do.. you know I don’t fuck with you so don’t speak my name, if you not tryna throw hands you shouldn’t be speaking to me.. period” I told her now turning the hood side of me on.

“Bitch who the fuck is you-” before she could even finish i socked her right in her face.

Soon I hit her. She went straight for my hair, we were going at each other and good too. Both of our hands was swinging fast as hell like we been waiting for this day to come and when it finally came we was fucking each other up, but not for long.

“Choc let go Baby” Ryheem told me but I didn’t listen I still wanted to fight. By now I had this bitch in a head lock Almost and was still fucking her up. I kneed her twice in her face.

“ALEXIS OH MY GOD GET UP” her dumb ass friend yelled out. How she was gonna get up, she couldn’t.

I finally gathered my weight and used all of it to swing her to the ground which happened. Once she was on the ground I brought my leg up high as I could...

“Heather come on sis you got her” Dev said, grabbing me right before I was boutta do this bitch North. Oh I was mad because I wasn’t done. I hate when my fights get broken up.

“Bro grab ya girl she wildin” dev said Yelling at Shooter. But In a playful way.

“What bro she called her a bitch.. I told her to let go” he said making me laugh. Dev shook his head and finally let me go. We really were just fighting on some ratchet hood shit. But I can say she took this ass whooping. I chuckled to myself.

“Yo y’all can get y’all shit and get the fuck out I don’t even know why you even here B” dev said looking over at Alexis fixing her self. I wasn’t going to fight her again but just know it wasn’t over.

“Fuck you pussy” Alexis said mad as shit over at dev.

He started laughing mad hard. “Get ya mad ass out” he said walking toward the booth to enter. By now all the girls left but Alexis she was just sitting here making her self look even more dumb.

“Pussy” she mumbled, turning to walk out but as she was walking out the door opened up.

“Oh hey Best Friend... What are you doing here?” I said walking past Alexis bumping her in the process to get to Mina but she didn’t look too happy. I wonder did dev call her down here about us fighting

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