Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 45

Amina Joy Smith

Three days later..


“Um where are you?” I questioned Devon soon as our FaceTime call connected.

“And what is-” he cut me off knowing I was about to complain.

“Babe I’m pulling up right now” I nodded and just hung up. Today was moving day for all of us I was moving my stuff out my house into Devon’s while my mom and the rest of us was driving down tonight to start packing stuff up, then we was driving back up Tomorrow morning, I was gone help out as much as I could since I wasn’t gonna have nothing better to do Devon was back working, me and the kids wasn’t gone stick around bored but that’s until mama Faith insist on keeping the kids overnight, she told me I needed to get a break from the kids. I didn’t say anything but let her have it her way.

The moving company was in the middle of moving my things in, when I finally arrived it was more than a moving company moving my things in they also was fixing up what looked like a damn mini belaire room with a bunch of bottles sitting around with people still bringing some in. I looked around at it and noticed Devon walking in.

“Wassup mama” he said, rubbing my stomach and kissing my cheek. He looked over and noticed my outfit and had a fit.

“Why you got this little ass dress on ma” he looked at me with a stink face.

“My dress is not little and plus my baby bump is cute in It” I had on a cute white dress, it wasn’t nothing too serious he was over exaggerating nothing was wrong with this dress.

“You just look too good” he licked his lips and grabbed my hips.

“Well that’s all you had to say, now what’s all this” I said.

“Oh yeah take a picture of me babe, this only the beginning mama I’m bout to get my own record label and everything you never gone have to touch another head” he said getting excited, I was happy Devon was where he wanted to be in his career he always dreamed of this shit and it was finally happening for him. He was truly a beast at what he did. He was the King. I loved him for taking care of us, our family. I smiled at him and took the picture.

After I took the picture I posted It on my Social Media.

“So wassup what time y’all out babe?” Devon asked me, Licking his lips, making me stare at him. It was such a turn on when he did that. I got back focus and looked serious so he won’t catch me lusting over him.

“Uh maybe around 4 or 5 all depending on my mom I need to call her speaking of that.” I said taking my phone out but he stopped me.

“Let me take you to get something to eat after these niggas done, my moms got the kids right?” He said. I decided to go since I wasn’t gonna see him tonight.

“Yeah she does, okay I’m hungry anyway, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise” he smiled and grabbed my hand pulling me upstairs towards the room. I didn’t need to get dressed or anything. I was already dressed for today, so I don’t know why he was dragging me up here. When we entered his room he sat me down on his bed and put my legs up on the bed like I was a baby.

“The doctor said still take It easy, just relax right here then we can be out, you don’t need to do your makeup or anything do you?” He asked me looking over at me and I could tell he was serious.

“No I’m good” I looked at him as he disappeared into his closet and did something and then came back out.

“You ready baby?” I shook my head yes and grabbed his hand and when we got down stairs the movers were finishing up the last little bit of things I had, Devon paid the man and they were on their way. We locked up and jumped in Devon’s new Maybach and were on our way to lunch.

Twenty minutes into the ride we were pulling up to what looked like a park. I looked at Devon and he looked back smiling. “What ma” he blushed. Which made me blush. He helped me out of the car and when we walked down on the grass I started crying, I don’t know why I felt so emotional but this was sweet and because he was being different instead of dinner at a restaurant he set up a picnic area for me. It was cute it was set up super cute, I can tell he had somebody come do this because the food still smelled hot.

“Come on ma, stop crying fat girl” he wiped my face a little so he won’t mess up the little make up I did have on. He talked to me in baby talk, he always thought I was his baby too.

“I take it you like it” he helped me sit down. Then he sat in front of me on the other side.

I patted my face with the Napkin carefully. “Baby I love it” I said laughing, making my stomach jump. I started laughing more because it tickled when it did that.

“I’m happy you do, I just wanted to show you I appreciate you, I wanted to take you out, it was nothing really to do. I know you love to eat so I said why not” he shrugged his shoulders leaning back a little then looking up and around like he was nervous. I noticed it and decided to speak on it.

“All of this is amazing babe, what’s the matter?” I questioned him, making him look at me.

“You know I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life right?” He said looking at me not once taking his eyes off me.

“Yes” I said, looking at him. “Why what’s the matter?” I asked him again because I didn’t want to assume anything, it just seemed like every time he said those words something happened. He looked at me one more time then smiled, picked his fork up and and started eating like it was nothing. I stared at him, not saying anything. I didn’t pick my fork up, because I wanted to know what was up.

“Eat ya food mama” he said, still eating. Looking down while doing so. I just left it alone and just started eating the whole time we were eating. We didn’t speak. These babies were really hungry the next Ten minutes we were both down eating and I was ready To go. I was sleepy now. We both stood with the help of Devon helping me up.

“Let’s take a walk babe” Devon said looking over, ``It was a walk way, where people walked their dogs, went for a run or simply just wanted to take a walk through the park. I agreed once we were off the grass we started walking. He grabbed my hand, this time he decided to start up the conversation. He grabbed my hands and stopped me in the middle of our walk making me gain his attention.

“I love you Amina Joy Smith” he paused. Looked up at the sky and rubbed his face before looking back at me.

“We’ve known each other since as long as I could remember, we’ve grown together and I wouldn’t want it no other way we have Four beautiful children together and I’m so thankful for you without you I wouldn’t be me and our family wouldn’t be able to function without you.” He looked at me with pleasing eyes and I looked back at him just letting my tears fall because he was pouring his heart out to me.

“Can you do me a favor?” He squeezed my hands together this time. I just nodded my head, letting him continue.

“Since everybody else is a Brewster-” he let go my hands and went into his front pocket and pulled out a box and got down on one knee and opened it. With the most beautiful ring ever and said. “so Can you become one too.. will you marry me Amina Joy Smith?”

After he said that all I heard was screaming, I turned around and everybody I mean everybody his family my family and his team plus my kids. I started crying and covered my face.

“Bitch say yesss” Heather yelled out being all ghetto. Recording, Devon laughed, bending his head down blushing, I turned back to him and held my left hand out and said.

“YES” he stood up and put the ring fully on and I grabbed his face kissing him not caring our family was right there. I wanted him and right now. he was full of surprises and I can’t believe he did this. I was happy to say I will be Mrs. Brewster. My ring was nice Devon knew I wasn’t a picky person and extra so the ring was just right for me.

King Smith


Philadelphia, Pa “North Philly”

“Sis you shouldn’t tryna lift shit I got it” I told Mina hard headed ass, I don’t even know why Devon let her out the crib, she knew she couldn’t be moving around and shit carrying my nieces or nephews. I was hoping for nieces because I knew how bad Mina always wanted a girl.

“Shut up king, I’m not picking anything up” she said, sounding out of breath and taking a seat. We finally made it back to philly, Mina cried the whole way here because she wasn’t able to stay with Devon he had a show tonight out of town and won’t be back for the next two days so they was missing each other well more so Mina, you would of thought somebody died i guess it was the twins. I was happy that they finally cut that bestfriend act out and now look at them getting married. I was proud of both of them more so my sister because now she can be happy like she wanted.

“Oouu so somebody got a girlfriend and didn’t tell me?” Mina said, holding up my phone showing me that diamond was FaceTiming me. She wasn’t anything to hide anymore so I let her answer. When she answered I can tell diamond was confused like shit because it was a female answering my phone. She knew about my sister but she never knew what she looked like. Good thing before she could speak Mina spoke up first.

“Oouu king she’s so pretty, hey I’m Mina king’s sister” she said smiling excitedly. I knew she was happy because she never seen me serious about a female before so this was new for her.

“Oh hey I’m diamond” she responded excited back. “Nice to meet you, i’m surprise you with this knucklehead boy, he’s treating you right?” Mina said, looking at me mugging me. I decided that was enough to stop her while she was ahead because Mina can get to talking and talking.

“Ard sis that’s enough” I snatched my phone.

“Hey I was just getting started” she stood up. “Punk” she hit me and walked outside. I’m guessing to see who was out there, I knew everybody was on the block it was summer time so it was lit out there. I looked at the FaceTime call.

“Wassup Pooh, you good?” I asked her. Walking out the door to seeing everybody out here with music blasting, Mina was sitting on the steps with One of the whore bitches from the block name Erica she was my sister age, she even tried to fuck me before which was crazy. Females did not care long as they saw a nigga getting money they wanted in.

“Yeah I’m good, iI was just calling you to tell you that Cierra is dragging me out the house again” she told me telling me about her friend. Out of the both of them Cierra was the wild one, she didn’t care and she was on her way to be the biggest whore’s in NY. I knew a couple niggas that hit I tried to tell Diamond about her but of course she took up for her friend. I let It slide long as my girl wasn’t out doing no wild shit like that. I was cool.

“You good ma, you don’t have to check in with me” I told her letting her know I didn’t care what she did when she was grown.

“I know I was just letting you know babe” she replied back so sweetly. I loved her voice

“Aye king wassup nigga” some niggas from the block came walking up to me. His name was reek we went to the same high school together he was just another nigga trying to get money. Niggas thought cause who my pops was they could get through me. Nah

“Aye pooh let me call you right back” I looked down at my phone.

“Okay well I’m about to start getting dressed. I’ll send you a picture when I’m done” she told me. “Ard” I said and I ended the call.

We sat around outside, for a couple more hours like we weren’t supposed to be helping my mom pack. She was gone be mad but she knew we weren’t gonna be in this house anymore, this where we grew up; this where we were from. By now Jay pulled up and we were all chilling hanging around until it was time to leave.


I stood up fixed myself stretching in the process because a nigga was getting tired by now, I so happen to look up the block and saw a all black car with tinted windows creeping down the block and already knew what was about to go down.

“MINA GO IN THE HOUSE” I yelled but she didn’t budge. By the time she got up to run the car already came down the block.


I dropped to the steps feeling a burning sensation in my stomach and my shoulder, as soon as I dropped down.

“KING!!!” Mina screamed my name, I looked to her side and saw my mom run out, by now blood was rushing out my mouth. I started coughing

“Ahhhh MOM IM BLEEDING OH MY GOD” Mina yelled and that was the only thing I heard before I blacked out.

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