Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 36 (PART2)


“MAMA” I yelled out to Mina, opening the door, getting hit with roses and lit candles everywhere as soon as you walked in. I started smiling and blushing hard as fuck, my baby went all out I followed the roses up the steps until it hit the bed room.

“Babe” I said again, she still wasn’t answering until I saw more roses trailing into the bathroom. Soon after I opened the door Mina was naked waiting for me in the tub.

“Hey daddy,” she said smiling up at me. I started smiling my ass off once again, she always surprising a nigga I never have a female do no cute shit like this before.

“You a bunch of surprises ma” I told her walking over towards the tub.

She started moving closer to me, I stood in front of her and cupped her face and brought her lips to mine. “Wassup beautiful”

“Hey baby” she kissed me back. “Come on get naked... get in with me” she told me, sliding back over grabbing the Belaire bottle that I didn’t even know she had, then I noticed the rolled up Blunts on a tray with two glasses like she was drinking.

“Damn babe when you have time to do all this?” I asked her pulling my shirt over my head.

“Will you just get your ass in the tub” she stopped pouring me my glass and looked over at me.

“Damn im sorry fat mama” I said stop playing with her now getting completely naked and hoping in making sure I don’t fall.

“Lay back and relax baby” she passed me my glass and started to get up like she was getting out.

“Whoa where are you going?” I said, taking the glass from her hand and pulling her back at the same time.

She giggled like something was funny, looking all good and shit and thought she was leaving me here by myself.

“I’m getting out so you can relax and smoke, I’m only gonna be downstairs warming up your food up”

“Aww shit you made a nigga food to” I said grabbing my blunt and sparking it doing a little dance. “I can get used to this shit mama” I puffed on my weed inhaling and exhaling.

“This just the beginning Baby” she turned and Smirked at me and walked out the bathroom dripping wet.

After a few more minutes of smoking down three Ls I was jumping out the tub and got in the shower to wash my ass. Ten minutes later I was out and dressed in only a pair of Ethika draws. I grabbed my Belaire bottle with my glass and walked down stairs in the kitchen to see Mina talking on the phone with nothing on but a robe and a pair of black red bottoms standing in front of the microwave heating my food up. She looked good. I thought to myself, pregnant belly and all.

“Mama get from in front of the microwave” I told her walking into the kitchen. It wasn’t good to be standing in front of the microwave while it was on. It was bad for the baby. She jumped and turned around.

“Alright Hev let me call you back.. well tomorrow” she said making her and Heather laugh at the same time. The call ended.

“It smells good in here” I told her walking behind her wrapping my arms around her stomach holding her tight but not too tight. My dick started to rise right away. The microwave stopped and she opened the door.

“Alright babe go sit so you can eat” she wiggled out of my hold pushing her ass into me more.

“Damn babe this ya second time leaving me like this” I said looking down

“Okay after your gifts and food you know I got you papi... just sit” she said smiling at me and took our plates to the table. I drowned the rest that was in my glass and grabbed my bottle and took it to the table and sat and waited for what was next.

“Babe you know how i’am about you dropping money on me” I said drinking some more. Ima be done before my birthday even gets here.

“Don’t worry so much babe, just relax please” she kissed my ear and walked away. I’m guessing to get my gifts. I looked down at my food and started eating. I wasn’t going to let this shit go to waste.

A couple minutes later Mina came walking back into the kitchen dragging two big ass Gucci bags in one hand and holding one in the other also with a little bag.

“Why didn’t you just tell me to grab them baby?” I told her getting up and grabbed the bags out of her hand.

“Because I had it baby” she told me sitting down like she was outta breath.

“But you had it right” I pulled the chair by her and sat down.

She laughed “shut up.. okay let’s open your gifts” she said excited grabbing the little bag and holding it. “Open these first” she passed the big ass Gucci bag

“Mama” I looked at her sternly. I didn’t want her spending money on me. I was just gonna send all what she spent back to her account anyway.

“Devon,” she looked at me.

“Aight, I apologize” I told her, laughing, throwing my hands up in defense. I began opening the bags. She brought a bunch of clothes and shoes from Fendi, Gucci, Fear of god and mike Amiri. She gave me some dope shit.. I appreciate how all out she went, I was happy. This was amazing.

“Come here baby” I blushed at her motioning my two fingers telling her to come here.

She got up with this big grin on her face and still had this bag in her hands that I was wondering what was in it. She straddle my lap and I grabbed her ass and started rubbing on it then feeling all over her body.

“You know how i am about my birthday but this right here was amazing mama thank you I really appreciate you I love all these gifts it means a lot and it’s not even my birthday yet” I said smiling.

“You welcome baby, but everyday is your Birthday daddy, ” she said kissing me. I took advantage and it turned out to be a whole make out session until she broke it.

“Wait babe” she said pulling away outta breath. “I got one more thing” she grabbed the bag off the table putting it in front of me. “Open” she smiled at me watching me.

“What’s this?” I asked with my eyebrows pointed up at her and took the box out the bag.

“Just open” she told me, still smiling. When I opened the box. I was more shocked than surprised that she went completely all out.

“So I have a confession to make... I went through your phone and got Elliot’s number and texted him” she told me.

“Damn man I don’t even know what to say.. this shit unbelievable” I said looking down at the chains. Mina went and got me a chain with my boy money and fresh face on it, this shit was ice out too.

“Damn babe this shit iced out.. I love it man” I told her putting my shit to the side and grabbing her into a hug.

Right now I wanted to skip dinner and get right to desert and that’s what I did. I picked her up and sat her on the table and pulled her legs apart and went right in eating her pussy like it was no tomorrow.

June 3rd Devon’s Birthday

At The Club..

“Yo bro why shawty keep eyeing you” shooter said looking over at Bernice direction. She was doing this shit all night which was mad annoying. It was getting more annoying that she was showing up to every event.

“I don’t know bro.. I’m about to go take a leak I be back” I said standing up, glancing at Bernice mugging her in the process making my way through the crowd.

“Yo Dev happy birthday man” some nigga said coming into my section.

“Love nigga” I said to him walking pass him and going into the bathroom. When I got in I released the dragon. As I was finishing up I heard the door open then locked at least it sounded like a lock, I glanced over my shoulder.

“Yo what the fuck” I said zipping up my pants making sure my dick was where it was suppose to be at.

“So can you tell me why you think you can cut me off and think I wasn’t gonna say nothing the next time I saw you” Bernice said, walking closer to me.

“Yo you wilding back up” I said, mugging her then I tried to walk past her.

“I don’t appreciate your bitch turning up on me that night”

I smacked my teeth “watch ya mouth.. you bugging you still on that... man watch out” I chuckled at her this shit wasn’t funny I just wanted to get the fuck out this bathroom before these people think we was doing something.

“You know what... FUCK YOU” she said hitting me on my back. I started to go get Heather just for the simple fact I couldn’t hit a female but I went against it because it was my problem and I didn’t need her calling Mina getting her all hyped up.

“FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU B” I said turning around looking at her like she was crazy. She wasn’t my bitch and never was fuck she was acting like this for. I just fucked her; there were never any feelings involved.

“You heard me how you can just act like we never had anything.. I- I love you” she said looking like she was crying. I started to think somebody put something in her drink cause shawty was bugging out. She knew no feelings were attached. I don’t know why she was acting like this now.

“Yo shawty you buggin” I said, shaking my head, turning to open the door. I never had a female go all this way following me to the bathroom on some creep shit. I saw her watching me all night but I wasn’t worried about her. I was only here to enjoy my party for a couple hours and dip out to get back home to Mina. From the looks i couldn’t even do that

“FUCK YOU” she said crying now.

“That’s why I was pregnant with your baby”

“You was what?” I said turning around walking back over to her with a frown. “Say that shit again”

This bitch was tripping if she was having my baby. I strapped up every time. I always made sure I did.

“I-I was pregnant Devon,” she said, stumbling now.

“And how do I know it was mine?” I asked her I knew how she got around I wasn’t the only one she was fucking I knew a couple of niggas that hit.

“And why the fuck you keep saying was?” I don’t know why I was asking but I felt as though I needed to know just in case it was my baby.

“I had an abortion” after she said that I just shook my head and went on my way, the fuck you telling me about a baby for and you went and did some dumb shit. If you couldn’t prove to me that you were “pregnant” and with my baby then I wasn’t tryna hear that shit.

“You wilding” I said walking away and out the bathroom door not even thinking about looking Back. I went back to the section and a couple seconds later Berniece came walking back in going towards her girls. These bitches do anyway just to get in a section. I don’t even know why she keeps ending up in my shit. I knew people had to see us walking out the bathroom. I’m not even gonna lie, I was paranoid.

When I walked back in I locked eyes with Heather and she looked behind me and saw Bernice then looked back at me. She didn’t look pleased. I already knew what she was thinking and I wasn’t even on that. I shook my head and sat down.


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