Beautiful Disaster

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Abby's P.O.V.

School dosent get out until 2 and it's only 12. I drive around the city just looking and taking in the beauty that I've never noticed before. Summit city looks like Paris and Italy combined both vintage looking and yet so beautiful. I Park next to a antique shop and I walk in. The shop smells like old water and thick lavender. I scan the shelves that hold old books and charms. One charm catches my attention it's a sand bottel with sand and a blue diamon rose in it.

"Do you like what you see?" the cashier ask

"Yes I actaully do, it's the most beautiful item ever" I say in complete honesty

I turn around at the male cashier I've got to admit he is kinda cute, but he dosent seem my type. I grab the charm and set it on the counter gently.

"How much for this?" I say softly

"You know you seem like a really nice girl and your beautiful if anything the necklace deserves to sit on your neck without a's on the house" He says and I blush.

"Thanks but can I at least pay for a part of it?"

"How about you turn around and let me put it on you"

The cashier comes around the counter and I turn to let him put it on me. I look in the mirror and admire how it looks against my tan skin and howmy hair frames both my face and my necklace.

"Thank you" I say

"No problem, Whats your name?" he says

"Abby" I say with a shy smile

"Devin" he says

"Well thank you for the necklace but I have to meet my friends at the mall and I'm already twenty minutes late" I say

"Your welcome see you around"

"ok" I say as I walk out the door

> > >> >> >> >> >>

"OMG ABBY!" Lylia and Jenny scream they have Matt along with that just happens to be Chases' bestfriend and also James is there too.

"Hola chicas and chicos I think" I say with a smile

"Sup abby" Matt says but his voice is thick with something

"Hey Abby" James says

"Hi" I say

"So where too?" Jenny ask

"I'm following you guys" I say with an eyebrow raised

"Ok" they say

We walk into some shops and then we stop at the food court.

"I'm gonna go to Madewell and I'll be back" I say

I walk away quickly hoping to distracte myself. I know I was wrong to smack chase and I'm paying for it now. A tear falls down my face and as quickly as it falls is as quickly it's gone. My nose is turning red, because I wanna cry and I can't it's just so frustrating.

"Abby!" Matt says

I turn around and put on a smile "Yeah?"

"I need to talk to you" he says

"About what?" I ask as if I dont already know


"If your hear to chastise me or punish me I'm already suffering, so I don't know what say I screwed up ok! is that what you want to here Matt, because honestly I didnt ask to fall for a boy who is so capable of breaking my heart" I say with tears in my eyes

Matt just stares at me not knowing what to say. He grabs my arm and pulls me towards the bathroom hall.

"I've never seen a girl try so hard to keep someone away from them, because they are afraid of pain from a broken heart, Abby you have to be strong just don't do anything to hurt yourself he cares about you and yet your heart has hardened because of a fear most girls have. Look you hurt Chase and no doubt he'll try to hurt you back so be strong and apologize before he does something that neither you or he will forgive" Matt says

"I try, I really do it's different you get tired of hiding your heart only to leave your sanity exposed" I say with new tears in my eyes.

"Go. Leave out the door on the left it takes you to the parking lot." he says

"Thanks Matt" I say

"No prob gorgeous" he says walking away

"Oh Matt!"


"By the way it feels like going into cardiac arrest" I say walking out the door.

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