Beautiful Disaster

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Beach Vibes

Chase's P.O.V.

Kissing Abby is like getting new toys, I dont think she noticed the goose bumbs on my neck when she was tracing patteren on it. I like the way I can make her spaz out like she did when I was kissing her. Anyways but now we are on the couch she lays back holding me while I lay on her. We arent official we just have this FWB thing going on, but without sex. (Friends with Benefits).

"Can you please get off me, I'm hungry" She says trying to sit up. I sit up to, because I want food too.

"Whats for lunch?" I ask as she bends down into the freezer

"Um how about tacos?" she says

"Sounds pretty good...nice butt by the way" she groans

"Whatever chase"

She grabs some meat from the fridge and starts cooking.

>> >> >> >> >> >>

I grab four tacos and sit at the table eating. She only grabs two, soft shells.

"You eat a lot" she says with a smrik

"Says the person who eats every twenty minutes"

"That not true" Abby says frowning. Girls and their weight they take it very serious.

"I'm sorry I'm the one that eats a lot" I say getting up

>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Abbys P.O.V.

"I'm bored, do you wanna go shopping and then to the beach" I say to chase as I finish washing the dishes.

"Sure, but dont expect me to be your girlfirends and talk about how hot I am and get our nails done" he says rolling his eyes.

I frown a little at the way he said it. Annoyed I grab my wallet and head towards the door with my phone and keys in hand. Chase comes running to the garadge. Making a quick decision I decide to take out Nissan Pathfinder instead of my Camry. starting the truck and I put in my Ariana Grande CD.

Pulling out of the garadge I sing along to "My Everything". Chase chuckels and I look over at him with an eyebrow raised.

"What are you laughing at?" I say

"You have a really beautiful voice" he says and I blush a little

"Thank you"

"What else are you hiding from me?" he says in a hushed tone. He dosent think I hear him but I do.

We arrive at the mall, and it looks kinda packed out today. Well of course it is a Saturday so I expect it to be that way. Chase grabs my hand and I feel tingles run through my arm. He opens the door for me and we enter. The cool air hits my face first and then I smell the food court and their pretzels. I let go of Chases hand and he dosent complain. I wanna shop so thats what I came her for.

First I go to Glitter, because I love their jewelry. When I come out I have two bags full of jewelry. Chase is no where to be found. So I go to Buckel, try on jeans and shorts. Satisfied with buckel I buy three pairs of short and two pairs of pants. Next I go to Dress Barne looking at dress, I look at a hi-lo dress peacock blue, It has lace ruffel going across the bust part. I take and I walk into a dressing room. Stripping down I pull the dress up and I zip the side. Coming out to look in the mirror, I'm not sure if I should buy It or not. So many places look lumpy, If I could fill in the spaces the dress would fit perfectly.

I sigh as I take off the dress and hang it on the return hook. Leaving the store empty handed and a little sad. Walking towards DSW(my fav store) hoping they can make me happy. I see Chase making out Santana Marsh. My face immeadiatly goes red and I hope they dont see me so I go into hot topic hide in the window. Pulling out my phone I call chase.

"Hello" he says on the other side

""where are you at?" I say in a happy voice

"I'm at JC Penny" he says

I sigh and hang up the phone. Walking out the door and down to DSW. Chase calls back and I ignore his calls soon I just turn off my phone. I find some blue and gold MK flats. I add them to my pile of shoes and I continue. After about twenty minutes I have two bags of shoes, two bags of jewelry and a bag of jeans.

Chase finds me walking out of DSW.

"What happened I tried calling you and you didnt answer"

"My phone died chase big deal I didnt answer"

"Well did you enjoy your shopping spree?"he ask

"Did you enjoy yours?" I shoot back

"Yeah it was alright, but you didnt answer my question"

"yes I did enjoy my spree" I say

Silence falls between us. I don't even know why I ever had feelings for him. What ever he wants to play games, but he needs to know the rules.When you play a game...there can only be one winner.

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