Beautiful Disaster

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Hushed voices

The ride back home is silent. I know my mom knows about the confrontation with Mr.Jones and I'm sure she is going to say something about it later. When we pull into the driveway I grab my bag and go up to my room. I sigh as I fall back onto my bed.

"What have I gotten myself into" I mumble to myself as I pull out my laptop. I hear a soft knock on the door down stairs and I run down stairs. "I got it mom!" I yell and she doesn't respond. I shrug and open the door. The most beautiful disaster stands awaiting at my door... Chase Mathews.

I gasp and attempt to close the door, why I don't know, but his foot stops it.

"Is that any way to treat guest?" he says with a smirk, I still stand there and he pushes me out the way. Making his way to the living room. In between the time I was standing in shock I found my way to the living room to confront him.

"You just can't show up anytime you want and how the hell do you know where I live!" I shout

"I"m the bad boy haven't you heard, I get what I want and when I want" he says walking over to the pictures. He chuckles to himself and my cheeks turn into fire. Chase mumbles something unintelligible and quickly recovers the emotion as soon as it comes.

"Why are you here chase?" I say

"Well I'm hear really to blackmail" he says, I'm confused instantly, he notices it and explains.

"You see my dear, you are very observant and despite my ways of covering up my beautiful work you still end up figuring out it was me. I give you kudos to finding out , but when you constantly linger around my works...all eyes stare at you" Chase says and I never noticed that he moved so that we're face to face not even three inches away.

"And?" I say raising my eyebrows, his hands circle around my waist backing me into the wall.

"Anytime you feel that you want to tell anyone about my doing I'll be sure that it backfires and you will end up in trouble" He says mischievously

"Not if I take you down with me" I retort and his grasp tightens making me gasp.

"That wont happen" he says in a cold tone.

"What makes you sure" I say as I run my hands through my hair even though I'm still in his arms.

"Because you wont, you don't have any evidence" He says with a smirk

"Do you not remember your first encounter with me when we were in the weight room at the gym, If my memory serves me any good I believe I took the camera tapes and hid the them...and I still have them" I say with a smirk mirroring his face.

Chase tightens his grasp and I groan in response, because It's tight and it hurts.

"Save that for bed sweetheart" He says and lets me go. I give him a cold glare and he laughs.

"Leave now!" I say pushing him towards the door and this time he leaves without hesitating.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chases P.O.V.

That is not how I expected it to go. I'd give her recognition if I had any, but man she was on fire with those big hazel eyes and lips that are like a magnet. I don't regret seducing her in the school closet she one of the hottest girl in the school. If I could smash her I would, but I wont hurt her like that she's so fragile. I grunt in frustration.

"Get yourself together Matthews, you can't let yourself go over one girl, you probably just need to get laid" I say to myself.

The drive back home was quick only knowing she lives two blocks away form me . Both of our parents are pretty successful. Her mom is a Neurosurgeon, mine is a Lawyer. Her father died a few years ago my dad is a realtor. Man am I falling for Abby Campbell?

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