Beautiful Disaster

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Abby's P.O.V.

I sigh and fall on the couch. I lay there like that to what seem like forever. Eventually mom pulls up and walks in the door.

"Where did you go?" I ask out of curiosity.

"Shopping" she says, I smirk at her I know shes lying. Eventually I end up cracking up and she does too. She comes and sits next to me and rest her head on my shoulder. This is basically a every night thing.

"Do you want to talk about what happened today?" She asks I frown at her

"Nothing to talk about because nothing happened" I say getting up to leave. I hear her sigh behind me.

"why are you closing up on me these days?" she says as I walk to my room. I don't bother to answer her, because I honestly don't know. My mom has been awesome throughout the first 15 years of my life and I about to turn 16 I think I earn a little shut out. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but come on I deserve to at least act like a teenager.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I wake up the next morning feeling as if I have been set on fire. I groan and my mom comes in to check on me.

"Whats wrong sweetheart" she says as she come to sit on my bed.

"It's hotter than Satan breath" I say in discomfort

She feels my forehead and gasp. "You most definitely have a fever, but I can't take off today, I'll call someone to check on you ever few hours, there is soup in the fridge form last night and rest please" She says getting up. I roll over and drift off to sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - -

I hear a faint knock on my door. I roll out of bed to answer it. I recklessly stumble across my room.

"Yes" I say as I open my door.

"Surprise!!!" Chase yells WHOA! CHASE!

"What the hell!" I say in an angry tone. I close my door ans lock it.

"Abby you cant hide" he says

"No I cant hide. but sure as hell can sleep" I say as I get under the covers falling into a sleeping trance.

I wake up to arms around my waist. I attempt to sit up, but these arms only tighten. I turn my head slightly only to see chase sleeping. He looks so adorable, but that is quickly subdued with anger, because I can't get up. I struggle for a while and I look again to see him smirking. So he's awake huh? I smack him clear on the face! The crack almost deafening.

"What the HELL! ABBY!" he yells

I take my chance pushing out the bed and running out and down the hall. I hear foot steps behind me. Which makes me only run faster. I stop behind the island in the kitchen because Chase is on the other side. His face has a hand print on it and I can't help but laugh. I stop because I being thrown over his shoulder. I let out a scream and continue laughing.

"what are you gonna do spank me" I say in a joking tone.

I didn't expect what happened next he smacked me square on the butt three times before putting me down. I walked over to the door calmly even though my soul was angry. I gently opened it and suggested that he leave. But Chase just looked at me and continued walking towards the living room.

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