Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 7

Devon “Dev East” Brewster Jr.

“Yooo jersey what’s good?” I yelled into the mic as I walked on stage and the crowd went wild mainly the ladies.

“Wavy what you got for me bro” I asked my dj, he played one of my new singles that just came out and the crowd got turnt up

As the chorus played through I looked over at Mina and saw her and Heather singing alone with both of their drinks in their hands, I slightly smiled but got back in beast mood because now it was show time.

An hour and half went by and I was finished up with my show tonight.

“Jersey I love y’all man” I walked off stage and grabbed my towel and water.

“East Meet and greet ready for you.... the line is already crazy” my cousin bull said walking up to me.

“Iight man give me sec.. let me go check up on Mina”

“Iight five minutes” I nodded at him and went looking for Mina. She wasn’t standing at the same spot I left her in.

“BOO.. looking for me” Mina said as I felt arms wrap around my waist, I turned around it was Mina.. I can tell that she was lit and enjoying herself.

“You can’t scare me mamas, how did you like the show you enjoyed yourself?” I looked down at her licking my lips.

“The show was awesome. You know I always loved when you rapped.. I always supported you and now that I get to finally see you live in front of a crowd was even better” she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled.

“Thanks Babe.. you and Heather come over here to this meet and greet with me.. it won’t be long.. then we out” I said starting to walk away grabbing her hand only for her to pull back.

“wassup? You iight?” I Asked.“Yeah but don’t you think this is a little too much?.. all your fans and stuff” She questioned.I just sucked my teeth cause she couldn’t be serious i don’t give a fuck about that she been here before the fans anyway so I pulled her towards me.

“stop being crazy come on, you been here before all this shit anyway.. if anything I should be thanking you if it wasn’t for you and fresh I wouldn’t be here now, y’all told me to take this rapping shit seriously” I told her Honestly.

She didn’t say anything. She just looked at me like she was trying to read me and started walking.

“Yo where Heather go?” I asked Mina as we were walking towards the meet and greet.

“Where you think.. Shooter must talk a good game cause that bitch hard to get” She said, making me chuckle.

“that nigga don’t give up” I told her holding her hand.

“I told her ass no because she got a whole boyfriend” She said, making me shake my head.

“not for long trust me mama trust me, my nigga got that now... she might not be coming back with us tonight” I said laughing.

“yeah whatever nigga.. yes she is, stop tryna play my sister” she said hitting my arm.I laughed.

“we’ll see” The meet and greet was over a hour later and now it was time for the after party.

Amina Joy Smith POV

“Best friend you like my selfie? Ain’t I cute” I said showing Heather the selfie I took before we left her house. We are currently in the car driving to the after party. I can honestly say I was getting tired of all this driving plus sitting on Devon’s lap., This shit wasn’t comfortable at all but I guess I’ll make due. I was just glad to be able to turn up like I wanted to, I was still high from all the Weed we smoked, I swear these niggas could smoke all day like it was a job.The show was awesome. I enjoyed myself mainly because I was watching Devon in his act.. I saw himrap many times before but something was different about him like he was a different Dev, you can listen to how passionate he was in his songs. He always was telling a story that’s one thing I loved about his music.

“Yes best friend post that” she said sticking her tongue out doing a little dance in her seat.

“Let me see it” dev said, smoking on his blunt before passing it to me. I kindly took the weed and started puffing on it and passing him my phone.

“Why you didn’t delete this nigga number yet?” He asked me shaking his head, then looked at me then back to my phone going to my contact and deleting it for me.

“I thought you were supposed to be looking at my selfies, not going through my phone” I snatched my phone back looking down at him.

“But that’s because I didn’t have time to get around to it,” I said, locking my phone back.

“iight whatever ma.. you check on Malik?” He asked changing the subject.

“Yes, I texted king he said he woke up asking about you and wanted to play the game, but I told him no he needs to go back to sleep” I said and passed him the weed back for him to start smoking.

“I want to get him tomorrow so I can spend the day with him? If that’s cool with you” Devon asked.

“of course that’s your son David and plus I trust you.... I was just gonna leave him in Philly with Heather anyway until I was done packing everything up.. but now that I know he’s in New York I won’t have to make a double trip” I told him back.

“cool cool.. nah I was just making sure though... what time you doing all this Ma you gone be smacked tonight” he said laughing.

“fuck that reminds me I didn’t even tell my dad I was gone be in New York so I can ride back down with him.. you think he up?” I asked. Knowing he was up.

“Now you know this pops hours, he’s probably blowing it down as we speak”. I chucked.

“yeah you right I’m gonna text him and let him know” I texted my dad and let him know about my plans and Devon was right because my dad was up doing god knows what but he said cool be ready by nine in the morning. After that I laid back on Devon and enjoyed the rest of the ride to the after party.

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