Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 39

Amina Smith

Two weeks later

I couldn’t believe I was really having twins, I didn’t want twins at first because that’s a lot and plus on top of pushing I was scared as I didn’t know what, but talking with dev he helped me relax about it and I learned to warm up to the fact that I was. We were finally in Disney. The kids haven’t sat down since, Devon rented out a big beach house for everybody. On this trip would be Me, Heather, Ryheem, both dev and my mother, my dad and his dad plus my dad “plus one” as he keeps calling it, still to this day he never said the lady name and she just as dumb walking around with him. his little brother Richard, bully, along with my brothers, Fallon and her “plus one” that nobody knows about, they were supposed to be here by now she told Devon they missed their flight and won’t be in until tonight. I won’t be doing too much on this trip because I was still on bed rest, so I was taken this time to start looking for schools for Malik.

I was sitting in our room on my laptop looking over emails for my businesses making sure everything was running smoothly. I was so upset I couldn’t be on my feet that much but anything to keep my babies safe was all I was worried about. After I was done with that I found myself looking for houses. I had a lot of thoughts about what dev was saying to me and decided we should just buy a house together he doesn’t know yet I plan on telling him today.

“We have to tell mommy” I heard Malik yell. I started smiling and was wondering what they do now.

“Yeah come on but keep it down mommy might be sleep” I heard dev say back, few seconds later him

Kylie and Malik came walking through the door. “I thought you were sleep mama” he came and sat at the end of the bed. He look wore out from playing wit the kids

“No, I was bored looking at houses,” I told him, smiling at him.

“Shittin me” he said smiling back at me. He was excited.

“Yup, I think we should do it.. I thought about it, since my mom is coming to move up Imma let them have it. She just gone be paying me” I told him. I forgot my mother was tryna move up here for the longest and now is her chance. I’m gonna be so sad because I literally fell in love with my house.

“Damn babe you gone let ya moms pay” he said laughing at me like something was funny.

“Hell yeah.. ain’t shit free” I said back. Hell yeah nothing in the world comes free the way they made me be independent growing up I worked hard for everything I got, even though we had money they showed us what the real world was like, which I’m glad they did because I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“That’s wild.. but I understand ma but you already know Ima keep paying on it” he told me. I looked over at the kids sitting on the couch in our room watching something on the phone, Malik must have forgot what he had to tell me.

“What time does Fallon flight get in and you know who she is bringing?” I asked Dev.

“I don’t know hopefully it’s before dinner, I got a chef and everything coming I want everybody there... hopefully it’s nobody thats on that bull shit” he said getting up and I followed him so I could get dressed. I figure I’ll go get some sunlight.

Knock knock.

“Come in” I yelled to whoever was on the other side.

“We’re going outside; you okay to come?” Heather said poking her head inside our room. I told her about everything with the twins and how I was put on bedrest she was so worried. She knew how my pregnancy went with Malik so I knew she was gone be on me 24/7.

“Yes we were just getting ready to come out give us a sec” I told her. She nodded and shut the door. I went over to the dresser and pulled my white with red flowers all over it on. My hair was in a sleek ponytail that I left one of my stylists to do. It was cute

“You ready babe?” I questioned dev he was in the closet doing something, so of course my nosy ass wanted to see.

“Yeah hold up” he told me, rolling up. I let him do that while I checked on the kids.

“Babies y’all ready?” They looked up at me

“Mommy where are we going?” Malik questioned.

“Mommy Just want to get some fresh air, do y’all want to come or sit and watch trolls all day?” They both looked at each other which was hilarious

“TROLLS” they yelled out. I guess it was trolls. These damn kids could watch some trolls. I don’t know what was with this movie. All the kids loved it though, they were going to mess around and turn into a troll.

“Okay let’s go see who got the tv in the living room” I grabbed Ky hand and started to walk.

“Mommy” Ky reached her hand up. I wanted to pick her up so badly but I couldn’t.

“I can’t mama” I grabbed her hand and we made it down the stairs.

“Well look who’s up and walking” Mama Faith said.

“I know I just needed to relax a little bit” everybody knew my situation of what was going on, they treated me like I was handicap.

“Yeah she can’t be stressing my kids out” Dev said, walking in jumping in the conversation.

I rolled my eyes and sat the kids up with trolls and made my way outside to see Heather and Ryheem. Dev came out shortly after.

“LITTTTEEEE ITTTTT” Devon yelled. He always saying that dumb shit before he smokes. Long as it wasn’t around me I was good, the smell of weed turned my stomach so bad now I hated it. Shooter hopped right up and made his way over to him leaving just me and heather.

Me and Heather started talking about Any and everything until the guys came back over high as a kite.

“Damn babe stay like that take a picture” Dev said to me which made me laugh I don’t know why. He took the picture and I hurried and looked at it because he loved taking pictures and posting them right away. It was cute. My little belly was poking.


By now it was almost time for dinner. The chefs that Dev hire had the kitchen smelling good and I was more than ready to feed us.

“Grandma say come eat” Malik said before running back. We all got up and walked to where dinner would be.. it was a nice set up. All the food was laid across the table, I started to see everybody crowding around the table taking their seats. We made sure the kids were seated and Dev came and pulled my seat out for me and I sat with him sitting next to me.

My mom sat across from me. I happened to look up and she had a mug across her face looking at something or should I say someone. I turned around to look and it was my dad walking over with his “plus one” . This could either go one or two ways and I was hoping it wasn’t gonna go the first way. Everyone was now seated at the table but Fallon and her friend I don’t know if she was trying to make a grand entrance but I sure as hell wasn’t waiting for her to eat she’s tripping.

“Hello everyone this Angela my girlfriend” my dad spoke. I looked up at him once he said girlfriend because he didn’t tell anyone about this. I looked towards my mom who looked at my dad mad as hell.

“I don’t think we give a shit who she is” she said back which shocked the hell out of me. I looked between the two and didn’t say anything. I didn’t have time for this shit.

“Hello Angela.. welcome” I said looking back “I’m Amina my dads daughter I’m not sure if you remember me from last time”

“Yes I do. You’re so beautiful” she said smiling.

“Thank you” I said smiling back, turning back around while everybody else greeted her, which I thank god for I didn’t want it to be more awkward then what it was. I looked back up and this time my mom was grilling me. I gave her the “what” look. Thank god she dropped it and Angela didn’t say anything back.

“So im gonna bless the food, is that okay son?” Devon mother asked since he was the one that was Muslim.

“Yeah that’s cool ma.. do ya thang” he said back.

Soon as mama Faith was about to start we got interrupted. “Wait for us we here” I turned around and it was fallon and her “plus one” soon as I saw who her plus one was I immediately got mad and slammed the table, pushed my chair back and walked away.

Why would she bring this bitch? And here?

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