Beautiful Disaster

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Chase P.O.V.

I don't know where this new atitude from Abby came from. I mean really she dosen't want to talk anymore and it's like she's blaming me for it. Anyway I can't wait to go to the beach, it would be interesting to see what she wears.

"I'm gonna drop you off at your house I'll be back in 15 minutes be ready" she says as the car swerves to the side of the road

"No prob I'll be ready" I say getting out and walking up my sidewalk. She pulls off and drives down the road.

>> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

Abby's P.O.V.

I walk up the stairs to my room, searching around for my strapless blue bikini. I find it in the bottom of my drawer. Putting it on I also pull on some black jean shorts and a blue jacket. Afterwards I decide to paint my nails sky blue so they match my bikini. Putting on some wedges I go down stairs and fill my tote with necessary items that I would probably need.

Grabbing my phone off the counter I sneak a look at the clock I'm five minutes late. Chase is probably gonna be mad. Half running and half jogging I make my way to the garadge. I get into my Maserati and pull off. Chase is sitting on the steps look cute as I don't know what. His body is built like nothing I've ever seen before. He walk up to the car with his eyebrows up.

Chase gets in. "Exactly how many cars do you have?" he says

"I have exactly four" I say in the same tone as he did

Chase has a grimice on his face and I have an annoyed look on mine. The rest on the ride is silent. We pull into Napals beach and it's really packed.

"You ready" I say with a smile

"Yeah for all the hot babes" he says with a smirk

I hide my fuming face from him and get out the car with chase in tow.

>> >> >> >> >> >>

The sun feels so good on my back, I've probably been laying her for five minutes. Chase went off with some blonde bimbo. As if I care we are not dating and you know what I'm glad we aren't because if I wanted to get a guy I would have one. I get up and walk to the water. It's cool but I adjust quickly.

"Can I buy you a drink?" someone says from behind me

I turn around to see a guy who has silky black hair, hazel eyes that stand out a mile. My heart drops and I can feel it in my stomach. I smile.

"yeah sure"

we walk towards the bar.

"Whats your name?" he says


"Well Abby I'm Jason"

"nice to meet you" I say in a small voice

"I couldnt help but notice you are very beautiful" he says with a genuine smile

"Thank you" I say as I blush and look away

"So what will you have on this fine day" he says looking in my eyes

"I'll take the special" I says without looking away

Jason puts in our orders as I stare at the view.

"Whatcha lookin at" he says

"The beautiful view" I say

"That view isn't as beautiful as you" he says and Iaugh

"I'm completly serious ok tell you what look over to the right near the bomb fire" he says and I look.

"See those people that looked away, those are my friends and they didnt think that I could ever talk to a girl like you" he says

"Whatever" I say

He laughs, "Wanna go meet them?"

"Sure why not" I say getting down from the stool.

We walk over and I introduce myself.

>> >> >> >> >>

Jason's P.O.V.

"Anyone up for spin the bottle mixed with truth or dare?" Mike says as he looks at Abby's chest. She does have a nice size rack, but I'm not about the size more like the quality of a person.

"Sure why not" Abby says as we all get into a circle. Jen spins first and it lands on Elsa.

"Ok Elsa Truth or Dare" Jen says


"I dare you to eat sand" she says

Elsa gets some sand and puts it in her mouth. She chews it but ends up spitting it out.

"That was so gross" she says

Abby's P.O.V.
Jen spins the bottle and it lands on me. She cocks an eyebrow "Truth or Dare"

"Dare" I say

"Ohhh shes a risk taker" Mike says and I shoot him a death glare.

"I dare you to have a full two minute make-out session with Jason here" he says

"Fine" I say

Jason looks unfazed as he scoots closer to me. "Dont be shy" he whispers in my ear

Jason leans closer to me and he lips graze mine and when he's sure he adds more assurance to the kiss. His tounge licks my bottom lip and I grant him easy access. Our tounges dance in unison and it feels like it's only us. He deepens the kiss by pulling my hair and I realease a moan. We let go of each other do to the lack of air.

I look around and everyone is taken by surprise.

"That was more like five minutes" Mike says with a grin.

"Shut up" I say and we contine with our game.

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