Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 35

Heather Milan Williams POV.

“Babe what are you doing down here?” Devon said, coming out the booth walking over to Mina. He looked scared shit less. I couldn’t do anything but chuckle at how scared he was.

“You knew I was coming down here” she said rolling her eyes. “But On my way down here I gotta butt dial call” she said, flashing her phone around. Letting me know she heard what just went on.

“Babe I don’t have shit to do with that” dev said going over wrapping his arms around her.

“Aye y’all niggas put that shit out” he yelled at his homies. I didn’t understand why but I just brushed it off.

“Why are you still standing here?” I turned to Alexis because I really wanted to know.

“Oh trust me I’m leaving” she said finally getting to the door but Mina and dev were blocking it. “Weird ass bitches” she mumbled under her breath

“Can yall move?” Alexis asked.

“Bitch.. move me” Mina said but Dev was holding her back until he whispered something in her ear and then they moved letting Alexis out.

“So what the hell happened?” Mina said, blowing her breath sitting down in the chair that was next to her.

“Well your cousin” i rolled my eyes stretching the word cousin out “she started it with her smart ass mouth so I had to put the bitch in her place” I told her straight up.

“You already know how I am and now that we finally fought its gone be on sight every time” I told her. She shouldn’t care anyway after what she told me what she did when she seen her in the market. I’m more surprised she didn’t smack her upside her head. Mina has been acting a little distant lately that reminds me to bring that up and see wassup with my best friend.

“You’re crazy as hell you know that?” She said bussing out laughing. “I’m glad you got to her since I couldn’t,” she said standing up, looking like she was getting ready to leave.

“Awl you leaving so soon?” I told her walking over to her.

“Yes I only came here to get Devon because somebody decided to tell their driver to take off” she said looking over in Devon’s direction rolling her eyes.

“I didn’t even know you were here, until I got that call” she said yarning covering her mouth then beginning to talk again. “Plus we gotta get ready for this flight tomorrow morning”

“Yeah that’s right I forgot you guys were leaving earlier than us” I told her grabbing my phone noticing it was almost my time for my session.

Mina and dev were flying out to Cali tomorrow morning for Devon’s birthday, we all were for that matter but me and Ryheem were flying out on the day of Devon birthday. He was having a party that night and of course we were showing love. They were only flying out earlier because Mina had a Client for a baby shower and dev had some work to do.

“Yeah you know I’m doing Heather Sanders hair and make up right?” She told me yarning yet again.

“Yeah you told me.. but before you go come listen to this new song I’m recording” I really didn’t want to show her my song I just wanted to see what was up with Mina, she didn’t look the same! One thing Mina was good at and that was running. She knew how to hide shit and well.

“Yayy.. okay let me go tell ya brother” she said walking over towards dev and Ryheem they were looking like they were in a funny ass conversation.

“It better be that funny” I said breaking both of them laughing then they both mugged me like I said something wrong. It only made me laugh. I walked over to Ryheem and sat on his lap.

“Babe I’m going to the next room,” I said in his ear.

“Iight.. keep her tight for me” he grabbed my waist and snuggled his face in my neck. That was one thing about Ryheem he was a freak and I love that shit! Our sex was amazing and I didn’t have problem with his sex game.

“She is always tight” I whispered in his ear “and always ready” I told him. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I opened my mouth for more and didn’t care that we were having a little love making session in front of everybody.

“Okay love birds get a damn room” Mina said, cutting us off. I pulled away from the kiss and looked at Mina and then started blushing trying to hide my face in his neck. I just got up.

“Ready sis?” I asked a smirking Mina.

All of sudden I got this feeling that I needed to throw up but I just pushed the feeling away and went on my way. We finally made it to my room, soon we entered Mina started looking over at the different buttons. Like a kid. Nobody was in here yet, I always needed this extra hour to myself. It gave me time to think and write.

“Oou sis you should get on a song with me pleaseee?” I told her pouting.

“Mhm no, you know that’s not gonna happen” she said sitting down at one of the open chairs.

“Damn bitch you couldn’t beat around the bush at least” i told her grabbing a chair and sitting in front of her.

“No because then you’ll keep asking acting like Leeky and I wouldn’t have no choice but to say yeah” she said laughing.

“Well at least I tried”

“So let’s hear the song, I want to hear” she told me, getting comfortable but more so excited.

“Wait before we do that, what’s going on with you?” I asked her seriously now.

“What you mean Hev?” I knew and she knew what I was talking about, she just didn’t want to tell me. If Devon was cheating on her I wouldn’t mind going to jail for “stabbing a famous Rapper” . That’s my bestfriend when she’s hurting too.

“Mina, you know what I mean you’ve been a little distant lately, you’ve been wearing sweat suits.. me and you both know you don’t wear sweat suits like that! you haven’t been coming around and the only time you get like this is when you run from something” I said, taking a deep breath.

“so tell me.. if Devon is cheating or putting his hands on you because I will-” I said getting up out of my seat but she stopped me and started laughing like something was funny.

“NO Hev. Relax ″ she told me, grabbing my arm still smiling and laughing.

“David not cheating.. or putting his hands on me.. never.. just sit” I blew a breath of fresh air thanking god.

“Good because I was about to go kick his tall ass.. I might need help but I was still gone, go for the kill” I said making both of us laugh. I guess it was really hilarious because we couldn’t stop, maybe because the fact I was gone really try to fight him.

“I’m pregnant” she spoke out once our laughing died down. I couldn’t process what she just said, I heard her i Just needed to hear it again.

“Come again” I said, holding my ear out towards her.

“Oh my god. Heather.. I said I’m pregnant.. that’s why I’ve been distant, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner it’s just that we wanted to keep it to ourselves, I personally wanted to get through my first trimester before anything.. I hope you forgive me” she told me, poking her bottom lip out. I wasn’t mad at her, she had to do what she had to do. Me Being me I was concerned because I couldn’t stand to see my best friend go through what she went through in her last relationship. I was happy that it was only good news. This time

“Aww I’m so proud of you.. congratulations” I said getting up hugging her we ended up standing up to hug each other and of course the water work was about to come.

“I’m gone, have another niece or nephew.. no forget that it is a girl” I said getting back serious bipolar I know.

“Oh gosh girl you sound just like Devon” she rolled her eyes and sat back down. This baby must really be making her lazy.

“Because we are right, so details... I want all the tea sis, how this happened, how many months” I said sitting down right after her.

“It had to Happen for sure at my party, but I’m almost four months” she said, saying it like it was normal. This pregnant lady went four whole months without telling me.

“WHAT?.. Four months you went without telling the god mom?” I said to her “and you bout to know the gender, when you find out?” I said now excited.

“After we come back from Cali we will find out, but I’m feeling bigger then I was with Malik”

“Oouuu well, let’s do a gender reveal.. I want to plan the baby shower and everything” I said putting my bid in. “what if it’s twins?”

“That actually won’t be a bad idea, Ima talk with Devon and see what he says then get back to you” she told me. “Nah no twins” she said, making a stank face.

Before I could reply back to her a knock came through the door, I looked at the time and thought it might be my engineer. “Come In” I yelled out

“My bad for cutting this short.. but babe you ready a nigga starving mama” dev said peeking his head in looking over at Mina. I smiled at how cute they were and happy About their new addition to the family.

“Yeah babe, I’m coming right out” she said starting to stand.

“aight.. aight sis I’ll see you soon” he told me shutting the door but I caught him just before it can close

“Congratulations Bro” I yelled out. He opened the door back up and smiled at Mina and then looked at me “thanks sis” and he shut the door.

“Ard sis give me love.. I’m getting outta here I got a lot to do plus feed all four of my kids” she said reaching in for a hug. I looked at her like she had three heads.

“Four sis?” I said, raising my eyebrow.

“Devon sis” she said and we both started laughing. We hugged then said our goodbyes, she was on her way out the door. I started to get ready to record when another knock came to the door. This Time it better be Him. I said to myself thinking it was my engineer this time. forreal.

I walked over this time and when I opened the door it was Ryheem. Soon as I opened the door he pushed me in and grabbed my neck roughly but not too rough where he was hurting me and I knew what he wanted so soon he entered, and I’m gonna give it to him.

He brought my mouth to his and kissed me. The kiss was intense, every time we fucked we always fucked like we missed each other and right now I missed him.

“I missed you choc” he said moaning in my mouth. But still kissing me.

“I bet you did,” I said back, running my fingers through his head. By now our bodies were moving at a fast paste, we both were hungry for each other.

“Cocky ass.. what I tell you about that” he said kissing on my neck then grabbing and smacking my ass in the process. “Take these off” he said biting my necks making me hiss.

Instead of taking mine off I started to take his off. I reached for his belt buckle undoing it, once I knew I had it he started ripping my clothes of piece by piece. By now we were butt ass naked in this studio and didn’t give a hell. That was one thing about us that we had in common: we didn’t care. That’s why I think we clicked so well.

He grabbed me and flipped my body so now that my back was towards the wall. I pushed him back a little so I could please him but he stopped me which was odd because he loved when I gave him head.

“We already played around enough.. put him in” he said which made me smirk at him. I laid back against the wall and brought his body close to mine. I lifted my leg up and he slipped him in my pussy.

“Mhmm” we both moaned out.

“Damn Choc this shit gets wetter every time” he said into my neck then sucked on it.

“Only for you baby.. now fuck me” I said demanding. I guess I didn’t have to tell him twice because he started fucking me hitting every spot like it was no tomorrow.

After about twenty minutes of fucking like that he brought both of my legs and held me. Thank god I was hitting the gym because I wouldn’t be able to be in this position he put me in.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him slowly. As we were kissing he started moving in and out of me slowly until we both came.


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