Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 4

Amina Smith POV

Same Night...

“And I still love you too,” I said, still holding on to his face looking directly into his eyes after that it got awkward.

I know he wanted to kiss me, shoot. I wanted to Kiss him too but I didn’t want to confuse things between us, plus we just got back on good terms I guess that’s what you could say. I finally let go of his face and my phone started ringing yet again, I became annoyed because I just knew it was Rasheed calling again, he wasn’t gonna stop until I answered.

“mamas won’t why won’t you just answer the bugging nigga” Devon said chuckling clearly thinking something was funny.

I looked down at my phone and it wasn’t Rasheed it said Bff.

“Fuck!!!” I slapped my forehead and I answered before she hung up, as I was answering I was about to move back to the driver seat but Devon held my waist down. I already knew what that meant because I felt him under me.

I smirked at him and sat there while answering the phone.

“Well hello best friend where the hell are you? My shoot has been over and it is now what seven.. my ass was ready and you don’t look too ready” She looked all in my background at least trying to see, I laughed at her because she always was so outspoken and didn’t give a damn but I love her.

“I know Heather I’m sorry today has been a long day for me and I just got caught up with... something” I said peeking up at Devon as he listened to me talk to Heather.

“bitch who the fuck you peeking at? Wait... why does it look like you in a car but facing the other way.... LIKE YOU SITTING ON SOMEBODY LAP MINA IF YOU BACK WITH THAT DUMB ASS NIGGA RASHEED... and by the way I did tell King and J” She said being very loud.

I just started busting out laughing but then I stopped once she said that shit you could tell I became upset with her.

“WHAT THE FUCK Heather why would you do That didn’t I say I had it?” I yelled.

“Because I couldn’t take another chance and I don’t give a fuck if that nigga in the car hear me... MY BROTHERS GONE FUCK YOU UP NIGGA” She yelled back as Devon just looked at me the entire time Heather was talking with this angry expression on his face probably already thinking why heather snapping like this and what Rasheed did to me.

“Shut up Heather.. it’s not even him” I whispered yelled at her.

“well who the fuc—” She said.

“It’s me Heather” Devon said, cutting her off. I can tell by the confused dumb ass look she had on her face she still didn’t know who “me” was.

“Who is Me?” She Responded.

“Dev Crazy girl” Devon started laughing.

“Oh my god MINA” Heather covered her mouth cause she knew damn well she said a little too much already.

“Yes Heather.. I already know what you about to ask he knows everything we was sitting here talking that’s why I got caught up and lost track of time, but Im about to ask king to keep a eye out for Lik again then II have to run home and get dressed then I’ll be on my way” I told her.

“Ard, but that’s another reason why I was calling you When I talked to J they said they was going to Devon show tonight and I wanna go so we could drive over jersey, but since I know you all boo’d up and shit I’ll let you go and just wait for your ass” Heather said back laughing.

“Ard bye love you” I said hanging up the phone but soon as I hung up, I looked back up at Dev and I can tell he was mad all cause of what he heard Heather say so I knew he wanted more details.

“Why you staring at me like that?” I Asked.

“I don’t know... you tell me, wassup with this nigga, he putting his hands on my son or something shit tell me something Amina” He looked mad, right then and there I knew he was pissed because Devon never calls me Amina. I was trying to move off his lap again cause I know once I’ll explain this Ima be crying once again like the big ass baby I am, but shit I was hurting what Rasheed did to me I never experience none of this shit in my life; and once the cat was out the bag I know for sure all hell is gone break.

“Stop Tryna move off me man stay... now I want to know everything, don’t miss shit cause either way Ima fuck this nigga up” He told me seriously.

I took a deep breath to prepare for what I was about to say next.

“Rasheed been hitting me for the past six months” I closed my eyes tightly but soon I said that he picked me up so quick and put me in the driver seat but before he could get out I sat back in his lap Quickly throwing my body against his so he wouldn’t move, I knew he was mad shit I was mad at myself for putting me and my son into this shit but I just wanted him to hear me out this would be the first time that i really talking about this situation with someone other than my best friend.

“NO! please wait listen to me Dev” I stopped him, I didn’t want him to up and leave me again.


“Why Mamas just why? you got brothers that would end any nigga if you break a fucking nail even me, why you saving this nigga babe cause I know that’s what the fuck you doing, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell at you ma I’m just upset I couldn’t be there to protect you and my son from this shit” He Stressed.

I nodded slowly wiping my face and finally looked up at him.

“Did my son see that shit?” He asked I wasn’t ready for that question cause I honestly didn’t know. When Rasheed would put his hands on me it was always at night when Malik was sleeping. By now I got myself together so I could talk.

“Can I be honest?” I Asked.

“That’s all I want mamas” He said rubbing my thigh.

“I don’t know if Lik does see it or even hear it because Rasheed always does it when he knows for sure Malik is asleep, I don’t know why he does.. But I’m done. I promise I am the last time he put his hands on me. The was the straw, it was worse than any other times when he did put his hands on me I was out of work for two whole weeks”

“what the fuck mina” He got mad looking off to the side.

“I know I’m sorry I’m mov...” soon as I was about to tell him I was moving back to New York there was a knock on the window I turn to my right and saw that it was Malik and King at my windows trying to look in but they couldn’t see that’s how dark my windows was, I moved back over to my seat to fix myself up and unlocked the doors then rolled the window down.

“Damn what the fuck y’all niggas doing in here.. y’all been in here for to got damn long” King said.

“mommy can I get in the back seat?” Malik asked.

“Yes Lik get in and tell your uncle king to mind his business” I said back more so looking at King laughing and rolling my eyes.

“yeah okay sis you might be older but you are not grown.. I just came over here cause they need you east for your part” King looked at me then Devon .

“Ard nigga here I come give me a min” he said looking back at Malik.

“KING!” I yelled out the window because I forgot to tell him I need Him to watch Malik again.

“don’t you love your big sister? Can you watch lik tonight I’m going out?” I gave him the puppy dog look while asking my little brother.

“Yeah sis but you gotta let me push ya Range I gotta hot date tomorrow” king said cheesing real hard rubbing his hands like birdman, Of course I was gone let him hold my truck long as he didint fuck my shit up I didnt care.

“damn nigga I just brought you sneakers... but Ard I got you” I said.

He knew I wasn’t gone say no.

“yeah and don't act like Heather didn't call J we gone fuck that nigga up Mina; Yo East” he tapped my window and pointed at Devon and walked away before I could even say anything.

“Leeky You want to stay with uncle king again?” I turned and looked at Malik.

“Yes mommy that’s cool” I nodded then looked over at dev and turned around so I could face Lik so I can tell Malik about Devon.

“Baby you know who this is right?” He looked over at Dev then looked over at me for approval. I just nodded my head giving him the right to speak.

“My Daddy?” Lik responded but asking more of a question.

“That’s right baby that’s your father” I smiled at him all I ever wanted was for my son to be happy and this right here lit his whole world up.

“YAY! DADDY!” Lik yelled hugging dev around the neck. Devon grabbed him so now he was sitting in his lap hugging him back.

“I love you man I promise I have you forever” He Told Him.

“I love you daddy, mommy is daddy coming back to New York with us?” Lik asked.

Dammit I thought to myself. I forgot to mention that, this night out is gone be a night I can’t remember because I’m getting drunk off my ass with the day I had today.

“Yo Mamas you running from this nigga?” He said annoyed.

“No, nothing like that I swear I’m sick of Philly.. plus I want to move my son closer to my dad because he doesn’t get to see him that often.. also I’m opening another shop and my dance studio” I said excitedly because I was excited to make this move back to the big Apple.

“Damn babe my bad but damn girl that’s wassup I’m proud of you real shit, you really do surprise me now I'm extra happy I was over here thinking how we gone work out me spending time with my son, but now that you moving back is even better” he said making me blush.

“Mommy you and daddy boyfriend/girlfriend he just called you baby” Lik asked with his thinking face on Devon spoke up before I could.

“Nah son me and mommy just have a special Bond where as though I can call her that” he spoke back looking back at me.

“babe is calling again” Devon spoke smartly as I looked down at my ringing phone, I pushed ignored again. Five minutes passed, Devon and Malik were bonding like a father and son should, we were laughing and joking around until a familiar car pulled up, a car I knew all too well.

“Mommy there go Rasheed?” Malik Said making my head pop up.

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