Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 42

Amina Smith

Day 3


“Yo Lik slow down nigga” Dev yelled at Malik. I smacked the shit out his arm. Don’t be calling my son no nigga.

Smack “What’s wrong with you, don’t be calling my baby no nigga” i said to Dev and he started doing that cute ass laugh he always do like something was funny.

He stopped laughing. He smacked his teeth. “Mama he’s gone be a crip” he said.

“Isn’t” I said looking at him like he was crazy. “My baby will be a lawyer” I said smiling thinking about Malik’s future.

“Yeah aight you see his little ass stopped” he nodded at Malik making me look. Damn right he stopped if he was with my ass alone he would have kept running.

“Whatever ″ I mumbled and kept walking, looking down at Kylie. We were out with the kids walking around Disneyland, the kids were having a ball. They were excited. I was happy seeing the big smiles in their faces, I can see they were making Devon happy also and was loving this moment. I started feeling guilty and started thinking what things would be like if Devon knew from the beginning I was pregnant with Malik.

“This cut looks sexy on you mama” dev said pulling on my hair. I decided to cut my hair yesterday, I don’t know why but I felt like it was needed. For a change I guess. “Thank you babe; i love your new look” talking about the braids i just did.

“Yeah man these shits tight babe” he told me, grabbing my hand, Locking our fingers together. We kept walking until something caught the kids eye that they wanted to do, so far they did everything so i don’t know if they were tired out yet. Walking was good for the babies so I was okay. I was relaxed, i didn’t let Marie and Fallon get to me even though i wanted to smack the dog shit out of Fallon but i didn’t. I couldn’t understand why Ms. Faith did what she did, but I’m 100 percent sure she had every reasoning. I also understood why Devon snapped at her like he did. He had every right to be mad but I didn’t want him to hold this grudge against his mother, that’s one thing Devon was good at was holding a grudge. I didn’t want that for them because That still was his mother at the end of the day.

“So baby when are you gonna talk to your mother?” I asked looking down at Kylie at the same time.

He smacked his teeth yet again. “Mama i don’t think Ima ever speak to her” he paused. “At least for a while now, you know me man” he stressed.

“Yes I do. And i know you can hold a grudge.. but baby i don’t want you to” i looked at him while squeezing his hand. “That’s your mother, I’m pretty sure she had every reason.. you need to be mad at fucking Fallon” I said getting mad all over again.

“You right babe. But not right now, Ima talk to her just not right now i need time to think about this shit” he told me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I lead my head on his shoulder looking at Malik walking looking at all the different characters.

“It’s definitely a dub for Shawty,” he said, getting excited. “Fallon better not ask me for shit.. will see who pays that rent next month” he said making me feel bad for her ass. But oh well that’s what she got.

I shook my head and paid attention to the kids and put all that other bullshit behind me all i know is Fallon better have her “friend” out the house by the time we got back. We spent another two hours or so with the kids and now we were heading home for dinner again. I wasn’t for it tonight. I don’t know why they wanted to try this dinner mess again but whatever. The next twenty minutes or so we were back at the house.

We entered the house and everyone was present, even the bitch i said better not be present when i got back, soon we made eye contact i gave Kylie to Dev, he already knew wassup and so did my mom when she saw me. They caught me just in time, which I knew they would. but i promise i wasn’t gone hit her i just was gone tell her ass off. Them jumping to catch me caught everyone’s attention looking our way trying to see what’s going on.

“She gotta go” I said seriously. Not wanting to be around this fake energy any longer. “Like now she gotta go.. go pack ya shit” i said loud enough where she could hear me over Devon shoulder. He had looked down making sure i wasn’t getting away but i promise i wasn’t hype i wasn’t ready to fight she just simply had to go. I thought I could handle her being around me but I gave up. I couldn’t anymore. I wanted to fuck both of them bitches up, but my babies was more important. So from snapping out she needed to leave.

“I will be back down when i come back please have her out” i looked around at everybody then I turned around to go towards the steps as i was walking off i heard Marie say. “She’s right I’ll just leave. I wasn’t welcomed anyway” damn right i thought to myself. I found our room door and I went straight to the bathroom, these babies always were on my Blatter. After I was done I washed my hands and fixed my face and hair and turned to walk out the bathroom, when i walked out i saw Marie pushing her suitcase down the steps. She knew she wasn’t staying long because she didn’t even have her things unpacked.

“I’m only leaving because i know my daughter is in good hands, thank you Fallon for being a friend trying to help me see my child” she looked over at Fallon smiled then looked over at me.

“Trust me this won’t be the last time y’all see me” i mugged the shit out of her daring something to happen. She looked around and walked out. I guess they called her a uber to take her to the airport because everybody was still sitting here. I didn’t care, I turned around and began walking.

“Let’s Eat” i said walking over to the table. King started laughing like a weirdo. We all sat at the table and i noticed my mom and dad sitting together but no Angela i wonder what the hell happen now. When we all were seated Mama Faith began prayer once we gathered our hands she was speaking in the next five minutes. “Amen” we all said..

After that all you heard was forks hitting the plates and mouths munching, here and there you heard the kids talking to each other, other than that No one spoke to each other until Devon broke the silence.

“Ma can i holla at you for a moment?”

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