Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 44

Heather Williams

One Month later..

“Bitch we’re only going to the doctors” Mina said as I was getting into the car. “But you look cute,” she said back.

“I have a date after this’ ′ I said lying, I do have to meet up with someone but it wasn’t serious to me. I didn’t even know why I was going in the first place.

“It better be my boy” Dev said, making me roll my eyes.

“Whatever he’s on my shit list at the moment ″ I sat back and watched Dev pull out of my driveway.

“Damn what happened sis?” He questioned.

“Thanks to yo ass he didn’t come home last night leaving me horny” I stressed. They both smacked their teeth at me. Like I was crazy, shit when I wanted to be dicked down I wanted it right then and there.

“Bitch I thought he cheated” she said looking back at me. I laughed at her comment. Ryheem would never well at least I don’t think he would know better and plus I was laying that shit on him he better not go out and find another bitch.

“I will kill him” I stated simply. Mina knew I was serious, “so y’all ready to find out the genders” I asked excited, I was so happy that I was gone be the only one knowing the genders of the twins, I already started on the gender reveal for them and couldn’t wait, I planned to do it two weeks from now.

“Yeah, even though we gotta wait” Mina playfully rolled her eyes. Dev was about to speak until his phone started ringing.

“Fuck she calling me for?” He said grabbing his phone with his right hand and still driving.

“Who is it babe?” Mina questioned him. He passed her his phone and she pushed ignore right away, of course my ass wanted to know.

“Well who was it?” I stuck my head in the middle like a kid. I swear I acted like the annoying little sister sometimes well all the time with them.

“It was fallon” she said, making me blow my breath.

“So y’all do know It took everything not to knock your cousin’s head off her shoulders” I looked back and forth from Dev then Mina. It was a mess on that trip, I was just glad nobody had to get fucked up.

“Yes and I’m glad you didn’t” Mina said to me. I looked forward and noticed we were pulling into the doctor’s office. My phone ding letting me know I had a text.

Unknown : are we still meeting?

I texted back a sample “yes” and locked my phone back and opened the car door to exit. When I got out Dev was already helping Mina out, once she was out we walked inside the hospital.

Twenty minutes later...

“Okay mommy, are we ready to find out the sex?” The doctor said putting gloves on and setting her computer up, the doctor already asked a bunch of questions and checked Mina and now it was time to get to the best part.

“Yes, but we don’t want to know.. you can just tell her, we are doing a gender reveal” Mina spoke up. The doctor shook her head, smiling and saying okay and got to work. She played around for a little until she finally found the right focus on the babies, I was in awe as I watched this and started thinking what if I was able to keep my baby.

She started to explain to them both of the babies body parts, their heart rate was amazing and It sounded even more beautiful. After she was done showing them what they needed to know without saying the sex, she printed out the ultrasounds and told Mina to get dressed while doing so. She flagged me over to where she was and showed me the sex. I wanted to scream so bad but I knew I was going to draw attention, I looked at them one last time and smiled and passed them back so she could put them away for me.

After the doctor’s office visit was over and done with, I told Dev to drop me off at this cheesecake factory where I was supposed to be meeting my guest at. I told them I’ll uber home. I was sitting at this table for a good ten minutes and was getting annoyed. As soon as I was about to get up there she stood.

“Hello Heather” she smiled at me. I didn’t want to be rude or anything, so I spoke back.

“Hello.. mother”


“May I” she asked, asking for a seat I just nodded. So long story short, me and my mother never had the best relationship, growing up I raised myself if it wasn’t for Mina’s mother I don’t know where I would be, you would of thought our mothers being best friends we would be raised the same but no of course My mother decided to take the other Route, she started drinking heavy and doing drugs. She kicked me out at 16, I can say after that I never looked back but little did she know during my last two years of staying with her was hell.

Yesterday I received a call from this unknown number. I didn’t know who it was so I didn’t answer. After I let it ring a voicemail came through and it was my mom asking to meet up she wanted to catch up on things. Soon I read the text my thoughts went straight to mama Kin and I knew her name was written all over it, I decided against fighting with her and said fuck it let me see what she wants to talk about so I texted her and told her where we could meet up and now we was here.

We both sat in an uncomfortable silence. Neither one of us was speaking first, until she broke it.

“Well you look beautiful; how you Been-” I cut her off. I didn’t mean to be rude but fuck it, I couldn’t sit here and pretend like everything was all ok when It wasn’t.

“Can we cut all the small talk?” I said looking at her seriously. “Tell me why you here other than mama calling you” I stressed.

“Because I miss you-” I cut her off again. I put my hand up this time stopping her from talking.

“You don’t miss me, you only reached out because mama called you, if she hasn’t called. you would have never reached out.” I told her being honest. My mother loved to play victim all the time. I wasn’t having it today. I guess she figured me out because she started to get upset which I didn’t care about. If anybody had the right to be mad it should be me not her, she doesn’t even know the half of what i’ve been through!

“I’m trying GODDAMMIT!” She yelled the last part smacking her hand done on the table. By now she was starting to draw attention.

“I apologized over and over. I don’t know what I did to hurt you.. I’m better now as you can see-”

“Mom what did you do after I told you Larry raped me?” I cut her off. She looked at me shocked that I even brought that up again. Now we can talk about pain and somebody being hurt, Larry was my mom’s drunk boyfriend that’s how my mother became an alcoholic, and was introduced to drugs. they proably was still together until this day who the fuck knows.

He started touching me when I was 13, the very first time he did I told my mother she never paid me any attention because she was so drunk and dead to the world, So I didn’t speak on it again until my 15th birthday he raped me and took something away from me that I could never get back.

This time I never spoke to my mom again about It because he threatened mine and my mother’s life. Hell yeah i was scared for my life shit I was young, so I didn’t say anything, he continued to rape me until I went numb to the shit. Around this time my mother started doing hard core drugs so him raping me was just a breeze for him until a year later I ended up pregnant by him and he killed my baby. He didn’t want my mom to know so he beat me so bad that I miscarriage. After that I caught my mother finally sober one day so I decided to tell her everything of course she didn’t believe me.

“Matter of fact don’t answer that shit” I said shaking my head laughing a little.

“You know exactly what you did, nothing. You let that man rape me and I blame you for everything that I ever been through in life.. but guess what that shit not stopping me now I moved on without you in my life.. and I damn sure don’t need you now” I told her gathering my things because I was done with this lunch.

“Do me a favor, remember that 16 year old girl you kicked out? I stood. “That’s where I want you to leave her.. out” I said walking away from the table leaving her there stuck.

This shit was hurtful but I learned to live with it and move forward, it was fucked up how she did me and I promised if I ever had children I would treat them way different.

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