Beautiful Disaster

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Abby's P.O.V.

"So whats my bond total damage?" I say as I walk into the living room.

"Well you did a total of 2 million dollars worth of damage and who ever and we both know who it is, will be facing life in prison"

"Well they brought it upon themselves...What do you want to do?" I say sitting next to chase on the couch.

"Well we can just watch a movie" Chase says

"Okay but no scary movies" I say

"Thats fine with me, hey even you can pick" chase says

"Okay" I say

>> >> >> >>

We settle on watching Starstruck, chase layes his head in my lap as I play with his hair. He is so cute, but we need to get back to reality sooner or later. I dont even know what what we are...I mean yes we made mistakes along the way, but I dont know what the resulting relationship status is.

I soon go from playing with his hair to making patterens along the side of his neck. Goose bumbs raise where my fingers once were. Smiling at that, just the effect I surely have on him is funny.Chase makes himself comfortable by laying on his back.

"What are you doing Abby?" Chase says

"Playing with you hair" I say arching my eyebrow

"Well can you please stop your distracting me from the movie and it was kinda funny when petunia sunk to the bottom" he says. (actually happened in the movie)

"Okay whatever you want" I say running a hand through his hair. Chase groans and I laugh.

"Must you always be so disobedient"

I dont respond, I look at his lips and think about how it would feel to kiss him on my own free will. Before I can even think to stop myself, my lips graze his. I caught him by surprise and he dosent respond. Then he gently grabs my neck and pulls my into a heated long kiss.

Playing with each other...teasing. We kiss he licks my bottom lip asking to enter. I deny. Chase traces his lips down my neck sucking and probing.

"chase please" I say out of breath but he continues.

"Please what?" he says against me he nips me and I gasp

"Please what?"

"OK you can kiss me"

He comes back out and we spend our time exploring each other.

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