Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 5

Amina Joy Smith POV

Same Night..

“Mommy there go Rasheed” Malik Spoked while looking out the car window.

“Mamas, on god I swear if he start wilding it’s not going to end pretty for him” Devon said looking out the car window the whole time.

“I got it, Dev relax, I don’t even know why the hell he is around here.. he never comes around here” I said thinking to myself.

All of sudden Rasheed hopped out his car and came around to my window and started knocking on it.

“open the door Babe, why you ignoring all of my calls... I said I was sorry” I just sat there because I knew this nigga was drunk or high shit probably both, he never comes around here it was always like he scared of my brothers or something and tonight was not a good night for him to be coming around here expressing his feelings all drunk to me.

’Come on babe.. Open the fucking door” Rasheed said pulling on my door handle by now.

“Man this nigga bugging” Devon said hopping out the car, and from then on I knew shit was about to hit the fan.

“Baby stay in the car and don’t come out you hear?” I told My Son.

“Mommy what’s going on?” Malik responded.

“Lik just do as I say please” I said, getting out the car to try to stop this before it gets too far.

“WHO THE FUCK IS THIS NIGGA YOU CHEATING ON ME NOW?” Rasheed started yelling all in my face once he saw Devon get out the car he ended up gripping my arm up.

I swear this nigga must of grew a pair of balls today to be doing some shit like this on a block full of niggas that I grew up with!

“Yo what the fuck is wrong with you cannon” King yelled from down the block as he was running up, it wasn’t too far from where they was at so by time he got up there everybody who saw who king was talking too all them niggas was getting ready to jump Rasheed Ass including Devon who I holding back at moment.

“Go get my son and go in my aunt house” Devon said grabbing me by my waist turning me around to look at him, I know he only grabbed me that way because he was being petty but I wasn’t stupid enough to just walk in the house and let them fuck this man up that would only result in them killing him.

As much shit he put me through I didn’t wish death on no one and I damn sure didn’t want his blood on my brothers or Devon’s hands.

“NO Dev please” I practically Beg this man to relax for me

.“fuck you mean please, this pussy just came around here bugging the fuck out and you saving him... move” He looking down at me mad and pointing towards Rasheed who was surrounded.

“I’m not saving him, I’m more so saving you...” before I could get the rest out all I heard was what sounded like a gunshot Go off... POW.

I turned around so fast and saw that J pistol whipped Rasheed, he must have hit him that hard for the sound to go off.

I ran to my car so fast to check on my son who was in the back seat.

“Lik you okay baby?” I asked him panicking he was laying on the floor of my car, that right there pissed me all the way the fuck off because these stupid dickheads don’t fucking think!

“YO DICKHEADS WHAT THE FUCK MY SON IN THE FUCKING CAR AND YOU PULLING OUT GUNS AND SHIT, IM PRETTY SURE HE SAW THAT SHIT OR BETTER YET HEARD IT... I’m done I’m out” I snapped on every last one of them, by now I was fucking heated at all of them and I didn’t want to go out any more.

Before I started walking back to my car Devon called my name.

“Mamas!!” I just put my hand up and started walking back to my car but of course he followed me, We both jumped in and I saw Lik was still sitting on the floor.

“Leeky you can get up now, you okay?” I asked him.

“Yes mommy I was just scared” He told me.

“fucking dickheads” I mumbled under my breath.

“come here son” Dev spoke. Malik jumped up and into Dev’s lap.

“You know I will do anything to protect you and ya moms you know that right?” He Asked him, Lik just looked at him nodding his head saying yes.

“good, so don’t even think I would ever put you in a messed up situation, you hear me... I love you man”

“I love you to Daddy.. mommy am I still staying with uncle king.. cause i-I-I wanna play the game” Malik asked me stuttering all while yawning.

“no, we...” before I could finish dev started talking over me.

“nah she’s going out with daddy little man” he said giving me the eye like bitch you going out.

“After the show it’s an after party in New York, you riding out with me?” He Asked.

I just nodded my head like what the hell why not I needed this night out anyway.

“Ima have to call my dad to see if I can crash at his house because I’m not driving back, he was driving down tomorrow anyway to help me move” I thought about it.

“now why would you crash there when you can just stay at my crib, come on ma I’m not gone bite.. I gotta guest room if it makes you feel any better” Dev said with a smirk on his face.

“okay and what about your daughter” I looked down at Malik because I haven’t told him about his sister yet but good thing he was knocked out curled up like a baby on his dad.

“Kylie with her moms.. anymore excuses?” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay.. but Heather is coming,” I said, looking over at him.

“that’s cool.. she family”

“So when you think he’s gone wake up so I can move” I asked, referring to Rasheed looking at him.

“Right about... now” Dev said pointing towards Rasheed where he was laid out but started to get up.

“Yo babe open the door” Rasheed said knocking on my window still trying.

“Hold him.. I be back, don’t get out” Dev said I just grabbed Malik because I didn’t have time for this shit anymore tonight.

“Yo my man take this walk with me” Devon said to Rasheed I guess his ass was a little sober now because he looked scared then a bitch. I decided to call Heather to catch her up and why I was late once again, she gone kill me I thought to myself.

Calling my best friend.

“yes bestfriend.. you don’t look like you outside my house” she said looking down at her watch.

“I know I’m sorry I’m Getting ready to leave now Rasheed came down here showing his ass… but we are going to New York tonight” I told her and hung right up but only because I knew she wanted detail that she will just have to wait for until. Five minutes passed.

Dave knocked on my window telling me to roll it down... I looked over at Rasheed he was grilling me but looked scared at the same time even though he can’t see me he probably knew I was looking at him.I don’t know what dave said to him but it must of spooked his ass out but he got in his car and drove off right away.

“Go lay my son down in ya moms crib I’m about to finish up this last bit of video and Ima come scoop you and Heather and we gone ride out iight?” Devon said to me all smooth and shit which turned me on. I just nodded and smirked at him and didn’t even care to ask what the hell he said to Rasheed.

“Aye.. I love you iight!” He said. He didn’t even give me a chance to reply. He just walked away and got me and Malik out the car and walked into my mom’s house.

“Ma” I yelled out throughout the house.

“in the kitchen, stop yelling in my damn house.. where my grand baby” she yelled back as I walked into the kitchen.

“If you don’t lay his heavy ass in his room, girl” She said, seeing Malik in my arms.

“I am, king, watching out for him. I’m going out tonight before I leave” I told her laying him down on the couch. Me and my mom’s relationship started out a little rocky as a child, even though I was a shy girl I still didn’t play games with anyone. I was always fighting growing up I felt like I had to prove to these females, i felt like i had to let them know just because I’m quiet don’t mean I won’t fuck you up, I delt with alot of haters and still do.

After I had Malik everything changed I guess because he was her first and only grandchild.

“Mhmum Devon stopped by here already” She said with her hands on her hips.

“bye Ma, Love you” I rushed out before she could get to asking questions about me and Devon.

“Yo sis where my nephew?” King asked, approaching me.

“He;s laying down on the couch move him to his room for me I’m rushing and already running late to get Heather,” I said, jumping in my car and starting it up.

“Ard be safe love you” He told me walking off towards the house.

“Love you to” I said and pulled off to the end of the block I beeped the horn and watched as Devon did his thing then I pulled out the block. I blew my breath out of frustration because the day I had,it turned out to be amazing. It was just long,I turned the radio on and was heading home hoping and praying Rasheed wasn’t gone be at my house.

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