Beautiful Disaster

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Such a bad girl

Previously on Beautiful Disaster...

"You can't just show up anytime you want and how the hell do you know where I live"'

"'I'm the bad boy havent't you heard I get what I want and when I want"

> > > > > > >

"Why are you closing up on me these days?"' she says as I walk towards my room.I'm not clsoing up on her I just deserve a little shut out.

> > > > > > > > > >

"Depends say you love me" I say

he snorts "Fine I love you"

>> >> >> >> >> >> >>

"You have no right to touch me!no right to kiss me, to talk to me and no damn right to be around me! let me make myself very CLEAR, stay away from ME!"

>> >> >> >> >> >> >>

"I try, I really do it's different you get tired of hiding your heart only to leave you sanity exposed"

>> >> >> >> >> >> >>

"Why would you feel the need to protect yourself from me?" he says sitting up

I dont answer him because I dont know how to

"Answer me" he says

"I dont know how to, it's too much of a risk. I don't want to be hurt like I have been for the past three year" I say

"Don't you know I would never do anything to hurt you?" he says

>> >> >> >> >> >> >>

"Alright now you know I'm not as inncocent, do yourself a favor and climb in the back and don't move a bit"


Presently on Beautiful Disaster

Abby's P.O.V.

"Ok when I say don't move I really mean it, because they will start shooting and I swear on everything I love, I will kill their whole squad even if you get grazed" I say

"Abby when did you start this who bad girl streak?" chase says

I laugh a little "You know they never really said how my dad died, you know they just covered it and said unkown death, well truth is chase they killed him, they killed him just like they killed me, on the inside at least. So if they want to cover up his death and call it Unknown I'll terrorize them, because I am unknown" I say in a flat tone.

"Abby I had no idea, I'm really sorry"

"Yeah of course you out of all people had no idea, they keep these things quiet all the time and you would be surprised how many times it happens" I add

Chase stays quiet "How did you learn how to drive like this?"

"Hun there is a lot to know about me, I taught myself for the past three years and I'm not trying to brag but I've got some pretty cool tricks up my sleeve"

"I'll agree to that one" chase says glumly

"Look I'd love to chat, but their catching up so will you hand me that black bag back there" I ask

He hands me it I put the car on auto cruise and unzip the bag. I look through the bottom of spray paints and pull out two Glock 20's.

"What are you doing with those?" Chase yells

"Sweet heart dont yell, I'm definently not going to kill anyone... I think" I say as I roll down the window.

The police cruiser are about thirty yards behind me and Hey! I'm on TV once again. Anyway I wave towards the helicopter and then I point one gun at one car and then I do the same to the other. 1,2,3.

I fire at the tires and the car flips as the the other one. I fire at the helicopter and it hits the engine and slowly comes down. If the pilot knows what he/she is doing then they will all be safe...if not their fate remains in their own hands. No more high speed chasing. I climb back in the window.

"Your crazy!"Chase yells

"You can come back up" I say

Chase come back up and I turn on the reflection panels, so we're practically invisable. He grabs the guns I had, observing them.

"You should really put those down, you might hurt yourself" I say with a smile

I put the yellow back on my car and I turn on my license plate. Cross a busy street I pull onto a back road and switch off the reflector panel.

"Ok you can take off the mask, we are back to normal, but I wanna stop by the car wash for some reason this altercation was too easy and fun"

"Ok thats no problem this mask smells like girl anyways"

"It seemed to work out for you last night" I say

"Yeah, but thats different"

"Explain" I say as we pull in the carwash

"Well we both know we like each other and that I have feelings for you, so it wasnt exactly weird"

"Whatever you say" I say pulling out

We pull into my garadge and get out.

"Go watch the news while I shower" I say as we walk dow the hall.

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