Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 43


“Ma can i holla at chu for a moment?” I asked my mom looking up at her. It was heavy on my mind after I had the talk with Mina, knew I probably was too harsh on my mom. I never disrespected my moms even though I didn’t think I was being disrespectful. I knew I still hurt her feelings because I never spoke to my mother like that. We both got up and walked into the living room, I let her in first. She sat down on the couch but I decided to stand because I didn’t know how to say this, but I knew I had to apologize. I took a deep breath and stopped pacing and looked at my mom.

“Look ma..” I paused, rubbing my hand over my face. “I just want to apologize for how I was talking to you, but mom you know-” she cut me off.

“You don’t need to explain baby, I know I was wrong it was my stupid fault for listening to Fallon.. she never said who her plus one was until I saw them at the airport” she explained to me. Me forgetting she had to pick them up from the airport, meaning they were here the whole time.

“I had no choice but to put her in the car.. she started telling me how she changed how she was better for kylie-” I cut her off this time.

“Ma and you exactly believed her?” I questioned, looking dead at her. Like serious ma.

“I mean.. She looked sincere” she said, putting her head down. I didn’t want to make my mom feel like she failed me because she didn’t just have a lesson learned in this situation. My cousin put some shit in her head and dragged her in like she does my pops. I was over the whole situation now, shawty left and my wife and kids were straight so that’s all that mattered.

I sat next to my moms and wrapped my arms around her kissing her forehead. “I love you ma” I kissed her again.

“Don’t sweat it, I’m over it.. I just didn’t want you to think I was mad at you because you i’m not. I love you so much your my best friend, I just felt like you didn’t have my back and that was a scary sight that’s why I snapped out” I told her truthfully.

“Don’t ever think I don’t have your back. I always have your back, I guess I was caught slipping” she responded laughing. Which made me laugh a little too because she was training to use slang.

“It’s all good ma, now let’s get back to eating before your husband comes to whoop my ass” I said thinking how mad my pops got that I talked to my mom that way, I knew he wanted to whoop my ass but he couldn’t whoop my ass. I laughed at the thought of my pops trying to square up with me. My dad used to hit me with hits you didn’t ever even see coming until you were on the other end of the door. My dad didn’t play that shit growing up, he tried to keep that leash on me but I got away.

When we walked back into the dinning area where dinner was being held, everybody was looking at us with the nosy looks. I chuckled.

“We’re good” I said and pulled my chair out. “Finish eating y’all food” I pulled my chair out and continued eating. Once we both were seated we all started conversing and ate like a family. I noticed the energy going a little too good and looked around and finally noticed fallon wasn’t at the table this time. I didn’t care that she probably was somewhere mad that her company couldn’t stay. I just shook my head at her weird ass and continued my night.

King Smith


“Yo babe let me call you back” I told my girlfriend Diamond of Four months who I was currently laid up on FaceTime with until my man dre was calling. I knew it had to be some bullshit because it was 1 o’clock in the morning.

“For what King?” She questioned back with Attitude. I really did like this girl, I was talking to her for a while now before we got together, it’s funny how we met though. The night of Malik’s party when we went out to the club. When we met she was not fucking with me at first but of course I ended up getting got them numbers at the end of the night, she was tough I knew she wasn’t like the rest of the thirsty girls that I was used to having, but that’s what got my attention. I still talked to females from time to time but I wasn’t giving them my full attention like I used to do. I knew I had to stop before she find out it but wasn’t nothing though, I wasnt fucking them.

“Babe right back.. I promise” I told her hanging up before this nigga hung up. She was going to be mad but she’ll be over it. It could be business.

“Yo” I said, clicking over before he could finally hang up.

“Yo nigga, I know you with ya family and doing ya family shit and allat I’m just calling to let you know scooter out” he said telling me like iI cared. Back in philly I was in the streets a little and I was getting heavy not to where my dad was but niggas respected me because of him. I knew I didn’t have to because my family had money, but that shit wasn’t how it always seemed you would have thought I was a spoiled kid but our parents made us work if we wanted something never no hand outs. I was bad growing up out of control, following the wrong crowd, I got locked up before, people always told me I was just like my dad I was just now starting to believe so too.

“Nigga why you telling me like I care?” I questioned him annoyed. Me and scooter had some history, we grew up from the same hood. We were boys more like brothers at one point until he got booked and did a bid for a year over some drug shit. After he went that’s when our bond broke niggas start telling lies saying I rat on him what we call when someone is a snitch. Of course when niggas start getting a little money they start to act funny, he had different niggas in his ear listening to them instead of coming to me asking me but he went out the bitch way. Ratting was the number one rule to never do so what I look like telling? For all that I could have just turned my pops in. He was just upset he got set up and fucked his whole money up and now he is out he is trying to get back on through me.

Word on the street was he was looking for me, I wasn’t hiding, I just so happen to be on a family trip. I was going back to Philly so he was gone. See me I was never scared, hopefully he was a man about his words. Nobody knew what I was doing and what I was getting into or that I had a girlfriend. I wanted to keep It that way until I was ready to tell.

“I’m just letting you know fam” he said, making me annoyed. He ran his mouth too much.

“Cool ″ I said hanging up in his face. Sometimes Dre did a little too much. I shook my head at that dumb ass phone call and FaceTime my baby back. She finally picked up on the last ring and it looked like she had fallen asleep.

“Damn pooh you went to sleep that fast?” I asked her, smiling at her. I put my arm behind my head just admiring her because she was beautiful.

“Yeah I told you I was tired before you decided to hang up on me” she told me in her sleepy voice. Which was such a turn on for me. We haven’t had sex yet she was still a virgin; she was a 21 year old virgin you don’t find too many. another thing that attracted me to her, that just let me know other niggas haven’t been up in that. She was a smart girl. She was in her second year of college taking classes during the day and working at night so I could understand why she was so tired. She went to college in New York so that was a plus for me since we would be moving out there soon.

“My bad pooh I wanted to see what dre wanted” she never met dre before but she knew about him. I told her mainly everything about me and who Iam she did the same, we was still getting to know each other and I really did fuck with this girl she was so down to earth. She didn’t say anything but yawn extra loud, so I figured I’ll let her go and call it a night.

I smiled at her being so dramatic. “Pooh get some sleep I’ll talk to you tomorrow babe” I said to her.

“Okay, I miss you and I’ll call you when I get up.. goodnight” she said, closing her eyes. I chuckled.

“Goodnight young” and I hung up, we weren’t at the point where we were saying “i love you” but I really cared for her and thought I needed to stop playing before I lost something amazing. I got comfortable hooked my phone up to the charger so I could fall asleep also, it wasn’t no reason to be up now. Soon as I got comfortable a text came through to my phone saying “She Misses You”. When I opened It was this girl name janae playing with her pussy, she was a little bitch from philly that I was fucking from time to time she was a whore jawn and had a boyfriend at the same time. I looked at it, shook my head and locked my phone back and rolled over. That shit made me appreciate my girl even more because she respected her self, I will kill her if iI found out she was sending my pussy to another nigga phone. That shit started making me think Why was I texting these bitches anyway.

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