Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 37

Amina Joy Smith POV.

Next Day.. 10:30am

“Yeah so how was the party last night, you looked like you were having fun without me” I said to Heather while we were on FaceTime.

I was up cooking Devon breakfast, he came in late last night so I know he was dead as drunk. I was tryna wait for him but I was tired, before the party started Heather stayed with me for a little because she felt bad for leaving me to party, but it was okay with me I understood.

“Um the party was.. it was fun” she said stumbling over her words all little which was kind of odd to me. I could tell she wanted to tell me something but she didn’t want to tell me, I just brushed it off because I’m pretty sure whatever it was Heather would tell me.

“Okay we’ll hold on Hev” as another call came through I looked down and saw it was Aliya. “Aliya called me to let me see what she wants,” I told her, clicking over.

“Hey Joy Joy” she said, sounding excited. Ever since Aliya found out my middle name was Joy she always called me Joy Joy. I was okay with it, she was like a little sister to me.

“Hey Aliya, how’s everything?” I asked because I haven’t talked to her for a couple weeks.

“Everything is perfectly fine... I was calling you to let you know that I saw that you were in Cali and I’m here too on a little dance class tour. I wanted you to come out and help me tonight?” She told me. I knew right there I had to tell her I was pregnant, but of course not over the phone. But being pregnant wasn’t stopping me. I still could dance.

“Aww you know I would love to boo, just send me the address and I’ll be right there” I told her, finishing up Devons breakfast and putting his plate in the microwave.

“Yayyy, and I can’t wait to see you so much to catch up, I’m sending it now.. later babes” she told me.

“Later” I said, ending the call. I guess I got something on my list to do today.

I finished up everything and cleaned up the kitchen a little, as I was moving around the kitchen my phone started ringing. It was Heather. “What happened to calling me back?” She said soon the call connected.

“Nobody told y’all to stay in a hotel and we wouldn’t have to worry about that.” I told her walking towards the steps to wake Devon up.

“If y’all want to hear us fucking all damn day then I’m all for staying with y’all” she sticked her tongue out at me.

“Ew bitch.. but anyway aliya doing a class you are coming with?” I told her finally getting to the top. “Damn these a lot of steps” I said out loud.

“Yeah that sounds like a plan, come get me before you go”

“Okay, we’ll get dressed now because you know she wants to teach me everything before class starts. I said walking into the room seeing dev sitting up on the phone talking to somebody. When he noticed my voice he turned around looked at me then turned back around.

“Okay bye” then I hung up. I walked over to Devon and stood in front of him but not to close right at the night Stand. He looked up at me again. But he was still into his conversion, I guess he was busy so I started to walk away to go to the bathroom. As I was walking he pulled my arm back making me turn back around.

“Aight nigga off my line” he said staring at me and hanging up at the same time. I just stood there not saying nothing.

“Damn Goodmorning Mommas?” He said, pulling me into him kissing my ear.

“Good Morning daughter” he spoke to the baby rubbing my stomach. That’s one thing about Devon he loved his children, he was always big on family.

“I made you breakfast, I was coming up here to wake you but I see you up already” I told him, turning around in his arms.

“Yeah that was bully calling me telling me about my schedule” he said rubbing my face.

“What you got to do today?” I asked him about his schedule.

“I gotta host tonight at some club. I forgot the name, and I gotta meet with nas he out here.. you want to come with me? I know you’re bored.” He told me “but what about you”

“Imma be okay babe trust me. You remember Aliya I told you about? She doing a dance Class mini tour I guess and she’s in Cali and want me to attend so me and Heather are doing that” I told him.

“Oh yeah” he smirked at me. “You still can dance mama” he rubbed my butt.

“Yes I still can dance, one day I’ll dance for you” I smiled up at him.

“I would love that” he said letting me go sitting on the bed. “But on the real mama I gotta tell you something” he sat me in between his legs.

“Okayyyy.. what’s that?” I asked him curious

“Something that happen at the club last night” right then and there i was hoping and praying he didn’t go out and do nothing dumb because this time won’t be no coming back.

“What did you do Devon.. just say it?” I told him, moving away from him staring at him.

He smacked his lips. “Babe why I gotta do something” I looked at him like nigga you always doing something. “Nah but I was put in a situation”

“Okay say the shit Devon” I told him getting mad because he was taken too long.

“aight calm down.. so Berniece was at the club last night and she “claims” she was pregnant with my baby” he said rubbing his hands over his face.

I didn’t even know how to take that at the moment these bitches keep popping up, and by now I was sick of the shit! Luckily, I was pregnant.

“And was as in what?” I stood in front of him with my arms crossed squinting my eyes at him. He looked at me before speaking.

“She gotta abortion.. but on the real babe I don’t believe that was my baby.. it couldn’t be she was fucking everybody i knew niggas that hit.. I cursed her ass out bad she was wilding out she called herself trapping me in the bathroom-” he said telling me but I cut him off mid sentence

“Wait what,” I said, putting my hand up in his face stopping him. “How the hell she trap you in the bathroom”

“She was watching me all night and she followed me after I was done taking my piss she barged right in” he said pleading to me. I can tell he was telling the truth. But where the hell was Heather when all this shit was going down. I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t mad at all plus I didn’t need any more stress as it is. I didn’t want to talk about this girl anymore.

“But anyway, I wanted to tell you before you get on social media and see that shit I wanted you to hear it from me first.” He told me reaching for my hands and pulled me in between his legs.

“Thank you.. for being honest with me. I’m glad you did because if I would have seen it on social media first I would of black the hell out not thinking first. But I respect it. I’m not mad.. I know my place and I know these bitches can’t take my place” I told him being honest I wasn’t gonna let these females get to me. I was still learning to trust Dev and if I wanted to do that I had to start somewhere long as he knew his limit.

“That’s real babe.. but you sure you are not mad?” He said looking up at me before laughing. I walked away and started to get dressed so I could be out.

“Yeah I’m sure, only because I can’t fuck the bitch up.. she didn’t learn her lesson the first time” I said getting my clothes out and then going towards the bathroom “go eat babe” I told him walking in and going towards the shower.

“Wait, come here, girl give me some love,” he said, walking into the bathroom doing the most grabbing my ass and kissing me roughly but gentle at the same time.

“Mhmm babe, okay go eat Ima be late” I said breaking the kiss then getting undressed.

“I be back” he smacked my ass and walked away

I took a shower and was out the next minute or so. When I got out I went to get dressed. I just put on one of Devon;s Givenchy hoodies and his Gucci hat with some shorts, I put on my Gucci slides and then I grabbed my boots to dance in, grabbed my phone and was out. Devon still isn’t back in the room he probably was downstairs smoking, when I got down there I heard a lot of noise which meant him and his homies were here.

“Babe I’m leaving” I said, making everyone turn their heads, it was smoky as shit in the house. I hated smoking in the house now because of the smell but it wasn’t my house to say anything so I didn’t.

“Congrats sis” bully said, walking over to me giving me a hug, I looked over at Devon with a smiled plaster across his face.

“Thank you,” I said hugging him back then walked over to Devon who was sitting at the bar.

“Wassup Mina” everybody that knew me spoke as I made my way over. I spoke back and kept it walking

“Text or call me when you get to wherever you are going” he said in my ear as I went in for a hug.

“Okay I will.. i love you-” he cut me off. “Where y’all damn clothes at and why you got mine on?” He said looking over me.

“I like your clothes, they are comfortable.. like I was saying I love you I’ll see you later I gotta get Heather” which made me think if shooter was here why the hell wasn’t Heather.

“Ryheem where Heather?” Everybody looked around like I had three heads even shooter dumb ass. I wasn’t calling him shooter nomore now I knew his name was Ryheem.

“Who are you talking about sis?” He responded back laughing. “Nah but she wasn’t dressed yet” typical Heather. I thought to myself. And with that I was out the door.

I made it in front of Heather’s hotel and waited for her to come out. Five minutes later When she finally came out she was Barely freaking dressed and it took her all day to get ready. But she was still cute as always.

“Wassup dike?” I said, smiling at her when she opened the car door. Heather always dressed like a little boy but her Tomboys ways were always cute. My best friend could dress.

“And why do you got sneakers on?” I asked her, pulling out from the hotel.

“You know I don’t fucking dance, I’m just going because I know you boutta fuck it up” she said sitting back.

All I could do was shake my head, Heather could dance, she just didn’t want to.. but that was fine she was going for moral support. So I decided to spark conversation and tell her about this bitch Berniece.

“So Hev let me tell you about what Devon told me this morning” I said stopping at a red light. Cali streets were so much different from New York.

“What then happened?” She responded by getting ready for the tea.

“So this bitch BURNT-niece followed Devon to the bathroom and locked him in it and started telling him that she was pregnant with his baby.. when he told me that shit sis I was hot-” I said venting until Heather cut me off.

“I saw them walking out the bathroom together” she cut me off.

“Huh.. wait why you didn’t tell me” I said getting annoyed a little this must be why she was acting a little off earlier.

“Because you’re pregnant I didn’t want to get you worked up.. and plus Devon looked like he handled it very well.. she came out the bathroom crying and everything.” She told me. But I honestly now didn’t know how I felt about that, why the hell was she crying? It must have been more said then what Devon was telling me but I pushed the thought in the back of my head and kept on to the dance studio.

“I understand” I said looking at the road again. I ignored the last comment because I didn’t want to talk about it anymore.


“5.. 6.. 7.. 8..” Aliya yelled out and the song by DJ Khalid x top off started playing. Today she was choreographing to this song. I couldn’t be more happy because I loved this song. The Beyoncé part always got me hype. It was now the end of the class and she wanted to record me and two other girls for this I didn’t mind. I know I looked big as a house. Shit at least I felt like it if I didn’t look it.

After we were done recording it was time to go. We said goodbye to everybody and now I was making my way towards Aliya.

“You know I’m so mad at you right?” She told me playfully and smiled at me.

“I know I’m sorry, we didn’t want to tell everyone yet but we let it out now” I told her talking about the baby.. when I first saw her I told her that I was with child. She was excited from the jump.

“I understand.. congrats and when we get back to NY we have to do lunch” she told me grabbing me for a hug

“Yes we do I will let you know we gone be up here for another day then we headed back” I stated. Looking over Heather she looked more than ready to go. I didn’t blame her because my legs were hurting.

“Ok great I’ll see you boo” she told me but not before talking to my stomach. After she was done we were walking over towards the car as we were going. My phone kept going crazy when I grabbed my phone. It was Instagram. I decided I was gone and check it later.

We both got in. I started the car right away and my phone started going off again. I decided to go to the app and see what the hell was going on. When I went to the app I saw Devon posted a picture of my belly with just my hands holding the little pudge I got. I can tell the last hashtag he was throwing shots but fuck it, if the bitch wanted to act stupid I guess Ima have to be retarded. I locked my phone back and drove off in my thoughts. He told the world before telling our family. They gone kill us. Well more so him because I was ratting him out. It was out now...

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