Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 36 (PART1)

Amina Joy Smith POV

June 2nd


“Fuck damn babe” Dev said nutting in me.

We just got done going yet another round. We landed in Cali early this morning and since we got here Devon couldn’t keep his hands off me. I didn’t mind though because I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. Plus his birthday was tomorrow so why not a little birthday sex.

We finally cleaned up. I needed to shower and get dressed to get ready for this baby shower I had to do. Devon was only supposed to be flying out to Cali to do a pop up shop and then was flying back down to New York, but I told him let’s just spend his birthday in Cali. I had a client to do anyway.

The Label decided that they were gonna throw him a party tomorrow night, I was fine with that even though I couldn’t do anything. So I decided to stay back and let him do his thing. He didn’t want me around all the smoking and drinking anyway. We kept the kids back in New York with Mama Faith, we didn’t need them in the mix of the party animals because I know after the club they all were gone come back here.

It finally hit me that I was really pregnant, i was loving every minute of it beside the fact this baby had me throwing up every chance I got.. We still didn’t tell anybody. I only told Heather because I couldn’t hold water and keeping something like this away from her any longer I was gone end up breaking. Now that I know my baby is growing and healthy i didn’t have a problem with telling people. Of course just our close friends and family.

twenty minutes later..

“Babe what time you gotta be out?” Devon asked me, wrapping the towel around his waist walking out the shower. We both decided to get in the shower together to make things easier.

“About 3:15” I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me then walked out the bathroom.

“You want to get in the water a bit to relax a little before you go” he said, putting on his swimming trunks.

“Yeah why not” I went into the dresser and grabbed my white bathing suit and put it on.

“Damn Mama, you look big” dev came over and rubbed my belly.

“I know babe, what if I’m having twins?” I said, praying to god that I wasn’t.

“Then we just having twins mama the doctor didn’t mention anything about” he kissed my forehead and walked away towards the dresser grabbing his weed and backwoods. “Come on baby”

“Wait, does this look right?” I asked him showing him me in my bathing suit.. I felt fat.

“Of course.. you look beautiful” he said, stopping to look at me. “Come here” he reached for my hand. He took my hand into his, pulling me into a hug.

“You look gorgeous boo” he told me, grabbing my chin and smiling down at me.

“My daughter making you glow ma”

“Thank you handsome” I kissed him.

“Now come on Fat Mama” he let go and started pulling my hand with him. I made sure I grabbed my phone on the way out. We walked through the house until we ended up at the back.

“Go head mama get in here ima smoke this first ″ he told me sitting down on one of the chairs wasting no time lighting his weed.

“Ima just wait for you babe, I’m not gone get all the way in” I said squatting down to sit on the edge of the pool. While he decided to do that I went on Instagram just scrolling.

“Hey babe when you think we should start telling everybody about the baby?” I asked Devon, still looking down on my phone.

“I’m just waiting on you mama” he said now standing putting the weed out. “Are you ready to tell people?”

“You could have kept smoking” I looked up at him.“But I guess I’m ready now it doesn’t matter... oh yeah Heather wants to throw us a Gender Reveal party” I told him remembering I had to tell him that.

“I’m cool with that, ″ he looked, licking his lips. “You looking real good right now” i knew the little bit of weed he smoked kicked in by now. “Take a picture, we gonna tell everybody like that” he said laughing

“No babe that’s not a good way,” I said giggling back. Our family would be so upset if we sent them a text telling them I’m pregnant.

“So what, this our baby anyway.. shit they better be glad we are telling them” I just rolled my eyes. Passing him over my phone. I did a little pose and he took the picture.

“Let me see it” I grabbed my phone out his hand as he was getting into the pool.

“Aww babe look at my little belly” I said, getting emotional and excited.

“I know she’s growing fast” he walked over to me and grabbed my stomach with his huge hands.

“So old man how you feel about to be the dirty 30” I smirked down at him. Sitting my phone down but far away where it won’t get wet.

“Chill with the old man stuff” he grabbed me off the edge of the pool bringing me into the water. I wrapped my legs around him with my arms around his neck.

“Nigga You better not drop me” I pointed my finger in his face. He hated that some much.

“Babe what I tell you about them long ass fingers” he said moving my finger out his face. I just rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry” I poked my lip out at him.

“You straight mama”

“So do you have any plans while I’m gone?” I asked dev looking over his features smiling at him loving this moment.

“Yeah I got a pop up shop and radio Interview” he walked us back over towards the edge of the pool.

“Aww babe that mean you might not be here to bring your birthday in with me?” I said, unhappy about that. It was his birthday. I personally thought he should have cleared his schedule out so for his birthday weekend he could relax. But Devon being him he said it was just another day for him nothing was stopping his bread. I respected that so I didn’t complain nomore. I was happy his label was throwing him a party for him, he works so hard and goes so hard for his family. I just want him to be able to enjoy himself.

“I know mama, but money doesn’t sleep” he told me reaching for my phone. “You know I’m not big on birthdays anyway” I just rolled my eyes. I’ve been trying to break the habit of Devon not liking his birthday for as long as I’ve known him, but nothing seems to break him. He was super stubborn.

That didn’t stop me. I still wanted to do something special for him. So I decided I was going to cook and decorate the house since I knew he was going to be out late. That way I had time to do everything. Back in New York I went out shopping for his gifts. It was hard tryna keep his nosy ass away but I did. I went to the mall one day and went into all his favorite stores. Each store I was dropping something on this boy but I didn’t complain because he always did the same to me.

“Don’t remind me, but let me get ready” I got up and took my time at the same time Making sure I wasn’t hurting myself or the baby.

“Dammit babe I gotta take another shower” I told him walking towards the house. Even though we didn’t stay in the pool that long I didn’t want to smell like I’ve been in the water.

“Ima stay out here for a minute” he got out of the pool walking over to the chairs and sitting down. Of course grabbing his weed.

“Okay I’ll be out in the next hour or so,” I told him walking back in the house.

I was washed and dressed ready to be on my way. Devon walked in the room with his towel. I guess he was getting ready to leave too.

“mama my driver gone take you and pick you up or you want to drive?”

“I want to drive,” I told him, making sure I had everything in my case with all my hair products that I needed for today.

“I’m about to start getting dressed before they start blowing my shit up” he walked into his closet to pick his outfit out.

“Okay babe give me a kiss” I walked in behind him. I grabbed his face towards mine. Before getting a kiss we had a mini stare down then I kissed him twice. I knew if I stayed any longer he was gone have my ass turned over in this closet and I didn’t need that. I tried to pull away but he pulled me Back “you can’t stay an extra ten minutes” I looked at him like he was crazy with his horny ass.

“No I can’t babe.. I gotta go” I told him kissing him again but this time he let me go. “I love you” I told him as I walked out the closet.

“I love you ma.. I’ll see you later” I walked out the room to exit the house. “And drive safe with my daughter” he yelled out to me. Devon always complained how fast I drive any time he let me drive he was always scared. I ignored him and kept going on my way.

Two hour later..


“Mina it’s been so long I haven’t seen you in forever” Kylie Jenner said walking up to me.

“Hey mama.. how’s it going” I told her, bringing her into a hug. Noticing her baby bump. I met Kylie through Heather even though she was young she was really cool. I didn’t understand why people didn’t like her.

“Congratulation mama” I knew she was pregnant. I guess she couldn’t hide it anymore.

“Aww thank you” she pulled away and looked at me. “I really came over here because I’m gonna need my hair done for my baby shower also.. I loved how heathers look” she told me. I finished Heather’s hair and now I was sitting around a little before I left.

“Oh yeah take my number and we can go from there, I’ll give you my personal number and my business number” we exchanged numbers and then she walked away. My time was up so now it was time to leave so I can have everything set up for dev.

I said my goodbyes to everyone and then was on my way. I made sure I had everything I came with and made my way to the nearest market.

1 hour later..

I made it back home just in time. I got all the food that I was gone cook tonight with some wine bottles and roses with candles. I noticed I didn’t talk to dev all day and I started to miss him. I decided on texting him since I know he is probably busy. I knew he was busy so I plugged my phone up to my speaker and began cooking. It didn’t take me long at all to get dinner done. I made him steak and with mashed potatoes and asparagus. I set the table up really nicely and by the time I was done my phone was ringing. Letting me know somebody was calling.

“Hey babe” I answered excitedly to hear his voice.

“Wassup mama I got ya text I was finishing up the interview, how are you feeling?”

“Oh I’m good babe, how did it go?”

“It was cool.. kept asking me shit about Berniece.. that shit was annoying... but anyway how you make out.. I miss you” I frowned.

“It went really well, Kylie Jenner wants me to do her hair for her baby shower next.. I miss you to hurry and get here” I said ignoring what he just said.

“Aight fat mama I’m like 1 hour away.. love you”

“I love you” I ended the call.

I hurried up the stairs and decorated the room and all around the tub. I walked over to his dresser and took his weed out and rolled up five blunts and sat them on the tray with his belaire bottle and then sat them by the tub. The water was already hot so by the time he got here he could just get right in.

I got in the shower really quick and In the next twenty or so I was out and decided on no clothes with just my open robe. I connected the Bluetooth and played Sade throughout the room. Dev loved Sade for some reason I don’t know why maybe because of his mom. Every hood nigga loved one singer and that was Sade for him.

“MAMA” I heard dev yell throughout the house. I didn’t say anything back because I wanted him to come find me. I was sitting in the tub just waiting for him. Two minutes passed and he came walking through the room, I guess he noticed the rose petals on his way up. He came into view and smiled at me with this big smile at that.

“Hey daddy,” I said waiting for him naked.

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