Until We Meet Again

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Chapter 9

Amina Joy Smith POV

Next Morning..

“Mamas get your phone, that shit going off” Devon said rolling over on his stomach.

“Shit” I jumped up so fast because I just knew I overslept. Last night was crazy. It felt like I just went to sleep, I grabbed my phone and answered my dad’s call just before he hung up.

“I’m sorry dad I’m getting up now, I kind of had a long night” I said looking over at Devon sleeping.

“yeah Ard.. tell that nigga Dev drop you off.. cause now I’m back in bed” He Told me.

“dad how you know I’m with Devon”

“I know everything, now get ya ass here so we can go, don’t have all day girl” he said, taking a puff from his blunt he was smoking on and then hung up on me. I checked my phone and it said ten amI cursed for waking up so late. I took a quick shower since I took one last night and got out in the next ten minutes, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and went to get dressed. I just threw on something simple since I knew I was moving today.. I had on a black jumpsuit from Fashion Nova with a black with red and white striped jacket from Mike Amiri and some black Balenciaga sneakers.

I walked out the bathroom and saw Devon now up and dressed in some grey sweatpants with a white polo tee, with a blue Durag on his head.

“You Ready?” He asked, looking at me licking his lips.

“Oh I just was gone get an uber I didn’t want to wake you” I told him.

“man stop playing come on.. I was going to take you anyway.. pops would kill me if he knew I was with you and didn’t stop by to see him” I chuckled because he was right my dad and Devon was close my dad loved him like a son.

“Okay we’ll hold up I gotta get my glasses cause I know my face and lashes look a mess” I said back while digging through my bag trying to find my Gucci glasses.

“Man you look fine” He told me.

“I know” I smirked at Dev while throwing my glasses on my face.

“is Heather riding back with you”

“no she texted me... she said she was staying up here until I move into my house so she probably got Shooter to drop her off at my dads” I said, i didn’t know what heather was doing.

“oh aight let’s be out” He said. We started walking out his room to his garage where his car was.

Devon chose his white Range Rover and we were on our way to my dad’s house while listening to the radio. I decided to spark the conversation up.

“Sooo how is your mom and dad.. your family?” I looked over at Him.

”Everybody good mama, everybody gone be shocked as a mother fucker when they see you and of course my son but over all they gone be happy. We good though” He replied driving looking good doing so. Anything he did he would look good as hell doing. I chucked.

I started thinking how Dev mom was gonna curse my ass out because I hid something like that from her. I’m glad that both of our families get along with each other so I knew they would be happy with Malik anyway.

“I know your mom is gone, curse me out and then hug all over me.. I miss her crazy self”

“Yeah you’re right about that, but she gone be cool on you because it’s you” he said grabbing my hand and locked fingers with me.

“Speaking of the Devil” he said, reaching for his phone and it was his mother facetiming him.

“Go head answer it” He told me passing me the phone

“No Devon” I said, acting shy. I wasn’t ready to face his mother just yet.

He laughed at my shyness and answered his mother’s call before she hung up.

When he answered, Kylie’s face came across the screen.

“da daaaa daaaa da da” she yelled excitedly to see her dad. I just smiled while I watched the phone call play out.

“Daddy baby, I miss you I’m coming to get you today baby I have a surprise for you.. give ma ma back the phone right quick baby” He said looking at her and the road. His mom came on the screen, I sat lower in my seat because I knew Devon was gone put me on the spot no matter how old he gets this Nigga was gone always be a Mommas boy.

“yo ma how you get kylie.. where her moms” He said and I can tell he was annoyed by that.

“dave she called me last night saying she needed a babysitter for some reason... I have no clue but you know Ima get my grand baby no matter what” His mother said, still sounding the same.

“yeah ma I understand that but she out of line not following the court orders this weekend her weekend.. she lucky I even let her get a fucking weekend.. every week she does this bull shit.. want Kylie for a day then bringing her back” he blew out of frustration.

“but it’s aight Imma be over there after I drop..” he stopped mid sentence then he looked over at me.

“no Devon” I whispered while giggling.

“Too late.. ma guess who I met up with” David said laughing.

“who baby” She responded. He moved the phone toward me, I just hid my face in my hands.

“Who the hell is that?” She said, making me chuckle.

“She’s acting shy right now ma I don’t know why” He told her and I just grabbed the phone and smiled.

“hey Mama, how you been... I miss you” I smiled into the phone.

“Oh my god AMINA..” she said excited to see me but switched up real quick.

“don’t give me that mess you know I miss you also baby, but you could have reached out to me I don’t care what you and my big headed son went through you still my daughter” She said after all this time, she still was the same.

“I know Mama I’m sorry, but guess what you will see me more because I’m moving back to New York tonight” I said excitedly.

“Yay and when you get yourself together I want you to stop by Devon’s tonight I’m Making dinner we need to catch up”

“will do” I said and passed the phone back to Devon.

“Oh yeah ma I got a surprise for you when I see you” I guess he was talking about Malik as the surprise.

“oh god more surprises you didn’t get another hood rat pregnant did you?” He laughed.

“oh nah nothing like that.. I see you later ma.. love you” he rushed her off the phone and put his focus back on the road. By now we was pulling up in front of my dads house he live in a five bedroom home with three bathroom and a finished basement let’s just say my dad was financially stable he did some things back in his day, bad choices but it made him the man he is today and now he’s able to sit comfortable, I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want to but Ima independent woman I gonna chase my own bag! By any means and that’s something I took from my dad.

“You getting out?” I started gathering my stuff, opening the door and grabbing my keys to my dad’s house.

“Hell yeah.. gotta see pops” He said All Hype.

“joe.. I swear” I rolled my eyes at how my dad’s relationship was with him.

“hater.” He told me and we walked up to my dad’s house and I opened the door.

“DADDY!.. where you at old man” I yelled walking straight to the living room because that’s where it was smoky at.

“Damn dad it’s only eleven,” I said, pushing the smoke out my face.

“mind your business little girl.. Dev my nigga whatupp” he replied back extra excited to see Dev as they did a man hug.

“Well damn Kyree you haven’t seen me in six months” I said being smart calling him by his first name. I haven’t seen my dad since the last time he came down to Philly to see us. I haven’t told my dad about Rasheed putting his hands on me. You think all J did was hit him with a gun, my dad was gone, do more than that, the old Ree would have come back out and god knows nobody wants to see that I grew up around this shit and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

“Chill out with all that name calling baby girl.. you know I missed you” he said coming over and giving me a hug next.

“It’s weird seeing y’all together.. he knows about my grandson?” He questioned me.

“yes Mr. Smith.. now let’s go because I have to get Leeky back up here so he can go with Dev” I told him more then ready to go.

“iight we renting a moving truck from Philly cause I know you got a lot of shit... you and lik can drive my car back.. let’s go” he said and my dad walked away I’m guessing to get his stuff.

“Mamas let me rap with you for a minute” Devon said, I nodded and walked over to where he was sitting down and sat next to him.

“you know I’m taken Malik to meet my daughter and moms tonight right”

“yeah that’s cool.. I guess after I get everything out the way we be on our way.. if I don’t show my face I know your mother is gone, kill me” I said laughing just thinking about his mom.

“Yeah that lady is crazy... but I’m about to get out of here. Ima call your phone.. answer” he said as we both got up.

“Come here,” he said, grabbing me by my waist then grabbed my chin.

“you remember last night?” he asked. Hell yeah I remember last night it was the best head that I ever had.

“of course.. would never forget it” I told him, he smirked while caressing my face then he grabbed the back of my head running his fingers through my braids and brought his lips to mine. I didn’t stop him either, I kissed him back. Our tongues danced around with each other until we heard my dad’s voice boom out into the room.

“for mother fuckers who have always been best friends y’all sure do kiss a lot” my dad said walking in on us causing me to jump then put my head on Devon’s chest embarrassed.

“no need to be shy now, how you think my grand son got here.. let’s go girl.. dev I holla at you nigga” he said walking away.

“So I’ll see you later?” Dev turned back to me.

“Yeah mama Ima call you” He replied.With that we all walked out the house, Dev hopped in his Range Rover and drove off. Me and my dad got in his new Benz that he got just like mine and we headed on the highway to Philly, I sat back and enjoyed the ride and just thought about how my life is about to change for the better with my new beginnings that i’m happy to embrace, not only for me but for Malik as well, he gets to meet his other side of his family and better yet build the relationship he always wanted with his father.

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