Beautiful Disaster

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I walk out of the door Matt said to go to. He was right it does lead out to the parking lot I dont even want to know how he knows that. Anyway I shake my head to clear my mind as I unlock my car. I just can't believe what I'm about to do. I never thought I would be the one to apologize, but I guess theres a first for everything.
As I pull up I decide to get a grip on myself so I dont crash. I climb in the back of my car and grab a spare pair of clothes I keep back there. White jeans, navy blue keds, navy blue long sleeve cling shirt and a white jacket. I climb back to the front and get out. I stand at the side of my car staring at his house. My phone buzzez in my pocket, Jenny wants to know where I am. Quickly I reply that I'm not feeling well and that I'm fine at home. She OK's it and I make my up the path to Chase's door.
I ring the door bell and Chase's mom answers.
"Well Hello Abby" she says
"Hi Mrs.Mathhews is Chase available?" I say
"Yes just go on up his door is the second door on the right" She says and lets me through.
I run up the stairs and I see his door very quickly it has black paint on it. Through the door I hear music playing, Softly I knock and when no-one answers I knock louder. Shuffeling is heard through the other side. The door opens and chase stairs at me.
> > > > > >
Chase's P.O.V.
I hear a knock on my door I had music playing for a reason and I swear my mom knows when it's playing I'm in a bad mood. The knock is harder this time so I get up. When I open the door never in a million years would I ever thought of this person. She looks shattered, nose red and un sure. Abby Cambell.
"Can I talk to you?" she says
"Chase please dont make this harder for me" Abby pleads
"Well are you going to stand there or come inside?" I say in a flat tone.
I notice she changed her outfit from what she was wearing. Her jeans show off her curves and her shirt, her boobs.
> > > > > > > >
Abby P.O.V.
I come and stand in chases bedroom it's neat and clean except for the occasional shirts thrown across the room. I sit at his desk and he lays on his bed.
"chase I'm really sorry about what happened today, I was mad at myself and I just wanted to protect myself also" I say quietly knowing if I got louder i would cry.
"Why would you feel the need to protect yourself from me?"He says sitting up
I dont answer him, because I dont know how
"Answer me"he says
"I dont know how too, it's to much of a risk. I dont want to be hurt like I have been for the past three years" I say
"Dont you know I would never do anything to hurt you?"chase says
my face starts to turn red and heat builds behind my eyes.
"When m-, When my dad died it hit me really hard and I dont know what to do and I still dont. My mom thinks I'm shutting her out and she dosent understand why. And I dont want to be close to anyone cause I'm afraid chase...I'm afraid of being hurt the way I was and not being able to recover" I say with tears running down my face.
Arms envelope me which makes me cry even harder. I'm not use to this type of affection.
> > >..> > > > > > > > > > >
Chases P.O.V.
Looking at abby cry so hard breaks my heart, she's struggling and no one is there to catch her. I walk over to the chair and put my arms around her, it seems when I did that they only accumulated. Internally I groan, I dont know how I should comfort her.
"Shhhh It's okay" I whisper and she calms a little.
I pull her her up and I guide her over to my bed. I sit down and pull her down with me, so my bed dosent get dirty I pull her little shoes off she wears size 5 which is really cute. We lay there on my bed for awhile she calmed down a lot, now she just sniffels.
Abby fell asleep with her head on my chest, this girl is sensative and yet so strong. The time on the clock says 10:30 she might as well spend the night. I pull blanket over us and eventually I fall asleep to.

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