Beautiful Disaster

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“I should probably go” abby says

“Can I have your number at least” Jason says

Abby gives him her number and walks off towards her beach bag and beach towel.Chase is nowhere to be seen so Abby pulls out her iPhone and calls him.
“Hello” chase says

“Where are you at I haven’t seen you”

“I’m on the Westside playing volleyball” he says

“Alright give me five minutes”abby says.
Abby hangs up and puts her beach towel in her bag along with all her other possessions. afterwards Abby goes the west side of the beach and she sees Chase playing volleyball with a few other guys. Chase hugs Abby and she instantly Steffens her body he recognizes it and emotions play across his face.
Some of chases friends wink at Abby.she doesn’t mind because she’s not dating Chase for some reason she just can’t get the fact that they’re not dating yet after everything that they been through he still hasn’t made up his mind is kind of frustrating.
“Do you want to play”Chase ask

“Sure why not”
Abby takes off her jacket and ties it around her waist. She also can’t play in wedges so she throws them towards her beach bag.

“We want her” a random guys says on the other side of the net. Not in the mood for arguing Abby complies and walks to the other side. The ball comes towards Abby and she bumps is back towards chase and his team. after awhile they start trying to play dirty and start spiking. Ready for the ball to come her way chase attempts to spike it and she digs it causing it not the touch the ground. Chase grunts in frustration because their side won the game.

" Ew I have sand in my boobs” Abby yells
They all turn their head and she shakes hers.

“Let me help you with that” chase says and he walks towards her.

“No thank you” Abby says turning to walk away
He grabs her by the waist and she screams shouting insults and curse words at him. chase walks towards the water in amusement.

“Chase don’t you dare” Abby says in a cold tone
He turns around to give his buddy’s a thumbs up and they give him one back. All of a sudden Abby feels consumed by a coldness only recognized as water. Anger seeps in her as she stalk out the water soaked to the bone.abby is completely livid she stalks up to the guys and passes Chase on the way looking in her tote she grabs sunscreen and pours it on her hands after that she puts it back in Walks up toChase catching him off guard she smacks the mess out of him.

“I told you not to throw me in the water for a reason!” Abby yells and walks off with her stuff. she grunts hoping her tan won’t mess up.
Getting in her Maserati completely soak she drives to the nearest ice cream place. Maggie Moos. She get out and walks inside.

“You look livid” the owner says she calls me the ice creme peanut butter girl I always eat the peanut butter here anyways I put in my order for a peanut butter galaxy.chocolate ice cream peanut butter and Reesie PCs and peanut butter cups. The most delicious combination they could ever come up with I pay for my ice cream and I walk out the shop. after I eat my ice cream I go home for the rest of the day because I’m really tired.

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