Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 38


Two days later


“Babe I think we should go to Disney,” I said to Mina. We landed in New York, and now we were in the car on our way home well to my house. since she missed the kids so much she wanted to do something for them.

“Matter of fact let’s get everybody together and make this a family trip” I told her. Looking over at her, she wasn’t feeling too good since we left Cali. Good thing she made an appointment for today and we would be able to make it. Hopefully everything was okay.

Ever since I put on social media Mina was pregnant they have been blowing my phone up, neither one of us was answering the phone we wanted to wait until we touched back down. I knew they were gonna be pissed, that’s just how our family is.. so why not send everybody out to Disney and we can have a good time.

“Yeah that’s fine” she responded back dryly. I looked over at her and grabbed her hand before rubbing her stomach.

“You’re still in pain baby?” I asked her.

“Yess” she said making a face like she really was in pain. “I should be fine until we get home”

I just smiled at her a little because she considers my home hers. Something that I have been meaning to bring up to her since now we have another baby coming how she wanted to do the living situation. Even though I wasn’t with the living in different homes I respected her wishes of what she wanted to do, especially since she just brought her house. I didn’t say anything else. I continued to rub her stomach and finished the rest of the way home.


“Amina Brewster,” the nurse said, breaking us out of our thoughts.

“You ready baby-” she cut me off.

“Punk” she said, hitting my shoulder smiling.

“That’s really cute though” I grabbed her hand helping her up.

“One day baby” I kissed her forehead and we followed the nurse.

“It feels like I’m nine months already.. this damn baby doing a lot” she told me.

“You will be in room one the doctor will be with you soon, we just need your urine” the nurse said handing the piss cup towards Mina. She grabbed the cup and went to do her business. While she did that I started to think about the baby hoping and praying everything was okay. A few minutes later Mina came walking out. I studied her belly and noticed how big she got over the past couple of days which was crazy.

“What you think it could be” she came and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I don’t know mama we bout to find out soon” I told her rubbing her stomach “everything gone be okay stop worrying so much”

“it’s hard not to think about it” she started to pout. I can tell she was starting to get emotional, it was my job to keep her calm so she won’t stress. Good thing there was a knock at the door because I couldn’t wait any longer we needed to know what was going on.

“Hello mom... dad, what seems to be the problem” she walked in putting on hand sanitizer and grabbing some gloves.

“I’ve been cramping badly. I don’t want to say it’s a contraction because it’s too early” she told Dr Daniels.

“Okay well come lay up here and we can see what’s going on?” She said doing something on the computer. I helped Mina up on the bed.

“how long has this been going on?” The doctor asked.

“For almost a week now” she responded. I grabbed her hand and stood by the bed.

“Pull up your shirt let’s get an ultrasound” Mina rolled her shirt up and the doctor put the gel shit on her belly and started moving it around.

“Okay I can now see what’s the problem and why you might be having a little pain you might be a little shaken up but it’s a good thing” Dr Daniels Said smiling, we looked at each other I was thinking something was wrong and was wondering how was having cramps good.

“What’s the problem Doc?” I asked her to hurry up and tell us the news.

“Well there’s no other way to tell you this but I found another heart beat.. meaning you’re having twins” she said smiling at us.

I looked at Mina and she admittedly started crying. She didn’t want twins just for the simple fact it was two babies, I think she was more scared to push both of them out then anything but she could do it; she did it once she can push two more times. Me on the other hand was excited.

“Yooo are you Shitting me” I said smiling mad hard looking at the babies. “That’s wild.. babe look” I turned back to Mina and started feeling bad she was really crying.

“You did this to me now Ima be all fat” she smacked my arm. I couldn’t do anything but laugh.

“Chill ma, you can’t lie that shit dope” I said smiling at her and she finally stopped trying to front and started smiling back at me.

“Yeah I guess it is pretty decent; that’s why I feel like a house”

“Yeah the little one was in hiding” Dr. Daniels replied. “But that was good news mom, I’m afraid that for the next few weeks you’re going to have to be on bed rest.. your stress level is not where it should be at.. I’m going to need you to slow down a little and now since your carrying for two drink lots a water and fruits” she told us letting us know everything by the look on Mina face I can see she wasn’t to happy about missing work, she was just gone have to deal with it and work from home.

“You heard her babe.. meaning no work” I looked at her giving her the eye.

“Oh doc we planning a family trip to Disney she would be okay flying right” I asked making sure she would be able to fly

“Oh yeah that would be fine as long as she’s relaxed and not stressing” Dr. Daniels Said “the next time you come back we should be able to figure out both genders’ ′ we both nodded and now we’re ready to go we both needed a nap before I went back to work. I had to hit the studio and I was gonna be on TRL today.

“Everything else seems fine, just take it easy I’ll print these out for you and I’ll see you in four weeks” she told us, printing out the ultrasound pictures out. “Congratulation Guys” she told us and left out.

Mina got herself together and we were out. I helped her in the car and jogged around to My side and got in. I locked her fingers right away with hers and pulled off from the doctors office and made our way to the crib.

“Mama you want anything to eat while we are out?” I looked at Mina and she had her head against the window.

“Yes, I want to get my babies something” I nodded.

“What do you want to get?”

“Wendy’s.. they love Wendy’s and hopefully my new babies will love them too” she looked down at her belly smiling. I was happy that she was starting to warm up about us having twins.

“Baby what you think about us moving in together?” I looked over at her. I finally had time to ask and now since we have twins coming we needed to get a move on things asap!

She shrugged her shoulders before answering. I can tell she hasn’t even thought about that yet. “I don’t know babe, I haven’t even thought about it yet.. I mean I just bought my house”

“I know babe I’m just asking to see where your head is. I was just thinking about it, I was thinking it was time for us to buy a house together” I told her. “Don’t stress about it right now we’ll figure it out sooner or later iight” I kissed the back of her hand.

“I understand what you’re saying babe I just need to think about it more” she responded. I nodded and left it alone.

I turned into Wendy’s and ordered our things and the kids food. After we got our food we were finally on our way home. I couldn’t be happier to crash. Soon I pulled up to my driveway. I saw a bunch of cars outside my crib and that’s when I saw my mom’s car out front and knew she was up to something.

“Fuck” I mumbled. I only gave my moms a key for emergencies only and this right here didn’t look like one she got something up her sleeve.

“What the hell my mom doing here?” Mina asked looking around. I pulled into the driveway. Good thing somebody did Leave me an open space.

“I don’t know mama let’s go find out” I turned the car off and got all the food out. I went to Mina and let her out and we walked hand and hand in my house. Soon we opened the doors we were hit with my moms and Mina’s.

“WHY THE HELL WE FIND OUT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA YALL PREGNANT” my moms yelled. Which made me laugh. I didn’t mean to because I knew she was serious but shit I couldn’t help it.

“Yeah again” Mina mom added.

“I told him that wasn’t the right way so get on his ass mothers not mine” Mina said walking into the house more.

“Wait hold the hell up girl let me see my new grand baby” Ms. Kim said going over to rubbing Mina belly.

“Babies” me and Mina spoke at the same time.

“WHAT!” They yelled. Which caused us to laugh

“Yeah we just found out.. that’s where we are coming from.

“Y’all they having twins” my mom yelled out. We finally moved in the living room where the kids, my pops, my brother, Fallon, Mina dad, and king and J was sitting waiting for us. Soon the kids seen us they came running.

“Watch mommy stomach she got babies in there” I told them picking Malik up and Kylie wanted Mina to pick her up but she couldn’t.

“Mommy got babies” Malik questioned with his thinking face.

“Yeah you ready to be a big brother again?” I asked him tickling him a little.

“Yes daddy” he laughed uncontrollably. I put him down and grabbed Kylie After she was done talking to Mina. She walked away and left to sit down.

“Before y’all asses get down my throat I’m taking everybody to Disney next week” I told everybody. Everybody got excited way hyper then the damn kids.

“Can I bring a plus one please cousin” Fallon asked me. I didn’t care long as she wasn’t bringing anybody around me. I didn’t trust nobody

“I don’t care, man” I said back to her.

“Ok dinner on me come on Kim we in the kitchen” my mom said, walking away. While they was doing that I needed a nap before today

“you alright fat mama” I lend down in her ear and said to her then rubbing her stomach. It was a habit now.

“Yes I’m okay, I’m about to go in the kitchen soon” she told me looking up at me.

“Daddy” Kylie said, holding her arms up wanting me to pick her up she pointed to Mina and I sat next to her. But she wanted to sit in my lap, I tried to move her but Mina stopped me.

“She’s fine she’s not hurting me” I left it alone.

“Come here” I grabbed Mina’s face and kissed her nice and slow. But was broken from it by Kyliei hating.

“Ima be up stairs taking a nap if you need me mama” I told her letting her go looking around for King and Jay. They were right in my face playing the game on the tv.

“Yo nigga.. we out tonight be ready” I told them walking pass. They nodded and I finished my way towards my room and straight crashed. I thought about the next couple weeks how it was going to be crazy with everybody on this trip and was praying for no drama because my baby did not need any of it. But what’s family without drama?

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