Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 8

Amina Joy Smith POV

Same Night

“Oh my god this is lit” Heather said in my ear since it was so loud in here.

“I know, we’re about to take shots” I responded as we were walking through the club walking to the section we gone be at, everybody was screaming.

“OH MY GOD ITS EAST” cameras were flashing everywhere.

“Isn’t that itsmina” I heard someone say calling me by my Instagram name I just turned around and smiled and waved.. of course I was known Ima bomb ass hair stylist what you expect I did everybody hair down to famous strippers to singers and rappers.

“And she’s with Dev they would look so cute together” I just knew this shit was gone be on all the blogs by tomorrow. We finally made it to the section. I sat down for a minute to get some rest because I know I’ll be dancing for the rest of the night, but my best friend had other plans..

“No you not bitch, get up we bout to take shots” She said knowing I was already down.

“okayyyyy.. come on let’s go down to the bar” I said looking to see where Devon was at and I ended up seeing him over there talking to a few people so I didn’t want to bother him I know he was working. We made it down to the bar and my phone starting ringing I hurried up and grabbed my phone out my jacket pocket thinking something was wrong with my son but it was only David texting me. “Papi” laughing at the name he saved his number as I opened his text.

From Papi: have I told you that you look good tonight?

To Papi: Yes you told me at least five times already.. Why are you texting me in a club full of bitches bro?

From Papi: lmfao you wilding, come back to the section i don’t know why y’all down there anyway we got everything up here

To Papi: okay we coming .

“Hev, Devon said come to the section.. everything up there” I said putting my phone back in my pocket.

“Hold on I just ordered four shots of henny” she smirked at me.

“bitch don’t get fucked tonight you have a BOYFRIEND” I told her yelling boyfriend.

“yes know and speaking of boyfriend.. Rasheed.. you never told me what happened don’t think you off the hook” She said making me talk. I explain everything that happened today to Heather while we waited for our shots. By the time I was finished explaining our shots were here.

“I’m surprise Devon didn’t fuck him up” She said

“Girl me too.. but enough about that stressful ass shit.. we here to celebrate bigger and better things” I said holding my shot up.

“cheers bitch” She said making us both start laughing and we took both shots then we headed up to where everyone else was at. A couple more shots and Ls later..

“Ayeeee twerk some twerk some... yess bitch” Heather hyped me up as she was recording me on snapchat.. I was having the best night right now and I couldn’t stop dancing.. I’m a dancer so of course I know how to shake my ass. I didn’t have all this ass for nothing. At the moment I didn’t care who was looking. me and my best friend were the life of the party. I pulled out my phone so I can record me and Heather taking yet another shot.

We were singing along to cardi b bodak yellow this was our shit every time this song comes on we get mad hype. As I was recording I just felt eyes laid on me. I knew it was Devon staring so I figured I’ll play a little game with him. The henny was definitely hitting. All that shyness shit was out the window by now. He was looking good as fuck staring at me while smoking his blunt.. he did it so sexy..

“I’ll be back, Hev” I told Heather.

“Okay I’m going to sit with Shooter anyway” She told me and we walked off. I walked over to Devon and sat straight on his lap making sure my ass was covering his dick.. I wanted him to feel me.. oh yeah I was feeling real confident.

“Damn Ma, it’s like that” he said in my ear in that raspy voice which turned me on so much.

“Oh it’s been like that... Papi” I said smirking letting him I know I saw the little cute shit he put in my phone.

“Oh really?” He said more in my ear but this time he sucked on my ear after that I needed another shot. I sat up so fast because If I didn’t I would have told his ass to meet me in the bathroom. He knew that was my damn spot.

“can I get two more shots of henny please” I said to the bottle girl she nodded then went to get my shots

“still can’t take it huh.. it was just words ma” he said laughing like something was funny. But I wasn’t gonna let him off that easy.

“oh I can take it alright.. it’s been four years.. shit changes over the years.. mainly the body and this right here not a little girl body no more” I told him rubbing over my body.

“mhm.. I can dig it.. but just know I’m a full grown ass man” he grabbed my hips and pushed my body down more into him so I could feel him as he grew bigger. I didn’t have shit else to say after that but he did.

“Ima show you real soon.. might just fuck your life up” He said back into my ear.

“boy please.. nobody is scared of you” I tested him.

“ight Ma” he smirked at me then sat back and finished smoking his weed before passing it back to me. We vibe the whole night and it was now three in the morning. I was lit to say the least drunk wasn’t the word. I couldn’t stop shaking my ass on him. We were now on our way back to Devon’s house, riding through New York I was happy as shit to be back. I haven’t really been back since I was kid. I guess my mom and dad didn’t want to keep sending me back and forth, I was excited to be closer to my dad and starting my new journey with me and my son. After we dropped everyone off but shooter I guess he would be crashing with Heather tonight.

Heather does what she wants to do. Who am I to tell her what to do? I can only give advice. You cannot make people do what they don’t want to. So I guess my best friend was gone have to learn on her own. Finally pulling up to Devon’s house I was in awe cause who knew this nigga would have taste unless his mom did everything.

“Best friend, don’t forget your hoe bag” Heather said and I started bussing out laughing.

“bitch Fuck you” I said

“y’all ready, y’all good?” David asked but more so looking at me.

“yes” I grabbed my bag and started getting out. Heather and Shooter followed up while Devon talked with his driver about god knows what. Dave finally got out and we walked into his house. Knowing me I was already in awe. He had pictures of him and his daughter, everything which made me sad because I missed my son. I was walking around looking at everything.

“Ima have pictures of lil freaky soon don’t worry” he said, I turned around to just smile at this beautiful man in front of me.

“Where did Heather go?” I Asked.

“You should already know the answer to that” I just rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Your house is beautiful Devon you did good with yourself” I told him, still looking around.

“what I tell you about calling me Devon?” He said walking up on me grabbing me by my chin so I can look at him in his face.

“I mean it is your name.. isn’t it” I looked back and forth at him.

“You keep playing, Ima have ya ass turned over on this fireplace” He said, licking his lips.

“I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t like that... cause I would.. but your daughter lives here.. so that’s not going down” I said honestly.

“That’s why I gotta room mama” He said, moving his hands down my body and by now his hands were on my ass. I didn’t bother to move them either. I couldn’t help but look at his hair I mean I saw him with braids before but his hair was longer then. I started laughing.

“what’s so funny.. you keep thinking this a game like I won’t fuck the shit out you” He got hype like somebody was tryna play him.

“Oh my god why are you so blunt.. but your hair.. you need it done Babe” he started laughing.

“cuz you keep thinking I’m playing.. I know I need my little shits done you gone hook me up?” He put his fingers in his hair and started twisting them.

“I gotchu,” I said, rubbing my hands through his head with him.

“Alright, come on so I can shower I have to be up and ready for my dad,” I told him, volunteering his shower.

“ohh look who’s comfortable now” He smiled looking at me.

“Shut up punk.. show me the bathroom” I said, hitting his arm.

“iight damn chill.. we out” He grabbed my hand as we walked up the steps to his door that he opened. I’m guessing this was his bedroom.

“The bathroom Devon not your bedroom” I said rolling my eyes.

“it’s right there mama chill” I just nodded and went to shower twenty minutes I was getting out the shower and I went into my bag and cursed to myself because I forgot to pack a shirt. I slapped my forehead because now I have to wear one of Devon’s shirts with my shorts. I cracked the door a little bit. Devon was sitting there shirtless smoking still and drinking some henny and listening to music while doing something on his phone. He finally looked up at me.

“you good?” He Asked.

“I kind of need a shirt” I told him.

“hold up” he got up went to get the shirt and passed it to me. After I put it on I was walking out the bathroom with just nothing but his t-shirt and my thongs on.

“Damn” he must have thought he mumbled under his breath but I still heard him.

“like what you see?” I asked him, letting him know that I heard him.

“Damn you heard me ma .. in that case he’ll yeah.. you still smoking I gotta cup a henny for you” he said as he Held the cup of Henny up.

“You really trying to have me smacked huh” I asked sitting on the bed.

“something like that” he smirked at me then passed me the weed.. we smoked one more L and we just laid on the bed next to each other like old times and just talked about old shit.

“remember when you had just came back to New York for the summer, and you whooped Keisha ass cause she kept fucking with me and wouldn’t leave me alone” I laughed so hard cause that shit was funny. Keisha was some stalker bitch devon use to fuck from time to time I guess that bitch was dickmatized because after them first couple of times the bitch went psycho. I’m talking about popping up at jobs, popping up at devon mom house, shit was crazy and blocking her didn’t work cause all she did was call from different numbers.

“Yeah I remember that shit like it was yesterday” I thought back on it.

“if I knew calling you would of made her dumb ass stop I would of been did it” He said. All of sudden it got quiet.

I looked over at him, he looked like he was in deep thought about something.

“What are you over there thinking about.... talk to me” he turned to his side.

“Look at me!” He Said. I turned my head and looked him in his face Saying “wassup”.

“remember the night I took your virginity?” He asked me touching me softly on the back of my neck, softly.

“yes” I now had the confused look on my face as he was just staring at me. I didn’t know what he was getting at.

“can I be honest?” He Asked like I did.

“Of course.. always... what’s wrong?” I was worried now.

“It was the best night of my life, even though they took my cousin away from me another king was born and that was my son.. I wanna thank you for birthing him and being the strong woman you are standing on your own two and doing what you needed to do for our son. That little boy looks up to you.. you like a superhero to him or some shit. I just wanna say I love you....yall... that shit ain’t never gone change and that’s real” He expressed.

I couldn’t even say nothing but just smile this nigga always leaving me speechless. What I did next was unbelievable. But the way I’m feeling plus the way this nigga looking I wanted all of him right here right now, I knew it was the weed and the henny talking, but shit I couldn’t pass up. So I kissed him. I got on top of him and started kissing on his tongue and all. Devon started moving his hands up and down my body until his hands landed on my ass.. now I didn’t have a little ass my shit was right in all the right places. That’s one thing Devonloved and it was my ass. As he gripped it I felt his member getting harder by the second and this time I felt it even more since I was only in my thong. I guess DevonCouldn’t take anymore because now I was on the bottom and he was on top between my legs.

“Mhm Damn Mamas” He said.

“I want you.. right now” I said in between kissing him.

“nah ma you not ready for that yet.. but I got something else for you” He stopped.

“but I wanna feel him.. I miss him” I said now beginning to pout how come all these dirty bitches get to get the dick but I gotta wait. I sucked my teeth lowly but he still heard me.

“Chill with all that pouting mamas I said I got you” He said. I couldn’t believe I was mad over not getting dick.

“no I want to feel him.. come on babe” I thought calling him babe would work but it didn’t.

“listen I wanna fuck you as bad as you wanna fuck me to.. but I wanna make sure it’s the right time.. I wanna show you that I really want you and not just your rose .. especially since you’re intoxicated you won’t even remember this shit in the morning.. but I got you iight” he said, grabbing me by the chin and started kissing me again making his way Down my neck. He took his shirt off and tossed it somewhere and looked at my boobs in his hands like he just won a prize.

“Sexy ass” he mumbled and took one Nipple In his mouth one at a time licking all over them. “Mhmm just like that babe” I moaned.

“You like that shit don’t you.. freak ass” he said kissing on my neck again.

“take these off” He said as he pulled on my thong. Shit I did as told. As he was sucking on my neck I knew I would have some new tattoos by the morning he moved his hand to my pussy and started rubbing on my pearl.

“Oh yes baby right there” I moaned out so much more.

“you like that shit” he asked, rubbing faster and faster.

“mhm yes keep going.. right there.. right there..” he knew I was about to cum. But when he stopped my face went to a frown so fast and he caught it.

“Chill.. I’m not done” he smiled then kissed me real fast the next thing I know his head was between my legs eating my pussy like it was his last meal.. I Honestly needed this shit because I haven’t been having sex with Rasheed since he started hitting me and I knew he was fucking other bitches. But fuck him I was on to this now, fifteen minutes later I was cumming every where.

“Ugh.... oh my fuck that just felt amazing” I said.

“You didn’t feel shit yet” His Cocky ass said.

“cocky ass.. Dont talk shit now you should have shown me” I laughed at him. Devon walked in the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash and face and came back out with a warm washcloth to wipe me down.

I got comfortable under the covers. I felt the bed dip in and out. Dev wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me closer to his body.

“I love you babe.. I really enjoyed tonight” I told him, sounding natural.

“I love you mama.. get some rest you have to get up in the next couple of hours” he kissed my neck while saying “goodnight”.

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