Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 6

Devon “Dev East” Brewster Jr.

Same Night

I finished the last part of my song “feeling a way”

“And cut.. that’s good east, Ima edit these and send them to you” I slapped hands with max the guy that was shooting my video for me.

“Gotchu bro thanks man.. you good?” I question him making sure he was straight with the cash I gave him for coming out and doing this last minute video for me.

“Yo East we gotta get out of here show starts in the next three hours” Shooter My nigga since day one spoke to me. It was already 8:30 and I needed to bounce.

“shit cuz we gotta pick up Mina and Her girl on the way they’re riding out with us” I told him.

“cool.. what Heather look like” he said back smiling.

“nigga youll see” I said laughing at this thirsty nigga once he saw Mina he just knew she didn’t have a ugly ass friend.These last couple of years been crazy from having a daughter and my career coming off the ground plus now finding out that I didn’t just have one kid I now have a son also. That shit hit me like a ton of bricks, I didn’t want my son growing up thinking that his dad didn’t want him or wasn’t there for him.

It hurt me because I missed three long years of his life and knowing what Mina went through the time I missed out made me mad all over again. If I can take it all back I would but I can’t but for now on out my son won’t even know what it feels like to not have me around, As for that Nigga “Rasheed” its not over for me I just scared his punk ass off with a couple threats to lay off just until I see him again.

We all loaded up my tour bus/truck and was on our way. I sparked my rolled blunt and smoked just sitting in deep thought until my little brother Richard spoke to me.

“Yo Nigga why you look all mad and shit?” I didn’t realize my expression until he said something I was just thinking about all the shit that went down in one day.

“I’m chilling bro... you got a new nephew though” he just looked at me with an oh shit face on.

“word.. by Mina?” He asked.

“Yeah man.. his name Malik” I told him as he was still smoking.

“I knew his little bad ass looked like us but I didn’t want to say anything,” he said laughing.

“what makes you think you look like me nigga” I said Clowning him.

“But yeah man that’s the real reason why it took so long, we were catching up on everything.. shit I forgot to get her number” I said. how the hell I forget to get her number. I didn’t know I grabbed my iPhone X and called J to swing me her number.

“Yo bro wassup Nigga you good?” J spoke answering the phone.

“Yeah man, send me Mina number I forgot to get it, y’all still sliding out thou right cuz” I asked him.

“yeah you already know I’m about to leave out right now.. Ard bro Ima text it to you” I said cool and hung up. Two minutes passed and a text came through with J texting me Mina number.

Instead of texting or calling I decide to FaceTime her Just to fuck with her cause I know she didn’t know the number, But Before I did that I saved her number under BabyGirl FaceTime.

ringing Baby Girl..... connecting.

When the call connected it wasn’t her it was Heather I just laughed cause I knew she would do something like that once Heather saw it was me she said.

“oh bitch , it’s for you,” Heather said, passing Mina the phone back.

“Who is it?” Mina said back but did not get the phone. I was growing impatient because we were on the highway now and needed to know where Heather lived.

“It’s me mamas damn” I yelled.

“how you get my number Devon″ she said back smartly but finally getting back on the camera. she knew I hated that shit.. they must have been dressed and ready to go because she had her makeup on and now her braids were pulled up into a bun.

“Come on ma I got my ways.. but listen I need the address to Heather crib we on our way” I told her.

“Mhmmm Ima text it to you” She said.

“iight Ma I see you in a little bit” I responded.

“okay” she replied and the call ended. A Minute later she texted back the address letting me know.

“Yo D put the address in gotta make a stop first” I told my driver the address. The gps read ten minutes on the way which was clutch. I texted Mina letting her know to be ready in ten Minutes also adding a little extra.

To BabyGirl: don’t be having too much of my skin out tonight girl.

From BabyGirl: Whatever boy.. I’m grown

To BabyGirl: yea i see dat, ya body tells it all.

I typed back laughing to myself seeing she wasn’t gone text back, she just left me to read. It wasn’t no lie, me and Mina are very sexually attractive to each other. I know she probably wanted to fuck me earlier, I so happed to want to too but we just got back on track Ima take things slow as needed.. well at least try to because I can’t keep my hands off her! We pulled up to Heather crib and I can say sis was living it big.

She lived outside of Philly right in the middle of Philly and Jersey.

“let me out” I told my driver to let me out so I could meet them at the door. I called up Mina as I was getting out, she answered.

“Yes Devon” she said and I could tell she was smiling cause she knew I hated when she called me Devon.

“man.. mamas stop playing come outside” I told her.

“Okay,” she said laughing and hanging up. I waited outside for what felt like five minutes to got damn long. I started to call her again but then the door opened up with them both.

“Damn man took y’all all year” they both started laughing and I can tell that they had already started drinking.

“shut up Devon” Mina said, smirking at me.

“Okay, we’ll see about that Joy” I said, calling her by her middle name which she frowned cause she hated it so much which I don’t know why it was cute for her.We started walking back to the tour bus/truck.

“Damn my bad wassup sis, how you been I see you living iight, you good?” I said to Heather, giving her a side hug.

“hey dev, I’ve been good.. wassup with you and why you got these damn braids in your head” She asks me looking at my hair, heather didn’t give a damn she spoke how she felt.

“yeah I’ve been meaning to ask that all day but didn’t get around to it” Mina spoke after her.All I did was laugh while opening the door to let them in.

“yo east it’s only one open seat back here bruh how both of them gone sit” wavy my dj said.

“Heather gone sit back there.. mama sitting with me” Heather got in without no hesitation which made me chuckle. I looked back at Mina who didn’t look pleased, knowing she knew I had something up my sleeve but didn’t complain about it. I just hopped in and patted my lap telling her to sit down.

“You think you’re slick” she pointed her long finger in my face. She hopped in and sat on my lap getting comfortable. She was sitting up at first then I laid back in my seat and brought her body with mine. I whispered well shit at least I thought I did in her ear.

“So tell me more about my son.. something that he didn’t tell me already” I laughed just thinking about the conversation in the car he and I had earlier, before she could answer someone jumped in.

“Nigga you got another kid?” Wavy Yelled making the whole car look our way. I didn’t want to keep my son a secret. Never that I just didn’t want these niggas in my business just yet or to make Mina uncomfortable she didn’t know these niggas like that but shooter and Richard.

“Yeah man.. chill out” I said looking next to me.

“I ain’t mean it Like that my bad. But damn you could have told us you know you our brother” He switched up,

“nah you good cuz I kind of just found out today” I told him looking down at Mina who was looking up at me.

“damn man well congrats” everybody else in the car followed suit and I started smiling cause I couldn’t believe that I actually have a son that I always wanted and he came from the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. But I guess we’ll see how that goes.

“Thanks boy” I slapped hands with Wavy.

“So what’s his name, how old is he?” He started to ask questions.

“Three.. Malik.. Malik Devon-Carter Brewster actually.. he named after me and fresh” I said realizing how dope Mina put that together.

“dope boy”

“thank you man.. aye d turn the music up.. don’t need these noisy ass niggas in my business nomore” I said laughing he did as told and turned on my new heat that Ima be dropping soon.

“Babe Pass me them backwoods by your feet” I said in her ear cause the music was blasting,

she did as told and came back laying down.

“stop calling me babe, i don’t want to confuse things between us” She told me knowing I wasn’t gonna stop that.

“now you know that’s not gonna happen; it’s stuck with you.... Babe” I said back smartly she just rolled her eyes cause she knew that shit wasn’t going to stop don’t matter if we were together or not.

“You still smoke?” She gave me an eye and just took the weed and the backwoods that I was about to roll up and rolled it up for us. She knew I liked that shit it was a major turn on for me but only when she does it. She sparked up. We passed the weed back and forth until it was no more.

I can tell she was feeling it and loosing up because she just laid against my chest and wrapped her arms around my stomach like she was a baby. We were uncomfortable like shit, but it didn’t matter to us as long as we were in each other’s presents.

“I’ve missed you.... a lot” she said looking up at me with her red low eyes.

“And I’ve missed you way more” I couldn’t help it nomore I just grabbed her chin and kissed her.. I missed kissing on her soft round lips.. five seconds into the kiss all I saw was a flash go off. Heather took a picture of us.

“Gotcha” she said smirking looking down at us and by the look in her eyes I can tell she was smoking with them niggas back there.

“Hev Ima kill you” Mina sat up looking embarrassed.

“chill babe it’s cool” I said laughing at how embarrassed and high she looked.

“relax.. sis send me that pic though” I looked over at Mina smiling.

“gotchu send me your number” Heather said.after she sent the pic we went back to enjoying the ride all the way to my show.

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