Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 40


“Yo you shitting me right now” I said standing up grabbing Mina’s hand before she could get far.

“Sit back down babe” I told her before turning to Fallon.

“You think it was cool to pull some bull shit like this?” I asked Fallon, awaiting a answer

“Babe I’m going back to the room; I don’t have time for this,” Mina said.

“No sit down” i told her harshly i didn’t mean to but i was mad as hell. I didn’t understand why my “cousin” thought it was okay to bring her on a family trip anyway. She wasn’t family

“Everybody relax-” Mina dad started to say but was cut off by Mama Kim.

“Yo ass shouldn’t be saying shit at this table worry about Amber over there” Kim said being smart making the table chuckle.

“Kim chill the fuck out” pops said mugging her but that shit didn’t scare mama Kim at all. By now all the attention was on them i didn’t know what the problem was with them i low key think they was still fucking.

“And it’s Angela” the lady he was with said which i don’t know why cause mama was a fire cracker.

“Bitch you’re gonna be Ashley next don’t say shit to me I’m talking to my husband” mama Kim said and everybody looked at her then at Kyree even Angela she didn’t even know either. I thought they were divorce i guess that was another story for another time.

“Son can we all sit down and figure this out.. please” my mom begged me if it was anybody else i would have told her straight up no. I looked at her then back at them. I grabbed Kylie and sat her on my lap since she was crying for me, I made sure Mina was good and everybody crowded around the table again.

“So Marie tell him why you’re here-” my mom said which confused me as she was in on this shit to the whole time so i cut her off.. I was over this shit now.

“Hold up hold up” I said waving my hand around. “Pause.. you mean to tell me you knew this shit to ma?” I questioned her, I didn’t mean to curse at her but she knew how I was out of all people my moms though since when she had a change of heart.

“Watch ya damn mouth boy” my pops said. I looked over at him then back at my moms and shook my head. She looked sad but you did it she probably was listening to Fallon fake ass, that’s all my pops did was baby her and anything my pops said my moms was always with it.

“So you mean to tell me i gotta go a whole week sitting around her knowing-” i stopped myself and got up. “I’m over this shit.. y’all can have it I’m out” i grabbed Malik hand.

“come on babe” i didn’t have to tell her twice she was already on the move.

As we were walking past, Fallon had a smile on her face. I guess Mina caught it. I knew she was trying to stay stress free but she couldn’t hold it anymore

“Bitch I’ll wipe that smile off ya face.. KEEP TRYING ME!!” she yelled i knew now i had to get her cause she was mad and could swing at any moment this whole dinner went left in front of the chef.

“She’s not worth it babe.. she done” i said looking down at Fallon.. I was completely done with her, she crossed major lines. It was dub for her.

“Wait Dev.. please can we talk.. im better now.. hi mommy’s baby” Marie said trying to grab Kylie but she hugged my neck tighter so i won’t let her go. She fucked me up now you up and a changed woman you can feed my moms and them with that shit but not me I knew you better then them.

“That’s a dub shawty, fuck off me” i said finally be able to walk away. This whole dinner was fucked up. Now i had to figure out how the hell i was gone be able to go this whole week fuck the rest of tonight with her in the same house as me. We all made it back to my room, i needed to smoke like now but i wanted to make sure my family was straight.

1 hour.

We had the kids washed and sat up in the bed watching tv. I grabbed the lotion and sat at the end of the bed and decided on massaging Mina feet. I knew she was still hot, but I knew this would relax her.

“You good mama” i asked her, she hasn’t said much since we left the table and i knew she was thinking about it. I didn’t need her building that shit up inside it can cause stress, at the moment anything can cause stress.

“I’m ok baby.. I’m just confused with your cousin...from my parents” she said to me venting a little. “I understand your cousin don’t like me and trust me i don’t like her ass either it’s no coming back from that she went to low trying to make a point she too old to be doing shit like that i’m just over it Ima act like them bitches not there they not gonna mess this trip up for my kids.. nobody is” she told me, i just nodded and continued rubbing her feet while doing this it calmed me down a little too, I was just glad she was relaxed now.

“I’m proud of you” I told her I really was because she didn’t go off like I knew she would. Pregnant or not Mina can Rip.

“For what?” She smiled at me.

“No going the hell off.. my babies okay?”

“Yes they fine babe, I’m just gonna chill out with the kids for the rest of tonight.. i didn’t like how she scared my bestie” she told me getting mad again.

“I know mama she is not going anywhere near her this whole trip. I will make sure of that.. this shit wild” i shook my head just thinking about it.

“Okay I’m about to go smoke babe i be back, try and wait up for me” I kissed her then the kids.

“Be good for mommy” i told both of them of course Malik had to question me like he was my pops.

“Where are you going?” He looked at me with a mad face.

“Outside kid i be back” i rubbed his head.

“Can we go?” I thought about it, since they didn’t eat I figured I’ll take them down so they could.

“Yeah come on you hungry?” I started to grab Kylie but she moved over towards Mina.

“What’s wrong pretty?” I asked her concerned.

“Me stay with mommy” she said, hugging Mina around her belly.

“Okay trader Ima bring your food okay” I told her, kissing her forehead and grabbing Malik picking him up and we were out.

Soon i got down to the kitchen Mama Kim, my moms, Fallon and Marie were standing in the kitchen soon i entered they started to shut up. Mama Kim was steadily grilling Fallon and Marie, she didn’t play that shit about her daughter. I’m surprised she didn’t say anything yet.

“Y’all can finish.. I’m here to feed my kids” I put Malik down and grabbed three plates because I knew Mina was starving. I started moving around the kitchen. I was happy it was a big kitchen so I won’t have to bump into Fallon or Marie, I was done making their plates and I heated Malik’s up when it was done. I put Ky and Mina’s in the microwave.

“Son come eat” I sat his plate at the table, I picked him up and sat him in the chair so he could grub.

“I be back” I told him, walking towards the back door that was there.. it was beautiful out here i rented out a big ten bedroom beach house this shit was beautiful.

“Son can we talk for a moment?” My mom stopped me before I could open the door. I really didn’t feel like hearing nobody’s story.

“No disrespect ma.. but not right now” i told her walking completely out. I walked a little down on the beach and sparked up getting left in my thoughts, I was enjoying the sound of the waves coming through until I was knocked out of them. Which annoyed the shit out of me.

“Devon Can we-” Marie said walking towards me. I cut her off. I didn’t want to hear shit this girl had to say, she was my baby mom so I knew I had to have some kind of respect for her but was she being respectful when she was doing all kinds of shit to my daughter.

“NO, we can’t do shit ain’t shit to talk about that’s a dub… take me to court to talk to me” i told her straight up.

“Please just hear me out, I was fucked Up i was put in a bad Situation-” she said almost crying.

“Bad situation?” I chuckled and took another pull from the weed and blew it out before speaking.

“Do you know you put your- MY daughter, your fucking blood in a more fucked up or my bad “bad situation” then anything she remember that shit you fucked my baby up for life you can’t take that back.. i don’t think Ima ever forgive you for what you did so fuck out my face with that crying for help shit” i told her trying to stay calm im glad i didn’t black out on her. I finished the last of the weed, tossed it and left her there to think, I didn’t care about her feelings but was I wrong?

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