Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 41

Kimberly Smith

Day Two on trip


Knock Knock.

“Come in,” I said to whoever was on the other side. I was getting ready to go have some fun in the sun, i had my Gucci bathing suit on with all my curves showing it sure didn’t look like i had three grown ass children and i was glad.

“Oouu sexy where you going” Mina said walking in. I looked back and Heather was walking in behind her.

“Just outside to sit on the beach and drink some wine” i told her rubbing some lotion on. They both sat down on the bed giving me a look. I’m guessing about yesterday but I ignored them.

“How are you feeling? After dinner was over they stayed around to talk to Faith but i was giving them bitches the eye like fuck with me; nobody gone mess with my family” i told them seriously. I was big on my kids. I didn’t care if they were wrong, I was going out for mine.

“I’m fine I’m not letting them get to me.. but don’t think you let off so easily.. you and daddy?” Mina asked minding my business.

“Yeah wassup with you and pops” Heather followed up. Heather was like my other daughter better yet she was my other daughter. I loved her like she was mine.

“Okay So... We never got a divorce we are still messing around and that’s all you need to know.. stay in a child place ″ I told both of them, smiling and throwing my cover up at the same time.

“Ew okay nevermind.. well why y’all haven’t told us anything then?” Mina asked again. “Wait that’s why you want to move back?”

“Yeah that’s why I was; but your father is full of surprises he was still messing around with the chick but i wasn’t worried about it because i was still messing around with rob” i told them. Me and Kyree had history we been though everything together and when i mean everything we both hurt each other in the end but we couldn’t stay away from each other, one night he came to philly to visit of course he stopped pass my house he stayed for drinks and that night i couldn’t remember nothing but him fucking me all night.

“Ohhh now I see why you were wilding out ma” Heather said laughing sounding like she was from New York.

“Okay Stay away from Your little boyfriend, you from Philly girl” I said back to the Both of them and they started cracking up.

“Okay so i didn’t tell anyone yet, but me and Devon are buying a house together and since you are moving back to save the hassle of looking for a house.. or were you moving in with daddy?” Mina said, stopping mid sentence laughing and joking around.

“Nah but seriously you can have my house.. you just have to pay me” she said. I could respect that my daughter was a hustler.

“Yup how soon can i move?” I was ready for this move, not only because of Kyree just for a new start. I was sick of Philly. I’ve been there all my life.

“As soon as we get back I can move my stuff into Devon’s cause I know how bad you want to move up” she told me standing up.

“Yes mom body goals” Heather said doing a little dance. I swear these kids keep me young. That made me think when the last time she talked to her mother.

“When was the last time you talked to your mother Heather?” I knew she would try to avoid my questions. They were always on bad terms and I always tried to keep them together.

“Not right now ma” she said getting up getting ready to walk out.

“Yeah okay but someday right!” I yelled after her.

“Some day” and she walked out.

“You know that’s a touchy situation for her,” Mina said.

“Yea well they both need to get over It”

“Yeah well we’re about to take the kids out I’ll see you later chica” she came over and kissed my cheek i kissed her back and she was gone.

I grabbed my phone, glasses and my wine bottle and glass and made my way out the house. I didn’t want to do too much today but relax and get drunk off this wine. When I walked down stairs Kyree and his bitch, King and Jay were sitting around smoking Cigars i put on my glasses and smiled. I knew I was making him mad so soon he saw me but I didn’t care. I wanted to make him sweat.

“Ma you got too much showing” jay said to me i looked at him like he had three heads.

“Boy this body got you here.. don’t play” i told him walking out the door the sun hit me right away and i was happy. I found a little spot to chill as I popped my wine bottle open and poured up.

1 hour..

After a couple glasses of this wine i was on but i wasn’t done. I picked myself up and made my way back into the house, I guess everybody went about their business because the living room was clear. I felt like I wanted to sleep and that’s what My boring ass was about to do. Sleep

I went up to my room and soon as I closed the door a knock came through. Knock knock it was a soft knock instead of asking who it was i opened the door and was met with Kyree.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me in the room and kissed me, it was one of those kisses where he was about to tear my shit up so I kissed him back.

“Where’s your bitch?” I Smirked at him. He pushed me up against the wall and started taking my bathing suit off.

“Don’t worry about her” he kissed his way down to my neck. I didn’t say anything else.. I didn’t care because I was drunk and horny and I missed him, he knew what I needed. Once I was completely naked he bent down at eye level with my kitty, lifted my leg up and put his face into my kitty and ate her like he missed me.

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