Beautiful Disaster

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Mom left already so I guess I'll have to drive myself. I get dressed wearing a peach silk tank top tith gold buttons paired with light blue denim shorts and blue and gold flats. I go to the bathroom to do my make up and I put on smokey pink eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. Next I get out some diamond earrings and leave.

Mom leaves a note telling me she went on a busness trip and she will be back next wednesday. I shurg and throw the note in the gardbage. I think I will go shopping today. I text my best friend Lylia to see if she wants to come she is also gonna bring Jenny she's the Co-captain of the cheer team. We all agree to meet up.

I walk into garadge and I get into my yellow 2014 Porsche cayman. I let it warm up before pulling out, soon afterwards I pull out and I make my way through the smooth neighborhood. Realzing it's really quiet and no one os out walking there dogs or going for a run.

I pull into the school parking lot and everyone is staring at my car and they can't see whos inside so they just stare waiting for me to get out. I park in the front waiting for my friends to join. They follow soon after and as If we synced together we get out of our cars and walk to the school doors and everyone watches us in amazement.

"So chase was at your house last night?" Lylia

"Yeah And?" I ask

"Well we both know that you tend to wrap guys around your finger'She says with a smirk

I sigh and look at her "And yet we both know i'm not interested in a relationship, but yet everyone still dosent get the idea" I say

"Abby Its been almost three years and you hardly let any guy in your life when are you gonna open up" Lylia says

"You wanna know why I don't open up?" I say in a flat tone

"Yes" They both say in unison

"Because I opened up last night and you know what happened Chase kissed me and I kissed him back"I say

We stay quiet for a while and make our way to our classes. We are all split in the mornign for whatever reason. So I make my way to English.

"Hey Abby!" someone calls from behind

I turn to see James cook, he jogs up to me.

"uh hey Abby you uh look nice today and your car and stuff" he says shoving his hands in his pocket.

I push my hair out of my face "Uh thanks"

"Are you doing something afterschool maybe we could catch a movie or grab something to eat" Jake says with a smile.

I smile "How about you meet me at the mall after school some friends and I will be there so you might wanna bring someone , yeah?"

His grin gets wider "Sure can I uh have your number?" he ask

I take his phone from him and I punch in my number. I put a whole bunch of heart emojis next to my name.

"Thanks Bye Abby" Jake says and walks off.

> > > > > >

Class is so boreing today. All we are doing is debating everyone knows I can win so why go against me. Unfortunently I just had to be Chase to challenge me. We are debating bribery.

"You start first Abby" Mr.jones says

"I say yes bribery should be allowed, often in our years of business and survival we say things to get what we want, but mostly what we need if in a scenario you or your loved one was held at gun point you would often bargain for one man to stand down and give you your loved you or to let you go in trade for something more valuable. This dosent have to be the worst scenario but it can turn out for the good to. we Bribe someone into doing something good, but we all know bribery is something we all have used for good and for bad it's apart of our human nature. In some cases you may have no choice, there was a time where I read a book and in the book they put people in a simulation of there worst fear. Hoping that one day they could think in the midst of fear and not respond or react to the fight or flight syndrom. Bribery may seem wrong because it's in the field of minipulation, but that depends on if you look at the glass half full or half empty" I say

The class looks at ne in amazment and all of a sudden everyone starts clapping. Chase sits there with a cold glare in his eyes. I try my best not to smile. We go on like this for 15 minutes and I end up winning. Honestly I dont understand why take me in and no this is not my girl ego speaking this is me utterly confused.

> > > > > >

I have biology next that is my favorite class ever.

"Today we are going to have Abby explain the Placebo effect"

I sigh and stand up lately is seems as if I've teaching classes a lot.

"So today I'm going to explain how I came across the Placebo affect. When pregnant most people have sex and fertilizes the egg from semen. Thats not the case of a person suffereing from the placebo affect. The brain is a very powerful organ to the point where you can minipulate it into thinking your pregnant. Believe me when I say you will have to go through the emotional and physical stages of a pregnant women. But then the problem is when the baby is ready why go through the pain endurance of labor and come out with nothing. That is what I wonder, Why? and How is it possible?" I contunyw with this for a while and I let Dr. Richmon take over.

> > > > > > > > > >

I go to lunch and I sit in my car listening to music. I'm kinda pissed that chase would make me go into a debate with him only to make him lose. I hear a tap on my window so I open my eyes. Chase stands there and before I can lock the doors he opens it.

"So can I bribe you to come to the mall with me after school" Chase says while sitting next to me.

"No I'm going with someone else"I say with a sigh

"Can I tag along" he says

"no" I say

"You know you look pretty irresistable today, lots of people have been talking about you" chase says.
My temper flaring I get out of the car.Chase follows me inside the school.

"Whats wrong Abby got tired of me all ready, you havent had enough of me sicne last night" Chase says and grabs my butt infront of everyone in the lunch room. I gasp and the next thing I know I smack him across the face and everyone stares. The crack was almost defening, I grab the collar of his shirt pulling him down a hall.

"You have no right to touch me, no right to kiss me, no right to talk to me and no damn right to be around me. Let me make myself very CLEAR! stay away from ME!" I say and storm off.

I push past the crowd that has now gathered and they follow me out into the parking lot. I jump in my cars and Rev the engine for them to make a path went the do. I burn rubber leaving the parking lot.

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